Mypaycap Reviews(Is or Scam? Get Your Answers)

Everybody knows that online investment is really rewarding. Probably way more rewarding than investing in lands or physical properties. And so, this is one of the many reasons why a lot of people are finding interest in the new platform called


Mypaycap is a website where you can invest and possibly earn lots of cash. But this isn’t like the regular investment websites that we have seen in the past. What makes different, is that this site deals with cryptocurrency. Meaning that you earn literal crypto!!

If you have been looking for ways to earn crypto and you find this interesting, then it is important that you read this review. There’s a whole lot to know about earning from this.


You definitely wouldn’t want to skip any line, as this would probably be the best review you’ll ever come across on the internet. Review

There are those that recently heard about Mypaycap, and are wondering what the website does. There are also those that know already know a lot about mypaycap, but have little queries bothering them. Whatever the case may be, we guarantee you that this review will be very informative to everyone and anyone!

To be clear, this review is solely for the purpose of information and education. This is in no way made for the promotion of the platform.

We would be answering questions in this article, and here are some of the questions; How to make money from, What is mypaycap, who is the founder or owner of mypaycap, How to perform login or sign up, Is legit or scam, and so on.


What is

Mypaycap is a Nigerian investment site. This is a website where you invest Naira, but earn in crypto currency.

You are likely to earn Shiba Inu or Usdt on the platform. And the owners of the site claim the earnings are going to be “Hooge.”


Be reminded that what you do is earn interest from your investments. You cannot earn with investing. So basically, your ROI is what gives you joy. Not the mypaycap generousity.


How does work / How to make money on

We wouldn’t want to bore you by telling you again and again that this is a site that allows you to earn through investments. So instead, let us tell you how the investment works.

The minimum amount of money that can be invested in is Five thousand naira(#5,000). You then earn 10% interest every month.


Mypaycap claims that you will keep getting interests until you withdraw your funds.

By the way, payment is in Usdt(dollars).


Did we also mention that there is referrals? Referring can earn you decent amounts too!

For those asking, you get One thousand Naira whenever you get a new mypaycap referral.


How to refer or invite on

To get referrals, you must be a registered member. And only then will you have an account dashboard.


It is from your mypaycap account dashboard that you can find your referral link.

You will need to share your link with friends and families on the net. It is only after they(your referrals) sign up and place investments, then you will be rewarded.


Also, if you refer someone to join the crypto currency masterclass on the mypaycap platform, you get a bonus of Two thousand Naira.

Note: Referral bonus can be withdrawn at anytime(says the website).

When was launched started to make trends in the month of March(2022). The site is becoming more popular by the day even with the fact that it is just a newly launched site.


Quite unfortunate that the owners of the platform failed to provide any information regarding when was launched.


Who is the CEO / founder of

Owners or Ceo’s of small money making sites are very fond of hiding their identity. Maybe it’s because they feel shy, or perhaps they know their website will end up being a scam. Whatever the reason for their hiding of identity is, they need to stop it!


By now you should know that we have no information on who the owner or founder of mypaycap is. This one too have been hiding his identity(no one knows why).


This is clearly a ‘red flag’ that cannot and shouldn’t be 100% trusted. You have been warned! If the owners want us to trust their platform, then they should start with trusting their members with who the owner, ceo / founder of is!

Where you can find

If you have a complaint to make and you wish to go directly to their office, then according to what is written on the website, their address is – 10 Fadeyi Street Lekki Igbo-efon, Lagos Nigeria. Sign Up

If you wish to get started on mypaycap, then the first step is to go to “” Then click on ‘Get Started.’


As usual, you will be asked to provide your email, password and other important stuffs.

After finishing up on the sign up page, you will then have some investments to do before you can start earning. Login

From the sign up page, there is a ‘Login tab’ that can be clicked.


When you get to login page, you simply need to provide your password and username.


How to withdraw on

There is a withdrawal page in your account dashboard. Whenever you wish to get your mypaycap ROI, you can always go and fill the necessary form.

If your payment does not arrive after a few hours, then consult the customer support provided in the website footer.


Is Legit or Scam

We have done our analysis, and we have come to a conclusion that Mypaycap is not a hundred percent trusted. This site is just so similar to other popularly known ponzi schemes. Beware, you may get scammed.


If you have been asking, Is legit or scam? We want you to know that this site should not be trusted. Make investments at your own risk.

If you have any further questions about this mypaycap review, then please comment below.

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