You are currently viewing 2022 Neweggspro Review(Is Neweggspro Scam or Legit? Get Real Answers Here)

2022 Neweggspro Review(Is Neweggspro Scam or Legit? Get Real Answers Here)

It is 2022 and if you are yet to start making money off the internet, then you probably never will(no hard feelings). Why not give a trial? You may probably earn a lot of money from this site.


I recently just discovered the money making site called Neweggspro, and since it was just launched recently, then there is a high chance that this site pays(no guarantees though). is a new site with many features that I find so mind-blowing, and there are chances you’ll see them as amazing too. For instance, this website gives to all new members a sign up bonus of five dollars. Hearing this, you would probably begin making assumptions that this is a site that requires a sign up fee. Absolutely not!

Neweggspro is a 100% free website! This is not an investment website. Not even a dime is needed to perform sign up process. Have that at the back of your mind!


Would you like to know more about this money making site? Well, I would love to indulge you more on every necessary information about how they work. All you need to do is pay your full attention to this review.


What is

Clearly, it is already obvious that Neweggspro is a money making site. But there is more that I should tell you. claims to be an e-commerce marketing website. However, rather that sell products, they give more exposure to products. Or in simpler words, they promote products(to members of the site).


This platform hosts people from different parts of the world. No matter where you are from, or what country you reside in, you will always be eligible to be a member.


Your earnings on your dashboard will be in u.s dollars, but payment can be made to your local bank account. Review

I would like to make this clear. I came up with this review, not because I am in any affiliation with the website owners. But rather, to enlighten and provide information to the general public.

This website(beta hustler) does not work with Neweggspro. This is simply an honest review of mine!


Some of the highlights of this article includes, How to withdraw money fron your Neweggspro dashboard, How to make money on Neweggspro, How to go about login process, e.t.c.


How does work / How to make money on Neweggspro

Have you already signed up on Neweggspro, but confused on how to begin making some cool dollars? I will help you with that.


But first, I should say this now. After my research on this site, I came to a conclusion that making a lot money on this site, is going to be based on your consistency and readiness to earn.

Though there are different ways to earn money on Neweggspro, you still need to be very consistent about it.

There are only two ways made possible to make money on Neweggspro, and they are; Daily Order Grabbing

Grabbing orders is the daily task given to every official member of!


It involves just tapping and clicking on your screen, but this simple thing can make you richer as each day goes by.

The purpose of this is to promote products.


Since there are different vip levels on, the amount that can be earned daily from grabbing orders can vary.

New members are on the free vip level, but to make more money then you will need to upgrade or pay for a higher vip level.

These is the list of all vip levels on Neweggspro;


































































































In a nutshell, the point is that when you are in a higher vip level, you earn more daily commissions.

But I must say this, I strongly advise against depositing money into the website. Just stick with your free vip level. Referral

I am sure you know what referral mean. If you don’t know, then kindly use a dictionary.


Neweggspro referral is the second way to make money, and it is even more amazing. It requires no upgrading of vip levels, and it has no limits.


You can get as many, even up to a thousand, referral as you wish in a day.

How to get Referral

Simply sharing your link is the only way to get referrals. Without the link, then it’s impossible to make money on How to get Neweggspro using this method.


To get your referral link, log into your dashboard, click on ‘Account,’ click on ‘Invitation,’ then copy and share your link.


How to withdraw on

All it takes is to provide your bank account details. It has to be a USDT account.


It seems the minimum withdrawal amount on is twenty dollars.

So, successfully carry out your login process, click on ‘withdrawal,’ provide your bank correct account details, then insert the amount you wish to withdraw(must be at least $20).

You can then place your withdrawal. Sign Up

For signing up, just go to the website homepage(, then provide whatever detail that is needed from you.

It takes about a minute to complete the whole process. Pretty quick, right? Login

Once you go to, the landing page is actually the login page.

Just provide your username and password to complete the login process.


Is Legit

Neweggspro is a new site, for now I am not too certain if is legit, but there just might be a chance that this site is not one of those scams.


I suggest we all wait and see how it turns out. Eventually, everyone will know if is legit or scam.

Only a matter of time.


Is Scam

For now, this site doesn’t look like a scam to me.

But there are no certainties yet. Word of advice to all readers is that, you all should not make any deposit into the site yet.

When it a clear to all that Neweggspro isn’t a scam, then you can upgrade to higher vip levels.


Thanks for reading this review to the end. Drop a comment if you have a question or opinion to make.

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