Is Or-Bitor Legit Or Scam? A Honest Or-Bitor.Com Review

Investment is considered one of the smartest ways to make money. And this alone, justifies the reason why most people are thinking of giving Or-bitor.Com a try.

Or-bitor, also called o-b projects, is an investment website that began operations just a few days ago. Ever since its launch, news of the or-bitor has been spreading like wildfire. And surprisingly, people are interested in it. Even though making money on an o-b project is not free.

This is strange and unusual. But then, this is a new year and a lot of people are probably so desperate to earn a lot. And this may explain why they are putting their fate in Or-bitor.Com!

It is not so bad though. Lots of individuals have been able to become millionaires(and even billionaires) by investing online. And with the mouth-watering offers that are on or-bitor.Com, anyone can be tempted to give it a try!


Or-Bitor.Com Review

There is more to or-bitor than just investments. Besides, you also need to know how their investment works, and the returns you can get from investing with them. This is why this Or-Bitor review should be read to the very last line.

Surely, there are one or two things in this or-bitor.Com review that you are not aware of.

For information and enlightenment purposes, this review will contain answers to many queries about the o-b project.


How to withdraw money on or-bitor? Who is the founder of or-bitor? Is or-bitor.Com legit or a scam? How to perform the or-bitor.Com login process? And, how to perform the or-bitor.Com sign-up process?

These are questions that people have been asking. And the answers are right here, in this article.



What is Or-Bitor.Com

Or-Bitor a.k.a o-b project is a website for making money by investing your money, then waiting for some days to get back a return on investments(ROI).

According to what is written on the website’s landing page, here is a reason why they(or-bitor) do what they do: “We are a project funding platform that aims at bridging the income gap for those who wish to substitute an income and also those who want to create an additional stream of income.”

Sounds like a great plan and idea. But there’s more! Keep reading.

How does Or-Bitor.Com work / How to make money on Or-Bitor.Com

Some people even think investing in or-bitor is the only way to earn. But it is not. There are actually two ways to make money on this website.

The first way, Investment, has already been talked about.

Before going into the second method of earning, check out the investment packages on these sites, and the returns that can be gotten.

  • R100 gets you R30 everyday. A total of R300 after ten days.


  • R200 gets you R60 everyday. A total of R600 after ten days.


  • R300 gets you R90 everyday. A total of R900 after ten days.


  • R400 gets you R120 everyday. A total of R1200 after ten days.


  • R500 gets you R150 everyday. A total of R1500 after ten days.


  • R1000 gets you R300 everyday. A total of R3000 after ten days.


  • R3000 gets you R900 everyday. A total of R9000 after ten days.

Or-Bitor Referrals

Referrals are the only other way to make money on this website.

To earn, you will need to invite people to join the site. Then they must invest their money. Only then will you get Or-bitor.Com referral rewards?


How to refer or invite on Or-Bitor.Com

Follow the simple steps to get or-bitor referrals:

1. Perform the Or-bitor.Com login process.

2. Next, find and click on the Refer or Referral tab. Doing this will show your link.

3. The link is meant to be copied and shared.

But don’t just go about sharing the or-bitor.Com referral link. While you share, do some convincing as well.

When was Or-Bitor.Com launched?

Or-Bitor is an investment website that was launched a few days ago. The platform began operations on the fourth(4th) day of January 2021.

As at the time this or-bitor.Com review was written, the website was not even up to a month old.

But despite being new, people seem to be giving this site a high level of trust(No idea why!).

Who is the CEO / founder of Or-Bitor.Com

A legit investment website will always reveal who the founder or owner is. But surprisingly, the CEO/owner of the or-bitor is not known.

Does this mean Or-bitor isn’t legit???

Where you can find Or-Bitor.Com

The internet is the only place to find this company/business.

You can reach them by heading straight to their website.

Or-Bitor.Com Sign up

To sign up on or-bitor, a.k.a o-b projects, kindly go to their website’s homepage –

Then click on Register to begin the or-bitor sign-up process.

Or-Bitor.Com Login

The same thing should be done if you wish to log into your account. The first step is to head to the homepage. Then click ‘Login.’

How to withdraw on Or-Bitor.Com

Not sure about this, but it seems withdrawal on or-bitor can only be possible after waiting ten days after you invested.

By ten days, you would have accumulated about 300% of the money you invested.

Sound cool, doesn’t it??

Or-Bitor.Com withdrawal can be done by login into your account dashboard, providing your account details, then requesting payment instantly.

Hope for the best, because nothing is assured. However, if you do not receive your payment after twenty-four hours of waiting, kindly contact or-bitor customer care.

Is Or-Bitor.Com Legit or Scam

There are just too many signs to prove that or-bitor.Com is a scam!

No legit site gives a such huge return on investment in just a few days. Also, legit investment sites do not hide who their owner or CEO is. Or-bitor isn’t legit be warned and be cautious.

If you have friends that want to give this site a try, or you know someone that has been asking the question, Is Or-bitor.Com legit or a scam, do well to tell them it is a huge scam!

Readers, please refrain from depositing into the site. It is risky!!!

Thank you for reading.

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