Review(Is Legit or Scam??)

You probably know how powerful the internet is when it comes to making money online, so we would rather not talk too much about that. Let’s dive right into, our focus for today. And how you can make money from!


A few years ago, the internet was made to better the lives of individuals, and as you know, it has been doing just that.

A lot of people have been privileged to earn a lot of money from the internet, and this has been with the help of websites such as! In this article, we will talk about how you can use cloudads to earn.


We will dive into questions that you have about this website, and we will decipher the tough parts of this website. Of course this is going to be a handful, but you have nothing to worry about because we are here for you! So take a seat and relax, as we take you through this review. Review

If you knew that will give you R50($2.78) just for performing sign up process, would you be more interested in joining the platform? If your answer is yes, then you should already consider yourself a member!


This is because this website actually gives R50($2.78) to all new members that perform the sign up process.


The above line of information is just a sneak peek of what this review is going to be all about. Basically, we will be unveiling informations that most of the aspiring members are yet to be aware of.


We will also be answering questions such as: Is legit or scam, how to withdraw from Cloudads, how to perform login process, and many more.

This review article is not for the promotion of Cloudads website. This is only a review, and we do not own the platform. Do not hold this website responsible whatever action you choose to make when dealing with


What is

If you are still asking ‘what is,’ then perhaps you have not been reading this article!


To summarise it all, cloudads is a money making site! That is the main purpose of this website, and that is the only purpose of the website!


You shouldn’t be asking what cloud is. What you should be asking, is how to make money from this website called cloudads.

How does work / How to make money on

The first amount you make on is the welcome bonus you receive after successfully completing sign up process.


Now, for you to earn more, you will have to choose between doing two things.

PS: You can do both of these two things.


1. Investing Money

In this website, you can actually earn by investing specific amounts of money into your dashboard.

As a new member, the particular amount you can invest is $5.56, and you get a return of $11.11


We have no idea how long it takes before you get return on your investment(ROI). We also have no idea if you will have to keep investing the same particular amount.

So because there are lots of unanswered questions, we strongly suggest that members of desist from investing money into the website. Rather, we advise that you settle for the alternative means of earning.


2. Referral

This is the alternative way to make money on! referral earns you $0.56 for every referral you get. While it may seem small to you, do bear in mind that it is possible to get as much as twenty referrals a day.


That’s a lot of money if you do the math yourself.


Wondering how you can go about referral process? Well just hop on to the next line.


How to refer or invite on

It is very easy to start getting referrals. To do so, you must first perform login process.


Once you are in your dashboard page, click on the menu icon then tap on ‘My Referrals.’


On your my referral page, you will find your referral link. All you now need to do is copy and share the link.


When was launched

When writing and coming up with this review, we spent a couple of hours digging and trying to find information regarding when cloudads was launched.


We finally got to discovered that people only started talking about cloudads a couple of days ago, therefore this platform was launched in the month of April, 2022.

Although this is an assumption, it actually is very logical. And it is most likely true.

Who is the CEO / founder of

There is no need bothering yourself about who the ceo or founder of is. This platform have made no attempt in revealing their owner / founder. Chances are that, they never will.


In the past, similar platforms like never made mention of who their founder is. This is the reason why there is a high chance that the founder / owner of Cloudads may never be known. Sign Up

You can begin signing up on cloudads by heading to the website, which is


Click on sign up, then fill in your accurate details. Remember, you get some cool cash as sign up bonus! Login

When you go to the homepage of cloudads, you are automatically taken to login page.

There, you just have to provide your username and password. Then click on ‘sign in.’


Is Legit or Scam

If you are hearing about cloudads for the first time, then there is no doubt that since the beginning of this review, you must have been wondering within yourself; ‘Ie legit or scam?’

The answer we can give for now is that, this is a pretty new website, and we do not know for sure.

As time goes on, we will get to know more. And we will definitely find out id is legit or scam! For now, just give it a shot.


Thank you for reading this review. Feel free to ask questions or drop comments.

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