Reviews(Is Mywealthcycler Scam or Legit? Get Answers)

Have you heard of the trending Nigerian investment website known as Some believe it is just another Ponzi scheme, others are convinced that this site is actually different from the previous ones.


Stick with me till the end of this review, and you will get answers to all the queries you have been making on Google Search.


Did you know that, one of the easiest way to make money on the internet is by Online Surveys? Sadly, surveys aren’t as easy as they seem. You will need to perform hundreds of surveys to earn a decent amount of money. This is the reason why people prefer online investment sites. Investments sites pay faster, and you are likely to earn more than what you invested.

Mywealthcycler works just like this – You have to invest to get Return on investment. Without investment you cannot earn a penny from this website!


What is

Mywealthcycler, a.k.a MWC, is a website that claims to help increase your revenue after a couple days of investing into the website. Although there is more to just investing, you will still need to play some part, the most emphasized topic in the platform is the, ‘Make deposits/investments’ into MWC.


For all you readers that are new to Nigerian ponzi, note that this website is very similar to platforms like NNU Forum, At Pays, Sunbiz, Racksterli, and so on.

All the above mentioned site have one thing in common. They all ended up scamming a lot of online investors. This gives us a hint on what is probably planning to do. Review

If you are yet to understand how this mywealthcycler review works, then here is a brief explanation.


This MWC or review is meant to give an insightful and in-depth simplification of how everything works.


There have been questions on the net, such as; How to invest and make money on mywealthcycler, who is the owner of mywealthcycler, how to perform login process, how to get mywealthcycler referral, Is legit or scam, and more.

This is going to be an exquisite review writeup. Please enjoy.


How does work / How to make money on Mywealthcycler

Earlier, I mentioned that you cannot earn without first investing. So if you ever choose to invest, then here is what you can do to earn.


Sign up for mywealthcycler package. It is five hundred naira. Then perform daily logins to get bonuses, do daily broadcast share, daily interactions, share testimonies.


Here are the rewards for each actions:


(a) 3000 Cycles (#300) — For Welcome Bonus

(b) 1000 Cycles (#100) — For Daily Login Bonus


(c) 2500 Cycles (#250) — For Daily Broadcast Share


(d) 500 Cycles (#50) — For Daily Interactions (3+ per day)


(e) 500 Cycles (#50) — For Sharing A Testimony


(d) 3000 Cycles (#300) – For Each Referral (Never A Must)


Minimum Cashout: 10000 Cycles (#1000) Paid Instantly!


How to get Referral

When you finish mywealthcycler login process, you can always easily find the tab that says ‘Referrals.’


You will need to copy your mywealthcycler referral link, share the link to people, then tell them how MWC works. If you do a good job in convincing, then they’ll pay for sign up.


As soon as this is done, you will earn three hundred naira. referral is the fastest way to cash out on the site. If you can invite at least three people to sign up weekly, then you are likely to cash out weekly!


When was launched

There have been hypes about MWC even before it came out. Apparently, the owner of mywealthcycler did a really good job in promoting this get rich quick site. And of course, Nigerians were more than glad to hear about a site like this. launched it operations on the 14th of March. That is, five days before the day I wrote this Mywealthcycler review.


Despite being a really new site, many have trooped into the platform to make investments(payments). You could say Nigerian investors have no trust issues when it comes to Ponzi schemes. Lmao!


Who is the CEO / founder of

Just like recent ponzi schemes, the owner of this site is not someone hiding in the shadows. These guys are now really bold to come out in public and promote their platforms.


It is said that the owner and ceo of is MR. ESuPOFO IFEOLUWA NURUDEEN.

Apart from his name, not much is known about this man.


MWC is new though, maybe in due time, the owner will come out to tell the world his biography.

Where you can find

The physical office address of my wealth cycler is said to be at 52 Chief Natufe Street, Lagos. Sign Up

To perform mywealthycycler sign up process, you first need to make a payment of five hundred naira for a coupon code. This payment should only be done to an admin on the website.


Without a coupon code registration is impossible.


To get started, go to the website homepage, click on ‘Register,’ then click on ‘Get Coupons.’ Login

When you go to the homepage, there is a ‘Login’ tab at the top of the page. Click on it and you will be taken to login page.


On mywealthcycler login page, you will be asked to enter your email/username and correct password. If you do it right, you will be taken to your account dashboard as soon as possible!


How to withdraw on

You can be allowed to withdraw only on Mondays and Wednesdays. Also, the minimum amount you can withdraw is One thousand naira.

Is Legit or Scam

Many want to really know if mywealthcycler is legit or scam. My honest opinion is that, even if the site is paying currently, it won’t take long before they start scanning others.



In conclusion, those that have been asking: Is legit or scam?

The answer I have for you is, Yes! this is a scam website!


If you have questions related to this review, then comment below.

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