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Tr-Quiz Review | Make $10 Per Quiz

Are you a genius in quiz questions? Are you interested in making money online? If your answer is yes to both questions, why haven’t you started making money on tr-quiz.Xyz? Or haven’t you heard about tr-quiz?!


Somehow, it seems like a way to appreciate those with high intellect(not so sure), but this platform called Tr-quiz claims to be rewarding all who can answer quiz questions correctly on their website.


Here’s the good part! The quizzes on the website is so easy that even young adolescents can figure it out!


In this tr-quiz.Xyz review, this platform will be deeply looked into, and important discussions(and explanations) would be made. Please be informed that this review might be a quite lengthy. But it is information packed, and filled with educative lines.

Want to know if it is possible to make money on tr-quiz? Then read this review to the very end!


Tr-Quiz.Xyz Review

Drafting this tr-quiz review, the main purpose was to answer those question that members and aspiring members have been asking.

People wish to know if Tr-quiz is legit, which is why you may have come across the question, ‘Is Tr-quiz.Xyz legit or scam, many times.

To all those making the queries about it being scam or legit, smart answers will be in this article.


Also, queries like – How to make money on tr-quiz? Who is the owner of tr-quiz? How to perform tr-quiz.Xyz login process? How to withdraw on tr-quiz?, will be answered in this review.



What is Tr-Quiz.Xyz

Tr-Quiz is a website that claims to pay up to $300 monthly income on members who perform quizzes. This is a site that ‘tests the knowledge’ of its members, and then reward them for being intelligent.


The good thing is, the quizzes on Tr-quiz vary in categories. You can choose to answer either, sport quiz, or business quiz, or even science quiz.

Are you worrying about failing a quiz? The amusing part is, even when you fail, there is still a reward for you. Sounds too good to be true. LOL.



How does Tr-Quiz.Xyz work / How to make money on Tr-Quiz

It is so simple to make money on Tr-quiz. But first, you will need to perform tr-quiz sign up process. When that is done, the next step would be, answer quizzes or get referrals.



Answering questions correctly(or incorrectly) would earn you cash on this website. It is possible to earn about $10 from every completed quiz.

Remember, it is so easy!

Tr-Quiz Referrals

This has nothing to do with one’s intellectual property. In fact, this involves being social with others.


Tr-quiz.Xyz referral involves sharing of your link to non-members of this site. So that when the register, you get rewarded for it!



When sharing tr-quiz referral links, always do so responsibly. Do not spam others. Because this can make people uninterested.

Is Tr-Quiz.Xyz Legit or Scam

To be sincere, tr-quiz.Xyz isn’t legit! This site is a copy of OoQuiz(which is also a scam).


Anyone telling you Tr-quiz is legit is only being deceitful to you. And if you have friends that have been asking, ‘is tr-quiz.Xyz legit or scam,’ then kindly share this review to them.

Thank you for reading to the end. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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  1. Upendo jacob

    Hey I have been answering the questions but I don’t have enough referrals so I wanted to buy by pay a code but I don’t know how to do that plz help

  2. Upendo jacob

    Oky so I’m gonna buy referrals by pay a code

  3. Favour meriscars kimani


  4. Lekan

    I think this app is scam

  5. Jeff peter

    I’ve reached $450 with 10 referrals but I’m not sure if I’m going to waste my time again finding the rest referrals to withdraw the amount… I’m no even sure if it’s real of fake

  6. mody dev

    it is scam

    1. Uknown

      Have u reached the requirements and it didn’t work out?

  7. Okunola abiodun

    How did you know it’s scam?

  8. Jacob

    my referrals is 31 and I have about $16000.00 but they said my account is not approved and the approval is between 30 to 60 days so I am waiting to see whether it is legit or scam

  9. John Easy

    Please anyhow it is lemme try ma best dnt discourage me with dis article.

  10. Muhammad Babar

    Totally fake ..

  11. Muhammad Babar

    Don’t waste time? Totally fake app .the and page is not working. Don’t waste your time

  12. Alexander

    I made up to 30 referral which is required the don’t still pay it a scam platform that steals people card details if you use the card method it not safe

  13. Abubakar

    Half is for referral link

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