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Crypto trading is making people richer as each day goes by. Everyday, more and more people venture into ‘crypto trading sphere.’ Although it can be hard, but it is safe to say that mastering it can make you a fast millionaire. Thankfully, there are websites like, platforms to help you become a better trader than your current self.


With Diopro, you do not only learn how to trade crypto, you can also ‘trade crypto’ on website. That is to say, you can earn money from this website too. And it works just like the many crypto trading platforms out there. Or even better!


There are different ways to generate income from diopro. So if you wish to become a member, then this review is here to guide and assist in every way possible.

For those that are already at the professional stage of buying and selling of cryptocurrency pairs, there is very little doubt that you won’t love and what the platform has to offer. Review

Not a lot of people understand fully how works, especially those with almost zero knowledge of crypto trading.

So because you have questions about this site, this diopro review aims to provide answers to almost all of those questions(if not all).

In this review, you will get answers to questions like: How to make money from, how to get referrals, how to sign up on diopro, is legit or scam, and others.


As we aim to provide you with enough knowledge about Diopro, do not make the mistake of thinking we own or have any affiliation with the trading platform. No! We simply do these to give out information.


What is

Diopro is a platform for making crypto trades, this have been said already in this article. But what you probably don’t know is that, gives to all members the sum of $5. And you could use this to trade and earn more money.


This $5 is sign up bonus to all new members.

People who are smart could actually use this sign up bonus to earn up to $100, or more. But, you must be really good at crypto signals before you can achieve this.


How to make Money from

Trading happens on almost every day of the week, so this means you can start making money on diopro everyday. Off course you will need to trade, and you can choose not too if you feel you’re not in the mood.


On, just like every other trading platform, you choose to trade whenever you want.


Also, there is a cool simulated trading page where you can master your skills to be a better crypto trader.


Here is all you need to know about trading:

“5 minutes options, 4 minutes 30 seconds opening trading time, 30 seconds closing and closing price display, settlement on transaction results.

The total number of trading periods is 288.


1 minute options, 45 seconds opening trading time, 15 seconds closing and closing price display, settlement on transaction results.


The total number of trading periods is 1440.


Example: The opening time of the first period of 5-minute options is 00:00 on the same day.


04:59 seconds BTC spot price 42800.12 is the buy price.


05:00 seconds BTC spot price 42801.67 is the sell price.

If you spend 100USDT to choose the trading result as up, , you will get 100×1.95= 195USDT.”


Another way you can earn without entering the market is by getting referrals. Meaning, inviting new members to become members of diopro platform.


When you invite people to join, and they do, you get commissions from their earnings. However, this is only possible if the people you invited used your referral link.

How Referrals Works

Diopro referrals is not possible without your referral link. So to get your link, you will need to find it in your dashboard.


So the first thing to do is, perform the diopro login process enter into your dashboard. Next, find the page that has your referral link. Then, copy and share the link around.


When was Launched

In the entire website(, there is no page that talks about how started or began operating. Not even a hint. So, it is hard to actually know when was launched.

We managed to contact the customer care, and we made enquiries regarding when diopro was launched. No answers were given.


This is unlike other crypto trading platforms.


Who the Owner of is

Another unknown information about this platform is ‘who the owner is.’


There have never been any mention of who the owner of is. And we may never find out anything about this person, not even the gender. Sign Up

To sign up on, you must have a referral link. Registration cannot happen without a referral link. So use this link to register(


The link will take you to sign up page. Provide your accurate details to sign up. Login

If you go over to, you will be redirected to the login page.

On login page, you just need to type in your username and password. And you will be logged in immediately.

How to Withdraw from

For withdrawals on diopro, you must have an active crypto wallet. And this wallet ought to be bound to your account.


So when you want to withdraw, all you have to do is head to the withdrawal page, type in the amount of USDT you wish to withdraw, provide your wallet address and your password, then submit your withdrawal. Easy peazy!


Is Legit or Scam

Since diopro was discovered, we are yet to see any payment proofs to prove that is actually legit. What could this mean???


To all of you wondering within your minds and asking, “Is legit or scam?” The answer is, ‘it is yet to be confirmed.’

So for this reason, do not make any deposits into the platform.


Thanks for reading this review. Comment and share.

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