Cbsapp88 Review | Is Legit or Scam? Find Out

What’s the point of telling you how important earning online is? That would be a waste of time. If you don’t already know that the internet is amongst the best places to earn from, then shame on you. In this writeup, we get to talk about another online earning platform called Cbsapp88!

Many Africans are already aware of how much of a great platform is, so you too should get to know about the site. Fortunately for you, you have stumbled on what could be called the best review article.


Since there are a lot of things to be talk about. It’s best that we dive right in immediately!


A friendly reminder that you are reading this cbsapp88 review for the sake of wanting to make money from the net. It is very important that you read the review to the end. This way, you’ll be sure of every action you are performing when you are in your account dashboard.

Let’s get started! Review

Anyone who is just hearing about would definitely go on search engines to make different types of queries related to the platform. So, we are going to be providing answers to those queries.


Queries like: How to earn from cbsapp88, how to get referral, who is the owner of cbsapp88, how to perform login process, Is legit or scam, and others.


As usual, we would like you readers to know that this isn’t a promotional content. We the owners of this blog are in no affiliation or partnership with the owners of! It is vital that you keep that in mind!


What is

Cbsapp88 is an online site where tasks are given to internet users everyday. While you would rather be on Facebook or Youtube everyday, it is better to sign up on cbsapp88 rather than waste your data.

The tasks given on the earning platform is synonymous to the normal activities all of social media users do everyday. Which is, liking Facebook posts, watching and subscribing to YouTube channels, and so on.


There is no one that would complain about tasks being tough or hard. Everything about cbsapp88 is so simple!


How to Earn from

The main way to earn is from the the task center. When you perform tasks(which is liking and following of social media pages), you earn R5 from it daily. But it is actually possible to earn more if you upgrade to another cbsapp88 vip level.


As at the time this review was written, there are four vip levels on the platform. New members of the platform find themselves in vip level one.

In cbsapp88 vip leve one, you earn just R5 per day. If you wish to earn more, you will have to deposit money to upgrade.

Checkout all the vip levels below.


VIP1: Invest R500. Only 5 tasks per day, and earn R25 a day, R750 a month and R9000 a year.


VIP2: Invest R1500. Only 10 tasks per day, and earn R75 a day, R2250 a month and R27 000 a year.


VIP3: Invest R5000. Only 20 tasks per day, and earn R250 a day, R7500 a month and R90 000 a year.


VIP4: Invest R17 500. Only 25 tasks per day, and earn R875 a day, R26 250 a month and R315 000 a year.


Disclaimer: We highly recommend that you remain in the free vip level one. This way, you have nothing to loose!


An alternate way means of earning is by referrals. The referral earning method is simply the act of send invitations to people. Asking them to join the earning site, and then gaining rewards whenever a person successfully signs up using your cbsapp88 referral link.

To start getting more cbsapp88 referrals, perform the steps stated in the next paragraph.


How to get Referrals

To begin with, you will need to get your referral link first. So, perform login process.


When you get access into your dashboard, click on ‘My.’ Then in the page you are taken to, scroll down a bit and till you find and click on ‘invite friends.’

You will then be taken to cbsapp88 referral page. There, you can easily copy your link, then share it with your friends online.


When was Launched

It was only until the month of May, 2022 that people started to discover and talk about cbsapp88. This most likely means that was launched in the month of May. Not guaranteed though.

Forgive our uncertainty. The platform owners didn’t think it would be necessary to tell us about when they started operations. sigh.


Who is the Owner of

Since the launch of cbsapp88, no individual have come out to claim ownership of the site. Just like many other ‘get paid to do tasks’ website, tge owner of has refused to unveil his identity to the public.


And this is the reason why we strongly advice our readers to not deposit any money until they know who the real owner of cbsapp88 is. Sign Up

If you go to the website, you will be taken to the login page. Then down below, you will need to find and click on ‘Register.’


You will then be taken to sign up page. On the sign up page, you should know what to do(fill all your details correctly and submit). Login

If you head to the homepage, you will land on login page. There, you will need to fill in your phone number and password only. Then submit.


How to Withdraw from

For those who do not know, the minimum amount you can withdraw from cbsapp88 is R100. This means you are not eligible to place withdrawal if you have less than R100 in your account dashboard.

To place a withdrawal, you must first perforn login process. Then in your dashboard, find the account withdrawal page, fill in your account details, then submit for withdrawal.


Is Legit or Scam

Cbsapp88 was launched recently. So, it is still too early to determine if cbsapp88 is legit or scam.

We are still making research to come to a valid conclusion to the famous question. Which is “is legit or scam?”

So, we advice that you refrain from making any deposits for now.


Thanks for reading to the end of this review. You can drop comments or questions.

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