Is Legit or Scam? Must Read Myspeedcount Guide

Living in South Africa, comes with a lot of privileges. One of such privileges, is being eligible to make money online from a variety of online platforms, blogs, and forums. For example, earning on!


Myspeedcount is an online earning platform that is available for only people living in South Africa. It is a ‘full money making website.’ Meaning that the sole purpose of launching this website was to make it possible for members to make money from it. Myspeedcount has no other agenda.


Now, if you are hearing about for the first time, you would definitely be interested. Who wouldn’t be interested in making money online? But apart from being interested, you would definitely be curious.

Curious to know how myspeedcount works, if myspeedcount is a free website, and many other important things.

To begin with, it is written on the website that “ is a free online money making platform.” However, this is not entirely true!


If you want to perform sign up process, you would be allowed to do so for free. Becoming a member is free, but earning is not ‘entirely’ free!

If you are curious to know what we mean by ‘not entirely free,’ then you will get all your answers when you read this review to the end. Review

Seeing as you have gotten to this part of our myspeedcount review, it is safe to say you are definitely looking for your answers. Well be rest assured that we have got those answers you need.

In this review, we will touch as many parts of my speed count platform as possible. Mostly, we will be providing questions and giving answers to those questions.


Questions like: How to make money from myspeedcount, how to get referrals, how to perform sign up, is legit or scam, and so on.


Let us now begin!


What is

Those that have been wondering what myspeedcount is, well to get a glimpse, you can go over to the website homepage to understand the rudiments.

Basically, mySpeedCount is built to allow users to make money by inviting other users to the platform.

It is mostly all about getting Referrals!


How to Earn from

“Register an account and start watching your money grow in real time, you start at a speed of R1 per day/ 0,00001 per second. For each person you recruit, the speed goes up by R1 per day. If you recruit 10 people, your speed will be R11 per day until your referrals expire.”

The only way you can make money on, is by getting more and more referrals, day in and day out. But there is a way to make your earnings faster.

This is by depositing/investing.


As a new member of myspeedcount, you are automatically placed in one of the cheapest ranked levels. This is called ‘rooster free rank.’ It is the only free one, but it gives you the least daily earnings.


Checkout the other ranks on website:


Maximum Earnings: R930 Minimum Earnings: R31


Maximum Earnings: R1,860 Minimum Earnings: R1,240


Mid-Range Level Ranks


Maximum Earnings: R3,720

Minimum Earnings: R2,480



Maximum Earnings: R9,920

Minimum Earnings: R4,960


Best Level Ranks


Maximum Earnings: R12,400

Minimum Earnings: R6,200

Disclaimer: We do not advice our readers to invest in any of the above listed ranks. In fact, it is best you remain in the free rank. It is still possible to withdraw even if yoy do not deposit!


How to get Referrals

Seeing as the only way to earn from is by getting referrals, it is necessary that you know how to go about the referral process.


To get started, you must first have your myspeedcount referral link in hand. Without the link, getting referrals is not possible.


So, perform your login process, get into your dashboard, and find the referral page.

In the referral page, copy your referral link, share your link, and give ’em good reasons to perform sign up process using your own link! Good luck!


When was Launched

The only hint we got regarding when myspeedcount was launched, is that the footer of the website has ‘2022’ in it. But already it was obvious that was launched this year!


By the looks of things, this website was also launched this month(may, 2022).


Who is the Owner of

There is not a single hint about the owner of myspeedcount is. As if it were not important at all, it wasn’t even addressed through out the whole of the website.

Maybe eventually, we will find out who the owner of is. But for now, the identity of the owner is a mystery to everyone. Sign Up

If you go to the homepage, there you will find the ‘Join Now’ button. When you click on it, you will be taken to sign up page.


On the sign up page, you will have to provide your personal details. Then submit! Login

On the homepage, click the menu button at the top right of your screen. Then find and click on ‘Login.’

You will be redirected to login page. There, you just need to input in your username and password.


How to Withdraw on

Many members have been making statements about R200 being the minimum withdrawable amount on myspeedcount.


So, if you have that amount, or more, in your account dashboard, then head to the withdrawal page. Provide your bank account details, then request withdrawal.


Is Legit or Scam

As at the time this review article was written, no one has come out to show proof of payments. So there is no way of knowing for sure, if myspeedcount is legit or scam.


For those still asking the question, “is legit or scam?” All we can say to you is, refrain from depositing into this new earning platform. It would be a shame if you loose your money.


Thanks for reading to the end. Drop questions and comments below.

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