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The best thing about the twenty first century is the fact that almost anyone(regardless of your educational background or knowledge) can make money from the internet with a lot of ease! There are many online platforms that can offer internet users the opportunity to earn on the net, and one of such is! Like the name says, you can earn ‘cash, and go’ straight to the bank smiling with joy and extra cash in your pocket.

Cashandgo is a even a free website!


Anyone who comes across the cash and go website is definitely going to find it interesting. The platform has got lots of ways to intrigue people to join. Who wouldn’t want to get free $25 just like that? That’s right! On, you will get a free $25 bonus for being a member.


As soon as you complete sign up process, you will find the sign up bonus in your account dashboard. Everyone receives it!

If you find it cool that there is a bonus of $25 for all new members, then prepare to discover more amazing facts and features about this platform. Do yourself a favour, read this review to the end. Review

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that our review articles are meant to be promotional contents. This is not true. Please, do not make the mistake of thinking this review is meant to promote the earning platform.


The only purpose of this review article is to provide information regarding everything you ought to know about cashandgo earning site.

We are in no affiliation with the site.

So, this cashandgo review will be providing answers to many questions that most of you readers have been asking.

Questions like: what is cash and go, who is the owner of cashandgo, how to make money from, how to get referrals, how to perform login process, is legit or scam, and others.


Best part is, earning from this platform is actually fun! You wouldn’t even think you were working, but you would be earning daily and getting paid.


What is

Cashandgo or cash and go, is very similar to a survey website. The platform has got a task center with tasks for all members to perform.

When these tasks are performed right, members get quick rewards in no time.

Like we mentioned earlier, cash and go is entirely free. There is no fee for signing up, and there is no need to deposit any amount to earn more.


Want to earn daily on Then you must be ready to perform the daily tasks. This is the only way!


How to Earn from

To start making money from cashandgo, there are tons of tasks to perform. They include:

1. Spinning Wheels

On, you can make your first dollar by clicking on the Wheel fortune, spinning and then winning cool amounts of u.s dollars.


2. Surveys

You can also earn everyday by doing surveys. Cash and go rewards members for completing surveys too. The pay is great too!

3. Referrals

The best way to make money on this platform, is by engaging in referrals.

Referring is the fastest way to earn, and it works in the most incredible way.


Most earning sites similar to cashandgo will only make your referral count when a person clicks on the link, then register using your link. However, on cash and go, there is a reward for you when a person signs up using your referral link. And also when a person only click on your link.


When a person only clicks on your cashandgo referral link, you get a reward of $0.50

But when a person performs sign up process using your referral link, you get a reward of $5!


If you would like to know the steps to perform cashandgo referrals, then read the next part of this article.


How to get Referrals

The first step to take is, perform login process.

Once that is done, scroll down the page a little bit and you will find your referral link.


Your cash and go referral link can be easily copied and shared, anytime you wish.


When was Launched

It was not too long ago that people on the internet began to discover the website called cashandgo!


Although there is no exact known date of launch, it is believed that the platform began operations in the month of May, 2022.


Who is the Owner of

The owner of cashandgo is not known. He or she has hidden every info about his or her identity.


No one knows what the owner of looks like. Or if the owner is even a male or a female. Sign Up

You can begin sign up process by entering the website and clicking on ‘Create an account.’


It is very easy to perform cashandgo sign up steps because the only thing that will be needed from you is your personal details. Login

If you go straight to cash and go website, you will be redirected to the login page.

On login page, you only need to submit your username and password. Once this is done, you will be taken straight to your account dashboard.


How to Withdraw on

Cash and go earning platform made it possible to place withdrawal using different methods. You can withdraw using either Paypal, Venmo, cash app e.t.c.


Once you reach the withdrawal threshold, just go over to ‘New cash out,’ then place your withdrawal.


Is Legit or Scam

When it comes to sites that pay, a lot of internet users can testify to the fact that most survey websites are legit. Since is a survey website, there is a high chance that is legit too!


We did say that this platform was launched very recently. Because of that, we are not quite certain if is legit or scam.


So for readers that are asking, “Is legit or scam?” Please be informed that this site is too new for us to make any conclusions.

It is probably legit though!


Thank you for reading this review. You may drop your questions or comments below.

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  1. dre

    how long til I can withdrawal the money?

    1. Chris

      You need to be level 4, that took me about 2 days. Then you can withdraw your money and you will have it in paypal cashapp or venmo within 14 days.

  2. dreshon

    how long til I can withdrawal the money?

    1. Isaac

      So did you see the result of your cashout afterward

  3. Daniel

    Okay im really despondent in this cashandgo thing how do i do the tasks im trying everything but nothing im fed up im reporting it

  4. Dre

    Do it come on the exact date or you got a wait a couple more days?

  5. Dwight Emerson

    To whom it may concern I have completed some of the work that was asked of me and my date has come and I didn’t get paid please contact me and let me know if this is real or just a scam to get people hopes up for nothing.

  6. Drew

    My cashout date was yesterday and i still havent got paid its a legit scam

    1. Issic

      You got paid yet ?

  7. Drew

    My cashout date was yesterday and i still havent got paid its a legit scam and a waste of time

  8. Trey

    My cash out due date was June 28 and I’ve yet to receive anything it’s now June 30

  9. zay

    legit scammm my due date is today and no money!!!!! very fake

  10. Amber

    My due date was on the 5th and till this day I get shit ! Fake !!!

  11. Casey

    So I haven’t gotten mine either my due date was July 10th but a friend of mine got his a week late and some ppl are saying u have to wait a month after your due date to receive it. Idk if it’s a scam yet I just know my friend got his but I’m worried it might be a scam even though I seen proof of my friend getting his so yea idk yet

    1. Claire

      Praying its real, could really use the cash right now

  12. C


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