BidorBuy1.Com Review(Is Bidorbuy1.Com Scam or Legit? Get Honest Answer)

Do you like the idea of earning nothing less than R18 daily? Would you be more interested if earning this amount was to be online, and without any investment?

Well, this is actually very easy and possible on the bidorbuy1.Com platform. And this article will be talking about everything you readers need to know.


Before we go on, here is something that needs to be clear to all. Some people often mistake Bidorbuy1.Com as Amazon.

This is because the site itself refers itself as Amazon.



Amazon is an international platform that sells products, and not a South African ponzi website.

Do not mistake Bidorbuy1.Com for Amazon.

Now that we are clear on that, let’s now discuss what Bidorbuy1 is, and how possible it is to make money on this website.

Ensure you read to the end of this bidorbuy1.Com review, if you truly have plans of being consistent with this platform.


Bidorbuy1.Com Review

In this bidorbuy1.Com review, the idea is to enlighten all you readers. As well as to answer your numerous queries about the website.

Basically, this review will be all about providing answers. Answers to frequently asked questions will be provided.


Some of the questions include, How to withdraw on bidorbuy1.Com? How to perform Bidorbuy1.Com referral? How to perform bidorbuy1.Com login process? How to make money on Bidorbuy1? And so forth…


That’s just a highlight of what will be discussed in this bidorbuy1.Com review. There will be more *wink*


And for those that will read to the end, just before this review is wrapped up, it will be made known if this site is legit or scam.

We realized that people have been asking this question very frequently, Is Bidorbuy1.Com legit or scam? Well, expect to get your answer in this article.



What is Bidorbuy1.Com

Bidorbuy1 is an earning site for South Africans. This site, which claims to be “Amazon,” is a ponzi scheme. And they promise small amounts of cash to members that can perform tasks on a daily basis.


There also seem to be a welcome bonus for all new members that perform the sign up process successfully!


How does Bidorbuy1.Com work / How to make money on Bidorbuy1.Com

Accumulating cash, or making money, on your bidorbuy1.Com dashboard is pretty simple!

There are two different actions that can earn you money, and they are listed below.

Bidorbuy1.Com Daily Tasks

Performing bidorbuy1 tasks means you will have to be placing orders on virtual products daily.

You can actually do this for free, but it won’t earn you much. Just a couple of Rands.


To earn more money doing bidorbuy.Com orders, you will need to recharge to boost your daily commissions. But this is not something that we advise you readers!

Recharging on Bidorbuy1.Com is huge risk, and you may later regret it!!


Bidorbuy1.Com referral

The option of making money via bidorbuy1.Com referral is a better and safer option. It is absolutely free and easy.


The only tough part is finding people who will be interested. But if you already know people who would like to earn money on the internet, then you are surely going to get referrals.

How to refer or invite on Bidorbuy1.Com

If you are confused on how to get your referral link, or what steps to take to refer, then checkout the steps below.

1. Carry out bidorbuy1.Com login process

2. Click on ‘Invite Friends.’

3. You would then see a tab that says, ‘Invitation Link: Click to Copy.’ You need to tap on it to get your personal bidorbuy1.Com referral link.

4. After you have gotten your link, share it with people that you know.



When was Bidorbuy1.Com launched

On the bidorbuy1 website, there is no talk or discussion about when bidorbuy1.Com was launched.

All they kept doing, was referring themselves as Amazon. Which they are not!

It is unfortunate that no one is really certain of the date bidorbuy1 was launched. But it is quite obvious that they launched this platform in January 2022, because the site was not even in existence as at 2021.



Who is the CEO / founder of Bidorbuy1.Com

Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprising, the owner or founder of bidorbuy1.Com has never been revealed to the public.

Despite seeming like a transparent platform, it appears bidorbuy1.Com is quite secretive about a thing or two concerning their operations.

Let’s keep our eyes(and ears) peeled out to see if the ceo or founder of bidorbuy1 will be revealed anytime soon.



Where you can find Bidorbuy1.Com

The only place that this platform can be found on the internet.

They do not operate offline. Keep that at the back of your mind.



Bidorbuy1.Com Sign Up

To perform bidorbuy1.Com sign up process, the first step would be going to their homepage. Which is,


Next, you will need to click on ‘Sign Up Now.’

Then, provide your mobile number and any secure password of your choice.


Finish the process by clicking on ‘Register.’ That’s all it takes to carry out bidorbuy1 sign up process!



Bidorbuy1.Com Login

The same steps are to be followed when carrying out bidorbuy1.Com Login process.

However, instead of going to the ‘Sign up’ part, head over to ‘Login.’


It’s simple!



How to withdraw on Bidorbuy1.Com

To place withdrawal on this website, first log into your dashboard.

Then, click on ‘Mine’ tab. Next, click on ‘Withdraw.’

If you haven’t already done it before, you will be asked to provide your card and bank account details. Do so to place withdrawal.

Also provide the amount you wish to withdraw from your bidorbuy1.Com account dashboard.



Is Bidorbuy1.Com Legit or Scam

Honestly, bidorbuy1.Com isn’t legit. So the best advise we can give readers is that y’all shouldn’t deposit into this website.

If you want, you can give it a try, but bidorbuy1.Com isn’t legit at all.


Tell your friends that have been asking, is bidorbuy1.Com legit or scam? Tell them not to trust this website. Do not deposit or you may eventually regret it.


If you have any questions related to this bidorbuy1.Com review, then ask in the comment section. Thank you for reading this.

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