Is BlueWallet Scam or Legit? 2022 BlueWallet.Club Review

A new way to make money online, in South Africa, is by becoming a member of the newly launched site called Bluewallet.Club!


In this bluewallet.Club review, be guaranteed that clear explanations would be provided on how this site works and how members can make money from it.

Since earning is simple, many of you would have no problem giving bluewallet a try.


In the year 2021, many platforms were discovered. Unfortunately most of them turned out to be scams. But the amazing thing about this new website launched in 2022(Bluewallet) is that its quite unique and different from others.


Bluewallet.Club is worth giving a shot. Which is why this bluewallet.Club review you are reading now will give you all necessary explanations.

Here is something to cheer you up. BlueWallet gives a bonus of 800rands to all new members.

This bluewallet.Club sign up bonus is just for welcoming members and its free. That must have caught your attention, right?

Now, let’s get started!


BlueWallet.Club Review

Incase you don’t know what this bluewallet.Club review is going to be about, here is a short explanation.


In this article, there would be a break-down of how this site works, and it would be done in the easiest way to understand. Also, for most of the questions that people have about bluewallet, the best answer would be provided.


Here is a summary of some sub-headings in this review; How to perform bluewallet.Club login process, How bluewallet works, How to withdraw on bluewallet, Is Bluewallet.Club scam or legit.


It is necessary to read to the very end, because only then will you get to know if Bluewallet is legit or not.

It would be worth your time.



What is BlueWallet.Club

Basically, bluewallet or bluewallet.Club is a platform that converts Data into withdrawable cash. It is simple and easy.


The best part is, Data can be earned on the bluewallet.Club website, easily. It can then be withdrawn as cash.


Don’t go just yet. That’s not all that there is to know about making money on this platform. Don’t just zoom off.

There are different ways to earn data(and cash), and they will be talked about below.



How does BlueWallet.Club work / How to make money on BlueWallet.Club

There are specific actions to carry out before money can be made on your bluewallet account. Luckily, there are different options/methods. Just choose the one that is easier to perform.

Listed below, are the different ways to make money on bluewallet.Club –


Clicking on the ‘Sell Data’ Option

Selling data on bluewallet can be free, and you can also decide to deposit in your money to earn more too. But please, refrain from depositing a dime into the platform. It is risky!

To earn via this method, all that is needed of you is to log into your bluewallet.Club account, find and click on the ‘Sell Data’ tab, then keep clicking on ‘Sell’ till your daily limit turns to zero.

Continue this act the next day to accumulate more earnings!

Bluewallet.Club Referrals

Earning with bluewallet referrals involves sharing of a referral link. It is only possible to make money when people click and register using your link.

How to refer or invite on BlueWallet.Club

This is pretty simple ans straight forward. First, you would need to log into your account, find and copy your bluewallet.Club referral link.


Next, copy the link, give it to friends, and give them reasons to become members of bluewallet.

Do not forget to mention that there is a R800 bluewallet sign up bonus for new members! That would be hard to resist.

When was BlueWallet.Club launched

It is hard to tell the actual date that bluewallet was launched. Why? Because the owners of the platform have kept quiet about that piece of information.

If you were to go through the bluewallet.Club website trying to find if there is any mention about when they launched, you definitely will end up being disappointment.

Doesn’t this show a sign of lack of transparency? Shouldn’t all professional websites be transparent?

What’s your take on this?

Who is the CEO / founder of BlueWallet.Club

Earlier, there were talks of bluewallet.Club lacking transparency. It is amusing that the owner of the website is also kept a secret.


This doesn’t just show lack of transparency, but also lack of professionalism too.

On bluewallet.Club, members are urged to make deposits into the site. The owners expect trust from members. Funny enough, these same founders/owners hide behind computers.


In the future, the ceo or owner of Bluewallet.Club ‘may’ eventually reveal himself/herself to the general public. But for now, the owner isn’t known!

Where you can find BlueWallet.Club

This company or brand can be found by heading to their website –

BlueWallet.Club Sign Up

If you want to sign on bluewallet, kindly click on this LINK.

Then provide your accurate personal details and a password that can be easily remembered by only you.

Be rest assured that bluewallet.Club sign up process is easy to complete.

BlueWallet.Club Login

To carry out bluewallet.Club login process, do well to click on this LINK.

How to withdraw on BlueWallet.Club

Placing withdrawal is easy on the bluewallet.Club website. Once you log into your account, click on the icon at the top right corner.

Find and click on ‘Withdraw funds.’

You will then need to provide your bank account details – E.g Bank account number, Bank name, beneficiary name, and so on.


Ensure that the withdrawal details provided is correct, then place your withdrawal.

According to bluewallet site, the withdrawal ‘may’ take three to four days, ‘for security reasons.’


Is BlueWallet.Club Legit or Scam

So far so good, Bluewallet has been paying members, so it is safe to assume that Bluewallet.Club is legit(for now).


However, the fact that bluewallet.Club is legit now doesn’t mean we are urging anyone to deposit or pay any amount into the website. That is a risky move! Avoid it!

Bluewallet.Club is legit, but not a 100% trusted. Kindly take precautions in all your actions.

If you liked this bluewallet.Club review, please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading to the end. Have a lovely day!

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