Helidrops.io Review | How to Make Money on Helidrops.io

Hello and welcome to this review writeup. If you love playing games, especially the fun and adventurous ones that includes mysteries, then we have got a way for you to monetize this hobby.

On Helidops.io, you do not need to possess a specific skill. You just need to be a lover of games.


This is not a drill. Helidrops is a new website that rewards you for being a fun person.

If this sounds strange and unbelievable to you, there is nothing to worry about. You are currently reading a helidrops.io review, and this review is everything you need to fully understand how it all works.


Helidrops.io is a rare kind of website. In most money making websites, investments and deposits are necessary. But this one doesn’t require you to spend a dime before you can earn. If you are thinking of sitting this one out, then you might be making a very big mistake!

Remember, it is totally free! Give it a try today. It just involves games and cash rewards. Why are you even thinking twice?!


Helidrops.io Review

Helidrops.io is a newly launched website and all members on the platform qualify as ‘new members,’ so there are many many questions coming from both members and the prospective ones.


Hence, we are dedicating this helidrops.io review article to answering as many questions as possible.


Questions we will provide answers to, include: What is helidrops.io, how to earn on helidrops, how to get helidrops.io referrals, who is the owner of helidrops.io, is helidrops legit or scam, and others.

Whatever question that we do not address in this review, feel free to mention them in the comment section.


What is Helidrops.io

Helidrops is an online arena for games. Not games that involves gambling your money. But just simple free games. The rewards for these games are coins.

When you get these coins, you can then use these coins to open mystery boxes. In the boxes, you will find cash rewards(in u.s dollars). Of course the cash is withdrawable.


Helidrops.io is a very generous platform. They also give fifty coins to all new members.

Quickly perform the helidrop.io sign up bonus and you too will receive your free coins.


How does Helidrops.io work / How to Earn Money on Helidrops.io

The most important thing in this platform is the coin. If you have coins, you have money too. So when you run out of helidrops coins, you immediately need to perform actions that will earn you coins again.

Incase you don’t know, coins are added to your account dashboard every one hour. You can choose to wait for refills every hour. But if you feel that the wait is too long, then you can actually do something about it.

You could get helidrops.io referrals, and this will fetch you more coins!


Helidrops referrals allows you to earn lots of coins when you get new people to sign up on helidrops.io using your referral link.


Helidrops.io referrals is said to be the quickest way to earn coins, and money, on the website.


How to Refer or Invite on Helidrops.io

To get helidrops referral, you will need to find and share your helidrops.io referral link. And to share the link, you wilk first need to gain access to your daahbord.


So firstly, you will need to perform helidrops.io login process. When you are finished with the log in steps, go to the invite friends page, and copy the link you find there.


Share the referral link with friends, families, and people you find on the internet.


Note: Although, we mentioned only earning by using the mystery box, and earning by referral. There are many other means to earn money on helidrops.io, and you will discover them if you navigate through the different parts of your account dashboard.

When was Helidrops.io Launched

What we know for a fact, is that helidrops.io was launched very recently. It is very obvious that this gaming and earning website began operating in the month of May.


However, the date that helidrops.io was launched is not mentioned on the website.


You could easily say that the owners of helidrops forgot to provide this info on their site. Or, it could be that they left this info out of their site, on purpose.

Whatever the case may be, no one is certain.

Who is the Owner of Helidrops.io

And another thing no one is certain of, is the face, brain, and mind behind Helidrops.io

Because it is not provided in the website, no member has any hint of who the owner of helidrops.io might be.


But then, does it really matter?

It is not necessary to know who the owner of helidrops is. This earning site isn’t like those ones that requires deposits. So knowing the owner won’t matter at all. Just play and earn on helidrops!

Helidrops.io Sign Up

Once you go to helidrops.io, you will see a tab that says ‘Create Free Account.’

Click on it and you will be taken to helidrops.io sign up page.


On the sign up page, provide your username, password, email, username, and others.

Make sure you read before accepting their terms and conditions. Then click on ‘create account.’


Helidrops.io Login

On helidrops.io website, find and click on ‘Sign In.’


The sign in page is also helidrops.io login page. There, you will need to provide just your username and password. Then click on ‘Sign In.’


How to Withdraw on Helidrops.io

On Helidrops, there are different withdrawal thresholds because there are different payment methods.

The minimum withdrawals are: $20 for btc and $50 for Payeer, $10 for LTC, $5 for doge, $5 for Tron, $5 fir dash, and so on.

You could also withdraw using Paypal as well. Choose whichever withdrawal method that is best for you. And make sure you provide the correct withdrawal details.


Is Helidrops.io Legit or Scam

Isn’t it obvious already?! Helidrops.io is legit and paying! There are payment proofs everywhere. This new site is making people go wild because of the many payment proofs on the net!

If you have friends that are still doubting, or asking, ‘is helidrops.io legit or scam?’ Then tell your friends to stop waiting and start acting!!


Thank you for reading this helidrops review to the end. Drop your questions and comments below, if you have any.

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