Tripihelp.Com Review Is Tripihelp.Com Legit or Scam? Find Out

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Making money on the net isn’t as hard as people think it is. Take for instance, Tripihelp, a site that gives members R5 for each referral gotten. Amazingly, there are actually different ways to make money Tripihelp.Com site.


Want to know more about tripihelp? Then you ought to read this tripihelp review to the end.


Did you know? In South Africa many achieved wealth by going on the internet and getting jobs on diff

different kinds and types of platform.

Yup. Not everyone became rich with their college degrees.

So in this tripihelp.Com review, we promises to provide you inquisitive readers, accurate and correct answers, to all the queries you may have been asking online. Or asking yourself.

Without further ado, this tripihelp review begins now!


TripiHelp.Com Review

Since tripihelp is a new money making platform, many people who only just heard of it have been asking different questions that would aid them in earning on the site.

And it is quite unfortunate that, on the tripihelp.Com website, there are no guidelines and detailed explanations on how things work.


For this reason, we guarantee you that this article you are currently reading, will totally be worth your time.


Many unanswered questions will be looked at in this review. Such as; How to perform tripihelp.Com referral? How to withdraw on ttipihelp? How to perform tripihelp.Com login process? And how to go about tripihelp.Com sign up process? e.t.c.

Also, there are those that can’t stop asking, Is tripihelp.Com legit or not?

That topic is also discussed in this article.




What is TripiHelp.Com

Tripihelp is a South African earning website. It is free to join, and it allows earnings to be made daily.

Tripihelp claims to share gifts amongst its members.


This website is very similar to Wow197.


So, here is how much members can make on – Referrals will earn you R10, also there is daily R5 for daily tasks.



How does TripiHelp.Com work / How to make money on TripiHelp

The best and most recommended way to make money on Tripihelp.Com, is by referrals.

All other means of earnings are complicated, and unsafe(such as recharging/depositing money into the site).


Tripihelp.Com Referral is safer and better, and costs you nothing.

You only got to share your referral link to friends, families, and people on the internet.


Then when these people register with your tripihelp referral link, you get more money!



How to refer or invite on TripiHelp.Com

Now, on the tripihelp dashboard, there is no such thing as a tab that says, ‘Referrals.’ So it can be quite confusing when you need to get your link.


Here are the steps to follow, if you want to refer someone on tripihelp;

1. Perform tripihelp.Com login process.

2. When you have logged in, click on create group and finish the creation of the group.

3. Next, you will see a tab that says, ‘Invite.’ Click on Invite and you will be shown your referral link.


You may then copy your tripihelp.Com referral link, and share with people.



When was TripiHelp.Com launched

As at 2021, no one talked about or even knew about Tripihelp. This made us come to conclusion that Tripihelp.Com was launched in 2022.

The money making site is pretty new to the net, and there are many people who are yet to even discover it.

Unfortunately, the exact date of launch is not known to the public. The owners of the site kept it a secret.



Who is the CEO / founder of TripiHelp.Com

For those who expected the founder or ceo of Tripihelp would actually reveal his/herself, you guys must be really really new to ponzi and pyramid schemes. LOL.


Money making sites like this one are very fond of hiding who their real owner is.

As expected, no one knows who the real owner / founder of tripihelp.Com is! But if we ever find out, y’all will be alerted.

Where you can find TripiHelp.Com

Just incase it hasn’t dawned you, let’s make this clear now.


Tripihelp is a platform that only exists on the internet. Their operations does not happen outside of the net.



TripiHelp.Com Sign Up

To begin tripihelp.Com sign up process, go to

Then click on Create Account. After that, provide your mobile number and password of your choice.



TripiHelp.Com Login

When it comes to tripihelp.Com login process, follow the same steps you did for the sign up process.


Provide your mobile number and password as well.

How to withdraw on TripiHelp.Com

Although, the owners of this platform made no speech concerning what the minimum withdrawal amount is, but many members came to the conclusion that Tripihelp.Com minimum withdrawal amount is R100.


So, if you wish to withdraw and you have at least R100 in your account dashboard, then follow the steps.

1. After you have performed tripihelp login process to access your dashboard, click on ‘Cash Out.’

2. Agree to their cash out rules, then provide your account details and the amount you wish to withdraw.

3. Click on Confirm to place your withdrawal.


Somethings you should know; You can only cash out from Monday’s to Friday’s. And this can only happen between 9am to 3:30pm.


Also, Tripihelp removes a 10% service fee.

Lastly, payment is supposed to arrive 48hours after you placed your tripihelp.Com withdrawal.

Is TripiHelp.Com Legit or Scam

There is a probability that tripihelp.Com isn’t legit. Because, their operations aren’t professional and how they make their money is remains unknown.



People have been asking, Is tripihelp.Com legit or scam? The answer we have is, do not trust this tripihelp platform.

As at now, we are still making more research on if tripihelp is legit or scam, and we promise to provide more info later on.


Thank you for reading this tripihelp.Com review to the end. If you have questions, drop it below.

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