Reviews(Is Legit or a Scamm?)

Mandela Tokens, what a nice name this is. If we didn’t know better, we would think this site was launched or owned by the legendary Nelson Mandela. But no! is just a ponzi website that you could probably earn some few cash.

It’s a new site, and people are just getting to discover it.


Just like you readers, we also got to know about this recently, and it caught our attention. The welcome bonus on this platform is a really huge amount, and it is more than enough to catch the attention of many online hustlers.

Incase you are wondering, all new members receive R250 as sign bonus. Receiving the welcome bonus is just the beginning. There are other things you could to earn more money.

This wilk be telling and teaching you how to go about these other actions that will earn you good money. Review

Before we go into telling you what Mandela tokens actually is, let’s make a few things clear.


This review will provide answers to queries that you most likely have been asking.

Such as, how to perform login process, how to go about referral process, who owns mandela tokens website, and many more similar queries.

‘Is legit or scam?’

This is a question that both members and none members are asking. If you too want to know the answer to that question, then just read this review to the end, and your curiosity will be satisfied. Trust us!


DISCLAIMER: This review article is not for the promotion of! This is merely a review, and we do not own the platform. Do not hold this website responsible whatever action you choose to make when dealing with Mandel tokens.


What is

Mandela tokens is the new most talked about money making website. This site pays members in Rands, so apparently it seems that only people in South Africa stand a chance to earn from the site.


One thing we can’t quite understand, is why the platform is called Mandela Tokens. This website has no business with the word, ‘tokens.’ You earn cash, not tokens!


How does work / How to make money on

What will earn you a lot of money on this site, is the investment method. Yes! Incase you are not aware, you can actually deposit and invest in the mandela tokens website.


But no, we do not see this as something that is safe. In fact, it would be unwise to invest your money into such a recently launched website. is too new to be trusted.

The referral method is a 100% trusted! Mostly because it’s free. But also because it seems more logical that a website will ay you to get them new members. Also, you can get as much referrals in a day, as you want.


There are more advantages of referrals over investments. You would realize them when you become a full time member of Mandela Tokens platform. referral earns you 20% of your referral’s deposit.


How to refer or invite on

If you want to refer, the one and only thing you need to do is perform the login process. When you have successfully done it, scroll down to the bottom of your dashboard page. There, you will find your referral link.

And as for the tab that says ‘Referral’ in the side bar of the website, that’s just to check how much you have earned so far via referrals.


When was launched

You, we, or any random member of Mandela tokens cannot give the date of launch of this website.




Because Mandela tokens owners didn’t think it would be necessary to provide this piece of information to members.

Well, kindly be informed that we are still doing our best in trying to figure out when was launched. There is a high probability that this site was launched in the second week of April, 2022. Be we are yet to confirm the exact date.

Who is the CEO / founder of

Who the owner of mandela tokens is? Absolutely no one knows! And although not every member really care(most members are just more worried if is legit or scam), but some would also like to know who the owner or ceo of is, before they deposit in their money.


Since no one knows the founder or owner of mandela tokens, we strongly warn you readers not to deposit into this website.


Where you can find

Mandela tokens is a platform that operates only online. For now, they have no visitable or physical location outside the internet. Sign Up

Head directly to to begin.


You will then need to tap on ‘Create account.’ Then provide all your details e.g username, password, email, and so on.

Then click on ‘create account’ again. Be assured that there is a sign up bonus waiting for you! Login

Go to, then click on ‘Login.’


On the login page, provide your email and password.


How to withdraw on

You can easily withdraw your funds if you have first gotten to the withdrawal threshold of mandela tokens. If indeed you have, then simply perform login process first.


Next, click on the menu side bar icon and tap on ‘Withdrawals.’

Select ‘Withdraw Funds.’


You will need to setup a payment account, then provide your bank account details. That’s all it takes!


Is Legit or Scam

Like we mentioned earlier, there have been talks of mandela tokens being legit because of some payment proofs that have been circulating online. Unfortunately those payment proofs ‘may’ not be original. It is easy to photoshop or edit things like that.

For this reason, we advice all those that have been asking ‘is legit or scam?’ to NOT make deposits. Rather, just focus on getting referrals, then try placing withdrawals.


There is no guarantee that is legit, or if it is a scam. We do not know yet!


Thanks for reading this review to the end. You may leave questions and comments below.

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