You are currently viewing Payoutto Review: Is Payoutto.Com Legit or Scam? Get Answers Here

Payoutto Review: Is Payoutto.Com Legit or Scam? Get Answers Here

Is affiliate marketing too tough for you? Then perhaps you should give Payoutto a try!

This is because Payoutto.Com is write similar to affiliate marketing. And people get paid for getting referrals. However, what makes Payoutto easier than affiliate marketing is that in this site, your referrals do not need to buy any product before you earn money.


Pretty sure this is starting to sound interesting. That is, if this is your first time of hearing about payoutto.

So if you want to know more about making money on this platform, it would greatly benefit you if read this payoutto.Com review to the end.


Payoutto.Com Review

There is a handful of things to discuss about payoutto. Starting with ‘how to make money on payoutto.Com’


Also, people make queries such as; How to withdraw money on payoutto.Com, How to get payoutto referrals, how to perform payoutto.Com login / sign up process e.t.c.

Furthermore, there have been questions on whether payoutto is legit or not.

People usually put it this way, ‘Is Payoutto.Com legit or scam?’


This payoutto.Com review promises to reveal it all to you readers!

If you would just read to the end, that’s all it takes.



What is Payoutto.Com

Not everyone asks what payoutto is. Since they already know it is a money making site, they’d rather ask how making money works.


But for those who are still curious to get an explanation on what is payoutto.Com, then here is your answer; Payoutto is a website that gives people, from different part of the world, the opportunity to earn money online by getting referrals to sign up using their personal link.



How does Payoutto.Com work / How to make money on Payoutto

There is only one way to go about making money on payoutto.Com, and this is by getting referrals.

If you are already a professional affiliate marketer, then you should have no problem convincing people and giving them reasons to join Payoutto.


This might sound interesting to you, so read this part with attention.

The platform claims that every single payoutto.Com referral a member gets can earn him or her $5 to $10.


As you can see, earning a lot of money isn’t so hard. But only if you are great at getting referrals.



How to refer or invite on Payoutto.Com

To refer, do the following;

1. Carry out payoutto.Com login process.

2. Once logged in, the referral link can be seen waiting to be copied and shared.

3. Copy your payoutto.Com referral link, and begin sharing to different people to start earning quick money.


Bear in mind that your referral link will forever be available in your dashboard. So even if you loose it, you can always head back to your payoutto dashboard to copy it again!



When was Payoutto.Com launched

On the landing page of this website, it is said that Payoutto has been paying for two years now. That is quite funny because Payoutto.Com didn’t exist two years ago.

Payoutto.Com was launched few days before the end of 2021.

The platform is a recently launched one.


And the fact that this site is giving false info about their date of launch makes us wonder what other things they are being decietful about.



Who is the CEO / founder of Payoutto.Com

The owner, founder, or ceo of payoutto.Com is not known by any member at all.


For some reasons unknown to all, the founder of this site decided to shy aware from the public.

This makes payoutto.Com look like an un-serious and shady platform!



Where you can find Payoutto

The only place that Payoutto can be found, is by going on the internet and searching for them.

There is no physical location or office address for this company/platform.

Payoutto.Com Sign Up

Do you wish to perform the payoutto.Com sign up process? Then what are you waiting for?? Quickly, go directly to the homepage by clicking punching in in your pc or mobile phone.


Next, click on ‘Start Now.’

After that, the page you will be taken to will ask for your desired username, password, and email address.

Provide all, and click on ‘Register.’


That’s it! That is all it takes to perform payoutto.Com sign up process.



Payoutto.Com Login

To carry out payoutto.Com login process, kindly visit the website homepage, click on ‘Login Now,’ then provide your username and correct password.


Then finally, click on ‘Login’ again.

How to withdraw on Payoutto.Com

The minimum balance required for Payout on Payoutto is $300. And you can get paid through PayPal, Cheque, Western Union, Money Gram, bank transfer at end of every month.


Payment is issued every 30 days, if and only if you have reached the minimum withdrawal balance($300).



Is Payoutto.Com Legit or Scam

‘Is Payoutto.Com legit or scam??’ People can’t just seem to get tired of asking this question, over and over again.

The fear of being scammed is why the question is very common among members and aspiring members of payoutto.


Unfortunately, we believe that payoutto isn’t legit!

This platform pays very low amount per referral, and the minimum amount that can be withdrawn is too high. This is almost impossible to reach. *sigh*

But if you have proof that payoutto.Com is legit and not a scam, then you can drop your contributions in the comment section below.

Thank you so much for reading this payoutto review to the end. How beneficial was the article to you?

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  1. Stephen

    So even if you get the minimum profit of 300$….will it be paid instantly or monthly???

    Do u have any customer service number we can talk to someone


      I got more than$300 as a minimum balance required to be paid,and I need you to paying for.

    2. Major

      go to website i cann lookup

      1. Mbollah

        There is no payment at all

    1. Chakizz

      What we don’t understand is this 30days
      Are the counting the 30days the moment you register or the moment you reach ur minimum cash out

      1. Twizerimana Placide

        My name is Twizerimana Placide and I did my job but I can’t find a way to get paid

        1. Mubarak

          Same with

        2. Nehemiah Philip

          Can’t withdraw

      2. Ovie Anthony

        It is a scam . After reaching the mark they tell you 3 more referrals needed, and they keep you there.

    2. Michel

      Can,that question be answered by the owner of this website?

      1. Eric T. Langama

        A friend shared this link with me and i decided to try it. Went through all informations, registered and i started work. Now i have reached the minimum amount of 300 + 45. The withdrawer seems impossible because, they said there are no offers in my region now. When will that be? Okey i agreed that the 30 days have not finish but the offer is not in my region. How then will i get the money out?

  2. Benito

    Oh My God!

  3. Citon

    Let’s wait for the end of the month we see if they pay

    1. Leila

      they don’t pay i ‘ve counted now it’s been 37 days and i have $400

  4. davison

    Your comment here…did they pay you


    It’s not real because I have reached the minimum cashout of $300 but there’s no area that signfied the place to place wallet address
    I think is a scam site

    1. My name Is Rugamba Christopher yeah I feel like it’s not scam because I believe everything I pray so let me wait but you have to know I prayed this with my all energy so don’t make me cry please I need this cash ook thank you

  6. glen

    Waiting for the month to end

  7. Dell

    Let’s see if I can cash out this month of Feb. Got $600 if it’s legit or not

  8. Adams014

    It doesn’t even indicate the number of days remaining for the referral to get paid,

    i wonder how they can pay through cheque when they don’t have a physical office, this is a total joke…

    Thirdly, None has ever came out to prove whether been paid by this website

  9. Donna

    well it is past the end of the month and I have $950.00 in my account, with no word from them on how I am suppose to get paid, it says by check but they only have my email and there is not an option to choose pay pal as advertised on there sight. Also the support page is not there, you have to go to your email and send questions there and do not get answered. So I guess I have been scammed again, not only me but the thousands of these to other people and which I know and they have sent to out also,so
    thousands of people have been d=scammed also, does not look good on me.

  10. James

    How do I cash out please

    1. Huzaifa idris

      I have reached more than $300 in lessthan 5 days. So i’m waiting to the end of the month.

    2. Nalisa

      Its totally fake

  11. Ajayi Ronke precious

    I ave $1350 already am waiting till month end I pray dey pay
    Because of sharing the link all my 3 acct ave been locked

    1. Jenny

      May be it is scam,no way there is no support page ,

      1. Rabiu Abdulmalik

        I earned more than 2000$ this February but I didn’t get paid untill now , I am still performing my task.what is the problem.

        1. Zaki official

          I got more than $ 300 as a minimum balance required to be paid , and I need you to paying for

        2. usman d mainasara

          I don’t no what to say cause I been introduced this link to many people now most of them a asking me how the will get pay but I don’t have and anwser for them its look like I been scam

    2. Laila

      poor you they don’t pay let’s find a way to report this site .

  12. apple Ladrillo

    I already have 2050usd and im already past 1month i think its a scam

    1. How can I know that….I’m going to get paid…. when there is no…. counting of the days….. passing by. They don’t even have our telephone numbers. And now I’m having 800$..I’m waiting for the month to end.

      1. Mercyx

        It’s a scam and should be bounded

    1. Seth

      I have 1955$ but still indicate that I have 3 more referral link and it’s a month now. Payment mode is cheque, how can they pay by cheque when they don’t have physical office?

  13. They don’t even have our telephone numbers. And now I’m having 800$..I’m waiting for the month to end.

  14. Alex

    No one can judge such sites and let people take them money how it can be like that, the people loose them times for nothing?? Really its not nice at all

  15. Amilo Peter

    Is not a scam brothers and sisters the owner is my friend president of France he decided to help the poor wait for the month to finish

    1. Lynda

      So how will we receive the money if they don’t have even our numbers???i think this is a SCAAAMM..!

    2. Anthony Hamilton

      Are you sure of what you are saying?

      1. pana Williams

        I’m more concerned about the platform I’ve 800 plus still waiting for them to pay hopefully

    3. John Pam

      Hello Mr Amilo Peter, my name is John Pam, its been over a month now and I am yet to be paid on my payout app account. I have made over 1,200.00 dollars Please can you reach the CEO on my behalf. Best regards.

      1. Nweze Mary Chidiebere

        Let’s keep waiting and doing our task. I believe the CEO will pay us soon

    4. Vee

      My is more than 3months and I haven’t get paid and you are saying is not a scam

      1. Abumira

        Na wa ooh I got almost $700 usd nothing to show it keeps going on 3 more referrer

    5. Olatoye Miracle

      Please help us tell your friend to give us our money at the end of this month

    6. If it is not scam, how do I cash out the money I worked for?

      Let him know that people have worked for him and they need their salaries.

      Let him set out the payment form for us to apply.

    7. Ramesh

      You and your ceo all wanna mothers

    8. Emmanuelrich

      If this is not scam why is he paying us and why support page and customers care is not there? Also no provision or option for bank account details. Why?

    1. ISAAC

      Just few things are not clear
      ✅They pay at end of month but it ends nothing happens
      ✅There is no countdown to show days remaining foe pay out.
      ✅The support part isn’t active at all may be it isn’t in place
      ✅ payment type is cheque without a physical office,, so is it an e-cheque. More so they say you choose your payment method but i just see already cheque chosen.
      ✅If true, How do they count the 30days , from a day you reach $300 or just a month calculation.

      It hurts to take a lot of time moreover a full month and beyond convincing people to register and nothing comes out at the end,
      We hope they are not just collecting our emails for use may be for other purposes may be advertising or something else
      We need a word from the team.

    2. Alhassan Yunusa

      Am waiting end of the month

      1. Alex

        Please explain your self further
        Do you mean you have withdrawn

      2. Vee

        My is almost 3months now and I haven’t get paid , they are not real

  16. Marius


  17. Salami Asimiyu

    I’m just waiting for the end of the month

  18. Lyidia naluyi

    If you are sure. Let us wait

    1. Lebogang

      I have managed to do alot of referrals, i am not sitting on 750$ but nothing is happening. Guys this is a Scam.

  19. Salum

    I started posting referel link on 21 January up to now I got 335$ but guys I wonder, when I could be paid my money.This is really bad you wasted someone time for nothing,it’s ok let’s waiting for God judgement

  20. Aminu

    True it’s not real bcuz I have tried all what suppose to be done &not gotten way out … I don’t think it’s genuine

    1. Eddie Laku

      Sir I have exited $300 and still gaining day by day please kindly do my payout

  21. Amin

    True it’s not real bcuz I have tried all what suppose to be done &not gotten way out … I don’t think it’s genuine

  22. Lloyd

    I am sitting on $950 and I was over due from the 5th Feb, up till now nothing seem to look alright. I think it a scam

  23. Sabo

    The most annoying thing is that no admin is here to adress people. Let me quickly go back to my crypto currency and betting. That’s the only online business that pays.

  24. Akuma G Aku me a

    My problem is that I have reached up to $360 yet no sighn of withrawal . If any body have make withraw please explain how you did it.

    1. Nalisa

      This thing is fake

  25. Agboola Aminat

    It’s Scam.
    With so much effort put into it.

    1. Vincent

      It’s scam o

  26. Kasiita Allan

    It is a scam cos I waited for the end of the month and reached the minimum amount of money they wanted but there’s no place for withdrawal

  27. Ethel Biney

    I reached $300 in just two weeks and ive referred alot of people including my mates and they are convinced its scam but i know its real
    SO im just waiting for the 30days to be over before i withdraw or waiting for my payment request to be submitted before i withdraw

  28. Sampson

    admin where art thou?
    how years does it take unfilled request form to be submitted?
    data, time, battery, health, phone, inconvenience.
    shaaah oluwa is involve.

  29. Mubarak basiru hassan

    I reached the minimum amount, how do I get paid

  30. Martins kuzayet

    2month now have not get paid and I have almost $855 no place for withdrawals details

  31. David

    Finally guys chek your payoutto acount it has finaly paid me $1000 i was thinkin it was scam until after 6months i got paid

    1. Mark Bob

      Are you just making people happy or it is really

    2. Ovie

      The site wasn’t existing six months ago dude

  32. Umhaf

    Me too I have been reached my limit of weekly job but they don’t pay for me

  33. Umhaf

    They have paid you



    1. Sunny

      Please be patient, you will be paid. Thank you.

  35. Iliyasu aliyu

    I have payment 700

    1. Riaz

      Can my payment pllez help me

  36. Godspower

    I just got my payment thanks to payoutto

    1. Vigilance

      Tell us how

    2. Margaret

      Please tell me how you did it. What was the process.

    3. Major

      Tell us how

  37. Gbenga Folayemi

    No no no this is a big scam they are just using people to create their traffic and do not pay at the end.

  38. Mark Bob

    Some people flooling uz that they have been paid, come here and explain how yhe have paid you. Instead of f**ling people with false hopes.

  39. Jacob Daniel

    Please and please I have more than 1.740 dollar please help me withdraw it to my account thanks

  40. Jacob Daniel

    Please I have more than 1.740 dollar in my account help me withdraw it thanks

  41. Ahumibe Francis Nnamdi

    I know it’s real, but is going to take a little time

  42. Hycient

    Am so pissed after reading all the comments….so my efforts has gone to dust

  43. Hycient

    How do you know if they’re really

  44. Tiga

    hmm this is scam i have reached the limit 300$ but still showing me 3 more referral hmm i think they are just using our heads ooo

  45. Nura Mohammad Ahmad

    This is absolutely SCAM’s game by the, because i have reached the and passed the $300 minimum of withdrawal, and they placed me again for payment pending/need 3 more referrals, and which that i did for even more than the 3 more needed, but still no show!

  46. Nura Mohammad Ahmad

    It is totally Scam!

  47. Turyasingura andrew

    But can i withdraw my money through my mobile phone

  48. Turyasingura andrew


  49. Emmanuelrich

    I am 30days over due for payment, how do I get my payment?

  50. Emmy smart

    I think this a “SCAM” cos i have reach $1750 and they’re still telling me “u need 3more referral” up till now. They don’t want to pay me, they just made me waste all my time here.

  51. Elijah K Kolor

    I am Elijah K Kolor I have reached the said amount of 300 $ but I was ask to do a survey but the survey cannot even open, what is going on can this be work on please, I really need that money to proof that payoutto is perfect

  52. Sunday Godwin

    I have$870 and I was asked to do survey and the survey is not responding…. please I need help

  53. Eric T. Langama

    How can we be convince with those motivational words from you. How can we believe you my friend?

  54. Emmanuelrich

    If this is not scam why is he paying us and why support page and customers care is not there? Also no provision or option for bank account details. Why?

  55. young xven

    I have $1000 but still no show survey which i was asked to open cannot even open what am i going to do


    I think they are still developing the sites..we that joined since January has noticed some changes..i have over $1000
    God no go shame us

  57. Abdullahi alhaji abdullahi

    Congrats to my humble self payoutto
    Has approved me after completing survey
    I will get the pay.thank you

  58. Ahumibe Francis Nnamdi

    Still looking unto God and keep hoping that I day they will answer us

  59. Akpe Aondoawase

    Please am finding it difficult to complete my survey immediately am trying always rejecting.
    How can i complete my survey

  60. Alex Egwuatu

    Pls I was asked to do survey and the 4 survey links given is not showing the real survey when I click on them. Pls can those you have sucessfully done the survey enlighten us in how to go about it ols?

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