Review – Is Legit or Scam?

Imagine you can earn money just by mining things you don’t even know about online. You probably should stop imagining that, because this can be a real-life scenario with Amazed right?!  Let me amaze you more, with GeneOnline. is a recently launched platform, which promises to pay its user when they do some mining activities on their website.


Many don’t even know about the geneonline platform, which is why we are responsible to bring information about the new and old make-money websites.


Now, let’s go deeper into the world. Review has no review about it on the internet, which is why we bring you all information concerning the website.


And at the end of this write-up, you will be able to know how to sign up, log in, withdraw and so on


Most importantly, you will find out if the website is providing the services they claim to offer or it is one of those time-wasting platforms.


What is can also be regarded as Genesis mining, According to the website

Genesis Mining is one of the world’s leading providers of hashing power, offering cryptocurrency mining capabilities of varying scales, targeting newcomers, home miners interested in mining, and large investor.” The website claims to have low number of partners. is a new platform that offers money to its users by mining and some other less labour task. And their goal is to make cryptocurrency easy and fast for everyone.


How to make money on

Making money on is very easy. There is two major way to earn on the website. Mining and referral.


Mining on the platform requires users to deposit money on the platform to purchase or rent mining machine or you can also use the money you make from referring to purchase the equipment.

Every cloud mining machine on the website have its own number. Once you rent cloud mining in geneonline website, it is equivalent to renting a mining equipment with the same number in their factory, which is just like a real life scenario. The mining machine works 24 hours a day to generate income, and part of the money the machine makes belong to


There are some VIP level task you can advance to make a higher income. And the higher the prize of machine you purchase the higher the income it provides for you.


The cryptocurrency generated by the machine will be converted into ZAR, which is the South African currency. With this, it may be quite difficult for you to transact with other currencies on the geneonline.

The other way to earn on which is by referring new members with your invite link or code. When a new member successfully registers on geneonline with your link or code, you get a reward of R3, and the limit is R60.


And even make more income, if the new member purchases a mining machine on geneonline. This referral reward can be recycled every day. provide a monthly salary if the number of members registered and deposited through your invitation link reaches a certain number.


How to get Referrals

The referral icon of is available on the site dashboard. Click on the invite and copy your referral link or code. Then paste the link or code to your friends and family. referrals is worth doing because you can earn through it.

How to withdraw on

No one wants to get involve in a business, whereby he/she won’t be able to withdraw is profit. After making good earnings on, withdraw by:


1. Click withdraw on geneonline dashboard.


2. Input the following bank card information: bank name, cardholder name, account number, phone number. Then tap save, which makes you link your bank account with geneonline.


With this you can make withdrawal transactions easily with the fund goes to the bank to the bank you provided. There is a 6% handling fee for every withdrawal.

If you are excited to withdraw, you should also be worried to deposit on geneonline by clicking the deposit icon on the website dashboard, which you deposit easily to the website.


When launched website was launched in January, 2022.


Who is the Owner or founder of owner identity is yet to be revealed, which makes it one of the few information we don’t know about geneonline.


We will update this section of the page, when his/her identity is eventually revealed.

Where can be found is a south African website. And can be accessed by almost all countries of the world. We don’t seem to have names of country where one o does not work. And the site can be found by visiting their website.


But the site seem to be very suitable for South African because of the currency involved on the platform. And you can only find this platform by heading to their website. Sign Up

Visit the, where you will a word ‘ no account, go to register’ click the word. After that you will be required to input some personal information about you.

Note that, before you intend to register on without being referred, because signing up completely on the platform required you to enter invitation code. Login

After completely signing up on, Log in with your phone number and password.


Is Legit or Scam is a new site without no review from it users yet on the internet. Which may actually make you have doubt in it.

We found out that geneonline is a scam website and you should get involved in it. During our research, when we applied for withdraw, no deposition was made to bank accounts. Depositing money on the website is dangerous because you will eventually not be able to withdraw your earnings.


Thanks for reading this honest review, and we promise to update every section of this page once we get answers to a few questions we couldn’t answer in the review. Feel free to drop your opinion about Geneonlineline.

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