Eapay8.com Reviews(Is Eapay8.com Legit or Scam???)

Sometimes it baffles me when I come across people begging on the streets. Most of these people even have access to the internet, and they could easily sign up on Eapay8.com, and start earning daily income easily! Do you doubt this? Then how about I enlighten you on what Eapay8.com is, and how you(or anyone) can make money from ea pay.


Before proceeding, please note that this article is not for the promotion of Eapay8. This is merely a review, and I do not own the platform. Do not hold this website responsible whatever action you choose to make when dealing with Ea pay.

In the course of writing this eapay8.com review, I decided to be very thorough and to leave no stone unturned. So be sure to expect ‘a lot.’


Note: Only South Africans, or people residing in SA, can earn from ea pay.


Eapay8.com Review

Not every one knows what they are to expect in review articles such as this one. So here’s what this eapay8.com review is going to be about.

Basically, I’ll be answering questions that have been bothering many members. And there’s a high chance that you too have been asking these questions too. Questions like: How to make money on eapay8.com, how to withdraw on ea pay, how to withdraw from ea pay, how to get eapay8.com referral, Is eapay8.com legit, how to go about eapay8.com login process, and some other similar questions.


Too much has been said already. So let’s dive right into it!


What is Eapay8.com

Ea pay, also called eapay8, is a South African app that is made for the purpose of making people richer. This platform allows anyone to register with them, and they give bonuses too.


Eapay8.com gives to all new members, R30 sign up bonus. No one pays for it, but everyone gets it. Even if you jokingly joined the site, once you get eapay8.com sign up bonus, there’s no way you’ll still take the platform for granted.

Being gifted R30 is just the tip of the iceberg, there is more! But I will talk about that below.


How to make money on Eapay8.com

It is very simple to make money on ea pay. People often think it is the hardest thing on the app, but it’s quite the opposite. Earning is probably the simplest thing to do on Eapay8!


Earning with Investment

You can decide to use ea pay app as an investment platform. This isn’t recommended though. Sounds unsafe, so I advise against this action.

Earning with Eapay8.com Referral

This is an alternative, and better, way to earn on the app. When you get ea pay referrals, you also get R1 per person. Mathematically, ten referrals will then mean ten Rands.

Sounds nice, innit? Check the steps below to begin getting referrals.



How to refer or invite on Eapay8.com

If you have already done eapay8.com sign up process, and you are now a certified member, then go to your account dashboard(you may need to enter carry out eapay8.com login process too), then find ‘Invite Friends’ or ‘Refer.’

Click it, copy your personal referral code, then share it around.


How to withdraw on Eapay8.com

You can withdraw from this app anytime that it pleases you. But this can only be possible if you have earned at least R50! Without having R50 in your ea pay account, then withdrawal cannot be possible.


If you have gotten to the withdrawal threshold, then payment will be swift and easy. You will get paid directly to your bank account. No sweat. Just make sure you provide your account bank details.

When was Eapay8.com launched

While I am not a hundred percent certain about this, but chances are that Ea pay was launched in the forth week of March, 2022. This is because this was the exact time the platform started to become known.


Like I said, this is just an assumption. The owner(s) of eapay8.com failed to make the date of launch known to members.


Who is the CEO / founder of Eapay8.com

Wait a minute. You actually thought a platform like this would reveal who the owner or ceo is? LOL! They never do! And this is the reason why I suggested that you members should not invest in this app.

If the owner or ceo of eapay8.com ever reveals who he or she is(which is probably not going to happen), then people can increase their level of trust for the site. But for now, it is hard to trust an investment app that cannot trust its members.


Where you can find Eapay8.com

It is only possible for you to find the app of ea pay on the main website. As for physical address, there probably isn’t one yet!


Eapay8 is yet to provide a physical address for members to visit,and they may never do so!


Eapay8.com Sign Up

Follow the steps to easily register on eapay8.


1. Go over to https://eapay8.com

2. Download eapay8 app

3. Enter the app and head to eapay8.com signup page.

4. Provide all details that are reuired.

5. Click on ‘Register.’


Eapay8.com Login

Steps for eapay8.com login is the same as signing up. You wouldn’t find any problem while attempting it.

Is Eapay8.com Legit or Scam

This is the most sensitive part of this article. It took lots of research and investigations to come to this conclusion. Dear readers, after everything, we conclude that Eapay8.com is legit, but only to an extent.



If you earn via Referral, you are likely to get your money. But I cannot say the same for investing/depositing.


Again, please try as much as possible to not deposit or recharge your money in this app. It is unsafe, and very risky!


For those that keep asking, “Is eapay8.com legit or scam?” Well I hope you have gotten an answer to this very frequently asked question. Be wise!!

So that’s a wrap. I sincerely hope this eapay8 review was worth reading. And if you have any questions, or suggestions to add, then drop your nice comments in the box below. Thank you for reading.

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