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There are a thousand and one reasons to love the internet, but to us the best thing about the internet is making money online everyday! Take for instance, a platform like, one that allows internet to make money by doing their usual online routines.


There is no way anyone would not love to be a part of after knowing all about the platform, and how it works. So, if your excuse is; “I know don’t know how gsmedia works,” then you have nothing to worry about as we will be providing all important and necessary information in this review!


There are lots of admirable qualities about this earning site. One of the many is, anybody from any part of the country can earn easily.

Another lovable trait gsmedia possesses is generosity. All new members get a bonus of $5 to their account, as soon as the sign up process is completed.

Still don’t feel enthusiastic about knowing more about If yes, then you probably don’t wish to earn money online.

For those that really want to earn online, then do yourself a favor by reading this review to the end. Review

To summarize all that you will read in this review, what we aim to do is provide more than enough information about this earning site. Do not make the mistake of thinking this article is meant to promote gsmedia. Nope! This is nothing close to a promotional article.

The only thing we aim to achieve is provide info related to how works, and all you must know.


Mostly, the article will answer those questions you have in mind to ask. Questions like: How to earn from gsmedia, how to get referral, who owns gsmedia, how to perform login or sign up, is legit or scam, and others.


Obviously, this gsmedia review article is here to give full assistance in every way possible.

What is

Gsmedia, which is also called Apmedia, is an online website that allows internet users to earn money daily by giving them simple online tasks on the internet. These daily tasks can be done in less than sixty seconds, and most people that use the internet everyday will find these gsmedia tasks as something they are fond of doing even before becoming members of the sites.


Types of tasks done on is, liking and following Facebook pages, subscribing to YouTube channels, liking Tik Tok videos.


How to Earn from

Since we already explained some part of how the tasks of works, then let’s talk about the vip level next.


On gsmedia, there are vip levels also called apmedia levels. These levels are in the site to increase members daily task earnings. When you upgrade to a high apmedia level, you will begin to make more money from the daily tasks you perform. Your daily tasks would even be increased.


Unfortunately, it would cost you money to upgrade to a higher vip level. You have to deposit to earn more.

Checkout all of the levels on

Current level: AP0

Daily tasks: 2

AP level 1

Price: 130EUR

Daily tasks: 3


AP level 2

Price: 400EUR

Daily tasks: 6


AP level 3

Price: 800EUR

Daily tasks: 8


AP level 4

Price: 1500EUR

Daily tasks: 10


AP Level 5

Price: 3000EUR

Daily tasks: 15

It is possible to still remain in level zero, then earn well. Withdrawal is also possible even if you do not upgrade to another level.


Another way you can make money on gsmedia is by getting people to sign up on the site. This is called referral.


With referrals, you can get closer to the withdrawal threshold in no time.


How to get Referrals

To start getting referrals, you will need to get your referral link first.


Follow these simple steps to get your gsmedia referral link:

1. Start by performing login process. You need to log into your dashboard to get your link.

2. In your dashboard, click on ‘my,’ then click on ‘invite friends,’on the next page.

3. On the invite friends page, you will find your referral link and code. Copy any of the two, then share it to friends.


When was Launched

On the website, there is no ‘about us’ page. Meaning there is no part of the website that provided information regarding the time was launched.


Who is the Owner of

Because of the fact that is somewhat similar to an investment site(because you literally invest to earn more), it is very important that the owner of gsmedia introduced his/herself to the public.


Unfortunately, the owner is hiding from the public. And the reasons are unknown. Sign Up

Signing up on gsmedia is not a problem at all. To begin, you first need to find your way to sign up page. Just head to the homepage, then click on ‘Register.’

On the sign up page, fill in all required details, then submit! Login

To perform gsmedia login process, go over to the homepage.


The thing is, the homepage is also login page. So what you will have to do after getting to the homepage, is filling in your phone number and password.


How to Withdraw on

Gsmedia withdrawal threshold is $20. This isn’t hard to achieve at all. You just need four successful referrals, and you are on your way to your first cashout.

To place withdrawal after reaching $20, simply head to your account dashboard and click on ‘My Wallet.’ Next, tap on ‘withdrawal.’ Then provide your bank account details, before submitting for withdrawal.


Is Legit or Scam

To be sincere, gsmedia was only just launched not too long ago, there is no way of being 100% certain of whether is legit or scam. That would be like jumping into conclusions.

So the answer we have to those that are asking, “is legit or scam?” Is, do your research. We do not know for sure.

But note this, it is not advisable to place deposits into your gsmedia accounts!


Thanks for reading this review to the end. You can drop comments below.

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