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Two smooth way to make money on the internet, are ‘gambling and investing.’ Amazingly, is a website that has combined both of these ways together, and the website is ready to help individuals earn money via ‘gambling and investing.’

Surely this must sound intriguing to you because there never has been anything like this, ever. So if you would love to know more about called 86fb) then we suggest you sit tight and pay close attention to every word you read.


Ow886, which is short for Ow football, is claiming to be a legit website that was launched to help better the lives of Nigerians. Yes! Only people from Nigeria can earn money from the website. However, a lot of people have been caught between asking themselves, ‘Is legit or just one of those sites with the motive of scamming people?’

In fact, if you were to go to a social Media platform, like Facebook, to start a conversation about this website(ow866), you would find out that a lot of people have mixed opinions regarding the platform. This our review was written to clear you up on what this platform really is. We will do our best in providing all what you need to know, and more.


There is no denying the fact that there are lots of ow886 reviews when you make a search query on Google but bear in mind that this one you are currently reading is one of a kind and you should count yourself lucky to be reading this right now

Shall we begin? Review

We would like to notify you that this website is not in any affiliation with Ow football. We also did not come up with this review to promote the website.

The main purpose of this, is to enlighten you readers, and to provide answers to the general public. Now, it has come to our attention that both members and aspiring members of have been asking specific questions and queries.


Which is why in today’s review, we will give answers to a lot of questions related to at ow football.


Some of these questions include, how to make money on website, how to withdraw from at Ow886, how to perform at login process, who is the founder of website, is legit or scam, and so forth.


There are lots of important things to know about ow football investment, so please do not hurriedly and carelessly perform Ow886 sign up process without first understanding how things work.


Don’t worry, this review will guide you through all you need to know. Once you are done reading, you may then know whether you are to join this website, or not.

What is

ow886, also called at ow football, is a Nigerian online platform where you earn by investing money and then gambling this same money to earn more. Although it seems a bit risky, but most members claim that it is actually very easy to make money from this website.


To make a lot of money on, you must know that you would have to invest a lot of money as well.

It is just like other investment platforms. The more you recharge, the more money you earn.


How to make Money on

The first step to making money on is by depositing money into your dashboard. The least amount you can deposit is 3,500 Naira. This is the amount for the least package, and you won’t earn much. Well it is good for a start though.


If you do not have much money for investment, then we recommend you focus more on 86fb referral. This is a very smart way to earn, and whatever package you are in makes you eligible to get referrals


Here is how referrals work:

1. Invite 5 people to register and fund their 86FB with your referral link and the system will reward you with #7,000

2. Invite 20 people and get #33,000


3. Invite 50 people and get #80,000


4. Invite 200 people and get #200,000


Now, it came to our attention that some people have been asking, ‘Is it possible to withdraw from Ow football without having a single referral?’

Well according to the platform, it is actually very possible. Getting referrals is not a necessity. It is only to assist you in making more money.


Let us now teach you how to get Ow886 referrals. The steps are so simple.


How to get Referrals

Do you want to start getting more money through the referral program, but don’t know how to? If you fall in this category, then follow the steps stated below.


1. Perform Ow886 login process to access your dashboard

2. Find and click on ‘Referral’ or ‘Invite’

3. Copy whatever link you find. That’s your referral link

4. Share the link with friends


When was Launched

The info that has been going around, is that Ow football was launched in 2015. This is fake and is very untrue. If Ow886 was indeed launched in 2015, a lot of people would have known about it all these years.

Does it not seem weird that people only started to hear about this investment website a couple of months ago?

No one, except the founders and owners of, knows the exact date that this platform was launched. But there are chances that the platform began operations in the month of May, 2022. Because this is when it started to attract people’s attention.


Who is the Owner of

Interestingly, a lot of members and aspiring members would wish to know who the owner of Ow football investment is.


People have been asking, unfortunately this person(the owner) remains unknown even to this day. And the fact that the owner of hides his or self shows that you shouldn’t give this platform your hundred percent trust. Sign Up

You can sign up by going to to the website, then heading to the registration page to provide your necessary details.

Do not worry, it is very simple to perform sign up process. Login

Ow886 login process is also something anyone can easily figure out when you are in the website’s login page.

Good Luck with that!


How to Withdraw from

Payments on at Ow886 investment is said to be daily. That is only if you are eligible for withdrawal.


Note that, there is a 5% service fee for every withdrawal made, so keep that back of your mind. And if you do not get paid after 24 hours of placing withdrawals, kindly contact the customer service of Ow football.


Is Legit or Scam

Concerning the arguments of, if it is legit or scam, we would like you to know that as at the time this article was written, Mag 2022, investment is actually paying members.


There have been payment proofs from different people on the internet, but this does not guarantee that this website will stay forever.

Eventually, Ow886 would most likely stop paying members, and most people will get scammed.


Please be careful as you recharge or deposit into your ow football account. It is a risky action. In case you do not know, this is a Ponzi scheme. And all Ponzi schemes eventually end up ‘crashing.’

If you have friends asking the question, ‘is legit or scam,’ then do them a favour and provide them with the answers we just give you.


Thanks for reading. You can ask questions below.

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