Latest Review: Is Legit Or Another Scam??

Earning money from the internet is “as easy as getting a candy from a baby.” This is something that everyone should know, and there should never be dispute about it. If you doubt this, then you probably do not know about, a website where you can earn money everyday and all you need to do is a two minute task!


It is quite suprising that is not getting the hype it deserves. Well this is probably because it was only just recently launched. But still, more people should know about the cool earning site.


While this article is not made for Sap27 promotion, we will still provide enlightenment on the amazing features of! And if you have been in search of a platform that will earn you money every single day, you might have to put that search on hold. *wink*

Here is a disclaimer to all those just discovering sap27: If you do not know everything about the platform yet, then read this review first. Do not hurriedly sign up. You may get confused or stuck. Remember, knowledge is power! Review

“What’s the essence of this review?” For information, enlightenment, to answer questions, and to assist all new and prospective members of sap27!

In this review, answers to most of your thoughts and queries will be provided to you.


If you have questions like: How to earn from sap27, how to get referrals, who is the founder of, how to perform login process, is legit or scam, and others.

You have nothing to worry about, this article will feed you with answers to all these questions.


Please note, our website not promoting! We have nothing to gain from this. We simply wish to share and pass information to the public.


What is

Sap27 is a website mainly for people in South Africa. Although this doesn’t mean people from other countries can’t earn from the platform.

On, there are two currencies you can earn. It is either South African Rand(ZAR) or U.S Dollars.


What you should know is that it is easy, and FREE to join sap27. That’s right! For the sign up, there is no fee to be made. Anyone from any part of the world can join.


Another important info is, is not a website that will make you become wealthy. This is just one of those online platforms that earn you a couple of dollars, or rands, then eventually crash.

Do not get your hopes high!

How to Earn from

Like we mentioned earlier, this website allows members to earn on everyday that goes by. But this is only possible when members perform the tasks daily!


“What tasks are done on” Thought you would never ask!

On this earning site, you are asked to perform very simple internet/social media jobs. These are probably things you even do everyday!


Tasks on includes liking and following Facebook pages, subscribing to Youtube channels, and watching Tik Tok videos.

These are like the easiest things to do on the internet, innit?!


On, there are five daily tasks and they earn you a total of R20. No one should have any problems performing the tasks given daily. Do you???

Before we hop on to the next sub-heading, let’s talk about the other way you can earn money from sap27. This is by referring. referrals, in most people opinions, is a better and faster way to earn.

If you feel that the earnings gotten from the daily tasks isn’t enough, then sap27 referrals is there for you. It can drastically increase your earnings.


When you consistently and persistently refer people to join sap27, you earn R6 everytime that you succeed at it. The greatest part about referrals is that there is not limit to it!


How to get Referrals

Getting referrals can be done in this five simple steps:

Step one: Perform login process.

Step two: Click on ‘My'(you will find it at the bottom right of your screen).

Step three: Click on ‘invite friends’ to get to the referral page.

Step Four: On the referral page, copy the referral link.

Step Five: Share the link as many times as possible.

When was Launched launch date is not an information that anyone is certain of. This is most definitely because of the fact that the website doesn’t have an ‘About Us’ page, and they made no effort in revealing any personal information(about the website) in any part of the website.


Who is the Owner of

Not many are wondering who the owner of is. But for the few that want to know, it is quite sad that we have no answers to give to you.


Since the owner(s) of have taken extreme measures in hiding his/her/their identity, there really is no way of us knowing anything regarding this. Sign Up

To perform sap27 registration process, you will need to find the sign up page.


Once you get to sign up page, simply provide all your personal details to become a member. Login

The same goes for login process.


Once you get to the login page, type in your phone number and password to log in.


How to Withdraw on

Current members of sap27 claim that the minimum amount you can withdraw is R60. If this is true, then it won’t take long for you to be on the withdrawal page, placing your first withdrawal.


Just complete the daily tasks everyday for the first three days, and you’ll reach the threshold in no time!


To place withdrawal on, head to ‘My Wallet,’ then tap on ‘Withdrawals.’


Is Legit or Scam

If you are keen on finding out if is legit or scam, then what you need to do is try it out yourself. But we warn you, do not make any recharge/deposit.

Do not take the risk of investing your money into sap27, because no one knows the owner of the website.


For those of you asking, “Is legit or scam?” The answer we have for you is, “Yet to be Decided.”

It is yet to be decided if is legit or not, because the site is still really new!


Thanks for reading this review. Do well to drop comments.

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