Review(Is Legit or Scam? Get Your Answers)

Do you know you can earn online by clicking ads? If No, you have come across a article that tell you more about such platform. This site is popularly known as CashVib.


In this writeup, we will be reviewing a new launched platform called You might have come across this website on social media but do not know have it really works.


After all getting involved in online platform is a good way to make money from the comfort of your home.


Before we start, Do you know that cashvib pays its user not less than $0.3 for clicking ads.


Now let’s explore into the world… Review

Earlier, we said that cashvib is a new website. And we found at that the website have little review about it on the internet. So we decided to bring to a honest review about before spending your time clicking and watching ads on the website.


At the end of this writeup, you will find out how to sign up, log in and other necessary thing in


And most importantly, if you should really get involve with that website, that is if the website is fraudulent or legitimate.

What is

Cashvib is a media company that operates several customer engagement brands and runs ads for several organisation. The media company also claim to partner with McCann tech, BBDO, Ogilvy. No doubt that are getting money for running ads on their website, because sponsors of ads are typically businesses wishing to promote their products or services. And such services are not performed for free. One advantage that will use to gain fame rapidly is that the labour involved on the platform to money good income is very little.

According to the website “Your attention is valuable”. promises to pay it users when they perform a simple task on their website. And the task perform is click and watch videos.



How to make money on

Making on is very easy to their users and there are only two ways to earn on the platform which we expect to improve as time goes on.

Cashvib ads are very easy to locate because it is placed on most pages of the website.


The first way to earn on is by clicking and watching on the ads provided on the cashvib website.



And the other is by referring friends and family to Earn $1 when your friend accepts your invitation and also your Friend earn $10 from registering. So there is always a prize for both parties.

How to get Referrals

Every referral on cashvib comes with a prize, which makes referring on worthy.


Refer on the website by clicking on the three lined icon at the top of the website dashboard, where you will find the invite earning option, tap on the option.


And you will find your referral link, which you can send to your family and friends.


How to withdraw on

You certainly want to know how to get reward for labour on Before you can withdraw on the olatform, you have to reach the withdrawal threshold of $70, which is easy to make.


After reaching the threshold, click the three lined icon at the top of the website dashboard, select withdraw. User can only withdraw to platform like PayPal, Skrill, Payeer, Western Union and Google play gift card. select the one that is suitable for you and fill in the necessary information. does not charge for handling fee, which makes withdrawal 100% free.


When launched make-money website was launched in the early days of February 2022.

And to seems be already providing solution to financial problem to it users.



Who is the Owner or founder of

It is very important to know the owner of a platform that offer financial freedom to you, which is why we decided to research about the owner of


But the website seem to be keeping the identity of it owner as undisclosed to their users for now. Hidden owner identity seems to be common among make-money platform.

And we will update this section of the page once cashvib reveals it owner to the public.


Where can be found claim to headquartered in California.


And the site can be accessed by almost all countries of the world. But the only to do this is by visiting their website at


As long as you can transact easily on from your country, there should be problem with where cashvib can be found. Sign Up

Registering with is absolutely free and simple. Sign up today on the platform by clicking, which automatically redirects you to the site sign up page, click sign up and input the correct information you are asked.

And also remember to select from the server option provided on the platform Login

Before you will be able to login successfully on, you must have registered with the platform.


Logging in on only requires you to input your email address and password. And select your server.


With this you will be able to completely log in



Is Legit or Scam

For those that want to get involve in, and still have doubt if the platform is legit or scam. You must have been determined to earn on this platform cashvib, that is why we don’t want you to waste your determination.

Sadly, cashvib is a scam and you shouldn’t invest in such a time wasting platform. After completing the withdrawal process, your pay method platform won’t be credited, so why waste your time on the website.


Unlike most other fake make-money website that does not payment proof, even has a section on its page called live payment, where you will find payment proof by it users, but this proof are fake. And it is scheme to lure more user to the platform.


If you have any question or opinions about this review, kindly drop it below. Thanks for reading.

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