Review Is Usdtmate Legit or Scam? Get Answers

Interested in mining digital currency? Then this article is for you. You are about to learn about a site called! This would be fun!


Nowadays it’s simple to make money online. I have something to give you that makes you a good income. It is called or Usdtmate.


Over the years, cryptocurrency has grown to a remarkable initiative that makes people earn money from across the world. But in this writeup, we will be looking at a new cryptocurrency mining platform called is a new cryptocurrency initiative, which many individuals do not know about.


And the website seems to offer its users incredible mining deals or rewards.


After we test run and carry out much investigation on Usdtmate, we decided to bring our reader all the possible and easy ways to make money on



Now let’s begin… Review

After we did some recent research, we realized that there is little information on the internet about Usdtmate. For this reason, we decided to bring to you this review. This will help answer those unanswered questions that people have been asking for months. And you will be able to navigate and earn on Usdtmate easily.


And then at the end of this write-up, it will be made clear whether Usdtmate is legit or scam?

But before then, we will also discuss queries like; When Usdtmate was launched, How to carry out the Usdtmate login process, and so on…

What is

Usdt is another digital currency for and by regular individuals that you can mine from your mobile device.

Similar to every other cryptocurrency website, was launched to provide income to users but in an easier format.


And the platform intends to help its users make money without much stress or labor but fair income while investing a low capital.

How to make money on

On Usdtmate, the amount you earn is based on the mining robot you subscribe to. The higher the money you deposit on Usdtmate the higher your mining rate or income.


And these are what the mining robot offers you on below:


10 mining robot gets you 10% income, which is 140,000 naira income/robot and a total of 340,000 naira total income/robot for one day cycle.

100 mining robot gets you 12% income, which is 70,000 naira income/robot and a total of 370,000 naira total income/robot for 15 days cycle.


1000 mining robot gets you 14% income, which is 150,000 naira income/robot and a total of 650,000 nairas for 30 days cycle.


10000 mining robot gets you 16% income, which is 320,000 naira income/robot and a total of 1320000 naira total income/robot for 60 days cycle.


And these packages on have different day cycles.

Another means by which users can earn on is by referral.


Invite 50 new users to sign up on Usdtmate and become an agent using the invite friends link, and this gets you #2000 with automatic commission payment.


Sending mining information to Facebook or WhatsApp group with at least 30 group members gets you #1,000 with automatic commission payment.

Register for Binance wallet, obtain TRC20 wallet, and link it with Usdtmate withdrawal information to get #100, with automatic commission payment.


And this earning can increase when you get high computing power on



How to get Referrals

Referral options are readily available on the Usdtmate homepage, which makes it easy for users to refer easily.


And there is some referral option which you have to get a high computing power to get access to it.

The maximum commission for ordinary computing power on Usdtmate is #100.


How to withdraw on

To withdraw from Usdtmate, users have to bind their actual name, bank name, bank account, phone number USTD TRC20 address with


Which makes Usdtmate users automatically withdraw to the bank account they provide each time they withdraw.


And there are some rules attached to withdrawing on

1. Users are limited to one withdrawal a day.

2. Transaction is successful after 1 to 3 working days after withdrawal.


3. After applying for withdrawal, Usdtmate reviews withdrawal to the bank account you provided.


4. Withdrawal to the Usdt wallet will be completed within one hour.


When launched

Earlier, we said that is a new digital currency platform.


It was launched in February 2020 and seems to be a promising website in the cryptocurrency industry.


Who is the owner or founder of

The identity of the owner or founder of is yet to be revealed by the website. This seems not to be a surprise because this is common among make-money websites.


And we promise to update this section of the post once the name of the owner is finally revealed.


Where can be found seems to be a Nigerian site. The transaction currency on the website is Naira.

And we doubt if it can work effectively in other countries. Sign Up sign up is quite easy by following these steps:


1. Click on, which automatically redirects you to the website homepage.

2. Tap on Sign up


3. Enter your name and other information you are asked to provide.


4. Click on register.


And you completely sign up for Usdtmate.


You can also download the app via Login

Once you have successfully signed up for Usdtmate, the only necessary information to fill in your login page is your mobile phone number and password.


Is Legit or Scam

For those that are curious about if is legit or a scam. Usdtmate is quite new, with no or little review about it by their user yet on fraudulent activity. Which makes it difficult for us to decide if is legit or a scam.

There’s no evidence to back up promises.


After all, there are no risk-free make-money websites on the internet. The reader should try to avoid getting involved in the thing that they will regret after investing a lot in it.


Please leave a comment, we are open to all viewpoints of view concerning cryptocurrency and

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