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Apart from the fact that everyone can make money from the internet, the internet has really made life easy for us all. Paying utility bills, sending money, and receiving money can now be done from the comfort of our homes. All thanks to the internet.

A website that has all the above stated features is! With money market account, you can save yourself the stress of going to the bank and staying in a queue. Above all of it, you can also make money from!


This is what have gotten South African users excited for the past couple of days. Making cool cash from a site like, and you do not even need to pay a dime for registration. Everything is entirely free. Except you are trying to perform a transaction online.

Although money market account wasn’t launched to be a money making website, but earning has been made possible. Also, there are lots of vouchers to be earned from the platform.

All in all, it is a really great platform that we urge all South Africans to use.


To know more about how things work, then read this review to the end! Review

Disclaimer Alert: Do bear in mind that our website is no collaboration with money market account. We have no partnership or affiliation!


However, it seems is in partnership with Shoprite(a huge store in South Africa). This is because members can receive Shoprite vouchers as reward for performing given tasks.


Anyways, this was written to explain how the platform really works. Some of the things you will find in this review, is answers to questions.


Questions like: How to earn from moneymarketaccount, how to get review, is legit or scam, and many others.

Making money on moneymarketaccount platform is an opportunity no one should ignore. Remember, opportunities comes once in a lifetime!


What is

Like you were informed earlier, or Money Market Account, is a website that was made to help internet users perform transactions seamlessly. Paying bills, doing transactions, and so on. All these can be done on money market by just touching one or two things on the website.


Apparently, the owners of the platform wanted to make it an even better platform. So, they decided to make it interesting by providing a way for users/members to earn from!


The best part is, it is very easy and simple to earn. Also, deposits or investment is not needed.

How to Earn from

There is no special thing for you to do before you can start earning. As long as you are a member of the platform(that is, you already have a registered moneymarketaccount), then you are eligible to earn.


To start earning, all you have to do is perform login process first. Next, you need to share links to start getting referrals. referrals is the secret to making money from the platform. When you refer, you get voucher rewards. These vouchers can either be used to buy products on Shoprite, or they can be used cashed out as money.

On, referrals is the only way you can earn. There is no other action or task that will get you rewards.

Obviously, the reason for this is because they are trying to get new members to be on their platform.


How to get Referrals

You actually earn R5 shoprite voucher from every successful referral you get. And for now, there are no limits to how many referrals you can get. So even if you invited hundred persons and they all signed up using your link, then you will definitely get your reward of R500 vouchers!


To start getting money market account referrals, the only tool you need is your referral link.

Once you have gotten your link, share the link persistently to all your friends online. Keep sharing and sharing, but do not spam!


When was Launched

Many people are convinced that money market account is a company in deep collaboration with Shoprite. To them, it means the platform has been in existence since the time Shoprite was launched. But this is actually very wrong.

Although rewards members with Shoprite vouchers, this doesn’t prove that it is owned by shoprite.

And on the money market account website, there is no mention of when the platform was launched.


Who is the Owner of

If this platform is indeed owned by Shoprite, then we can say the owner of is Christoffel Wiese. But this is most likely not the case.


For now, no one knows who the real owner of money market account is. No information regarding him or her, is provided on the website. Sign Up

To become a member on this platform, all you need to do is go to the website(first). Then, click on the icon at the right side of your screen, then click on ‘Register.’


On sign up or registration page, fill in all the empty boxes. Then submit!

There is no welcome bonus, but the referral bonus applies to all members. Login

If you want to login, you will first need to find your way to money market account sign up page. Then from there, click on ‘Sign In Here.’

On login page, the only things required from you is your phone number and password.


How to Withdraw on

You can withdraw straight to your bank account, or you could use the voucher to pay for products you bought in Shoprite. Do not be bothered, it will definitely be accepted.


The vouchers given on money market account is not a counterfeit!


Is Legit or Scam

Since people discovered this platform and its referral program, there have been displays of payment proofs every where on the internet. That is to say that, is legit and paying(for now)!


There is no way of being 100% sure if they will continue to be legit in years to come, but now that they do, enjoy it while it lasts.


For those that still don’t believe and are still asking, “Is legit or scam?”

What we have to say to you is, go and make your findings. You will find payment proofs everywhere!


Thanks for reading this review. You may drop your opinions and questions below.

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