2022 Adstrend.xyz Reviews(Is Adstrend.xyz Legit or Scam?)

A new make-money platform known as Adstrend.xyz has just been launched. This Adstrend.xyz review writeup will make readers understand how Adstrend works because many don’t know about it yet.

The internet is becoming a place where people earn money easily through the simple task. But Adstrend seems to have come up with a new type of initiative to make money online.

And we bring platforms that offer financial freedom to users.

Today, we have cooked up a full honest Adstrend Review, this is a newly launched site that has been in existence for just approximately one month or so.

Now let’s begin


Adstrend.xyz Review

After we performed some research on Adstrend. We are glad to bring to you what we found out about Adstrend site. This article will enable access to the website very easily without having any problem earning on it or going through the platform.

And at the end of this article, you will find out if Adstrend is legit or a scam. Giving you the earning processes, sign-up process, and many more.


What is Adstrend.xyz

Adstrend.xyz claim to be a website that works or partner with different ads company, and require less or no labour from their user to earn money. But the name of the ad company they work with is not known to us.


According to Adstrend “To make a profitable investment, you have to know where you are investing. Find a plan which is suits you the best.”

The Adstrend.xyz initiative is to utilize your money and provide a source of high income while minimizing any possibility of risk.
That is your investment provides value to their business, which makes Adstrend reward you.

The website assures legit transactions and risk-free investment.


How does work / How to make money on Adstrend.xyz

Earning on Adstrend.xyz is based on two things, which are referral and investment. There is only one package for Adstrend investment, which costs 1000 Naira.

With this Adstrend.xyz users earn 200 Naira daily.


And the referral aspect seems to fetch users 500 naira per referral, 100 for an indirect referral.

The adstrend withdrawal date is the 8th and 21st of every month with a minimum withdrawal of 5,000 Naira. Making it impossible for users to withdraw at any time they desire.


And the referral earning can be withdrawn daily from 12 pm to 4 pm with a minimum withdrawal of 2,000 Naira.

Adstrend claims that your reward is guaranteed with them, fast withdrawal, secured transaction, and fast customer service.


How to refer or invite on Adstrend.xyz

Unique referral link is readily available for every Adstrend user.
Copy the link and send it to your desired friends and family.

When was Adstrend.xyz launched

Earlier, we tagged Adstrend to be a new website.

Adstrend was launched in February 2022. And the number of their users tends to increase on daily basis.


Who is the CEO / founder of Adstrend.xyz

Knowing the owner of any platform you wish to join is very important. Therefore, we have done much research to make sure the owner of Adstrend.xyz is made known to everyone.
Not revealing the name of the owner of a money-making website seems to be a trend among several websites.

And Adstrend.xyz is also part of such a website that indulges in the act of not revealing its owner.

We promise to update this section of the post once we are done with our investigation and finally reveal the name of the owner of Adstrend.xyz.


Where you can find Adstrend.xyz

According to Adstrend, the website is available to all countries of the world.

And the Adstrend can only be found on their website.
But the transaction currency on Adstrend seems to be Nigerian currency, which can make it hard for some countries to easily transact on it.

Adstrend.xyz Sign Up

Sign up on Adstrend.xyz with this few processes.

1. Click on Adstrend.xyz which automatically redirects you to the website.

2. Tap on sign up.

3. You will be required to fill in some personal information correctly.

And you will be able to sign up successfully on Adstrend.


Adstrend.xyz Login

The Adstrend login process is quite easy to navigate. After you must have created an Adstrend account. Adstrend.xyz, requires users to type their username and password only.


How to withdraw on Adstrend.xyz

After earning on Adstrend.xyz, you are eager to withdraw.

Withdraw successfully by following this process:

1. Click the three-lined icon at the top right part of the Adstrend homepage.

2. Tap withdraw

3. Select withdraw now option

And withdraw successfully to the local bank account you provide to Adstrend.xyz.

Note that users have to reach a threshold of #5,000 for non-referral earning, which can withdraw on the 8th and 21st.

And #2,000 withdrawal threshold for referral earnings.

To fund wallet Adstrend wallet simply contact or message their vendor for coupon to fund wallet.


Is Adstrend.xyz Legit or Scam

Many people want to find out if Adstrend is real or not if the investment is worth it and if they are good.

For those that can’t stop asking the question, ‘is Adstrend legit?’ If it is of any comfort to you, Adstrend.xyz is legit and paying. But you should know this..


From our point of view, we analyze Adstrend to be a sort of Ponzi scheme, due to their awesome offers. With no payment proof available yet on the website. And Ponzi scheme only operates for a very short period. So transacting on Adstrend.xyz might be safe for a short period.

Adstrend.xyz is a new site with no review or less comment about it yet, which makes it hard for us to decide if it is 100% Legit.


Seeing xyz in the domain name of a website usually scares internet users because the website with xyz in its domain name is usually associated with fraudulent activities.


But Adstrend seems not to have no fraudulent complaints about it yet by its users.


After all, there are no risk-free make-money websites on the internet.

Please leave a comment, we are open to all questions and viewpoints concerning Adstrend.xyz. Thanks for reading.

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