Native.Io Review | Is Native.Io Scam or Legit? Get Your Answers

Why are you sitting idle at home, doing nothing when are lots of amazing ways to earn money from the net without spending a dime?! For instance, Native.Io platform is making people rich as the day goes by, and it’s not as if making money from Native app is something hard.


Earning money on Native.Io is as easy as taking a candy from a baby. It is extremely easy, stress free, and cost free!

Would you like to know how it works? Then you should read this Native.Io review to the end!


If you have been looking for a platform that will earn you real money, then it would seem you have finally found it.

The fact that you have read this native.Io review to this part means yoy are ready to earn on the internet.

Good for you.

Without further ado, this review begins now!


Native.Io Review

Yes, you already know that Native.Io is platform that you can earn cash from, online. But put this at the back of your mind, there is more to know about this platform. Hence, the reason why it is essential you read this native review to the end.

Do you know how to withdraw money on Native.Io? Or how to perform Native.Io referral? Or how Native.Io login process works??

Surely, you cannot know it all.


This review will be providing all the information, and more, for you to know everything about this earning site/app.


Then, this native.Io review will also help in providing answer to same frequently asked queries. For example, people keep asking, ‘Is native.Io legit or scam?’

Well, prepare to get your answer in this article.



What is Native.Io

Native.Io, also known as Native, is simply a Data Collecting app/website. By data collection, we mean a site that collects informations from people. And amazingly, they pay for every bit of data(information) that they get from their members.


Native.Io is a free website. There are no investments needed. So if you don’t have capital, you are still eligible to earn huge on Native!

According to the site, “they gather local data via our collector network located in different cities and deliver this information back to our clients.”

How does Native.Io work / How to make money on Native.Io

There are two ways to make money on Native.Io! Both ways are easy and stress free. Check them out below;


Native Surveys / Tasks

To earn by native.Io tasks means you are ready to answer survey and provide different sorts of information to this platform.


“Some tasks may require interviewing people in your city. Other tasks will have you checking prices in a supermarket. All data submitted swiftly and error-free can lead to earnings all around the world.”

There are all easy though. And even better, the tasks are all rewarding!

Native.Io Referrals

Although the ‘tasks method’ isn’t so hard, making money via native.Io referrals is actually easier.


You get $10 for every person that you successfully refer.

That means if you can refer ten people in a day, then you’ve easily made $100!


Could this even get any better?!



How to refer or invite on Native.Io

Getting native.Io referrals is as easy as just heading to your account dashboard, you may need to carry out native.Io referral process, then finding the tab that says ‘Referrals.’


Click on ‘Referrals,’ copy your native.Io referral link, share with people on the net, and place your daily withdrawals!

So easy!!



When was Native.Io launched

Even though there is an ‘about us’ section in the Native.Io website, there isn’t much information provided by the platform owners.

Unfortunately, native failed to provide info regarding when Native.Io was launched.


You may be tempted to ask us why, but no one knows why.

What we do know, is that Native.Io was launched in the year 2021. Exact date remains unknown.



Who is the CEO / founder of Native.Io

In the ‘about us’ section of Native.Io, the board of directors were named, and pictures of them were shown. Feel free to check it out yourself.


According the website, the co-founder and ceo of Native.Io is one ‘Matt McNabb.’


We do not know if this is true. But research is still being done.



Where you can find Native.Io

You can either download native.Io app online, or head to their website. But if you have plans of visiting any of their offices, that will not be possible. Because Native has no Visitable location, for now.


Native.Io Sign Up

To easy method to begin native.Io sign up process is by clicking on a referral link which will take you directly to the native.Io sign up page.


But if you do not have a referral link, you can simply go to the website homepage, which is


Then tap on ‘register.’

Native.Io Login

To access your native account dashboard, the steps you would need to take are simple.


Just head to the website homepage, find and click on ‘sign in’

Next, provide your password and email to finish up the process.



How to withdraw on Native.Io

Placing withdrawal on native is simple, but you must have an active paypal account. Create one now if you haven’t done that already.


Thankfully, the minimum amount that can be withdrawn from a Native.Io account is $20. That is so easy to reach(just two referrals gets you that).


Once you have reached native.Io withdrawal threshold of $20, feel free to head to the ‘Withdrawal’ tab, provide your paypal gmail, and request for payment.

And if Paypal is not allowed in your country(e.g Nigeria), then you can get your payment via BitCoin.

Native.Io has made it so easy for everybody!



Is Native.Io Legit or Scam

Be rest assured, for now Native.Io is legit. The site pays, and some members online have been proudly flaunting their payment proofs.

If you know people that have been asking, is native.Io legit or scam? Then tell those people that there is nothing to worry about.

Besides, this platform doesn’t even ask members to pay any fee, do they?


Did you enjoy this Native.Io review? Drop your comment below.

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