Honest 2021 Woowee Funds Review | Is Wooweex.Club Scam or Legit?

A couple of months ago, a platform called Woowee funds was able to put smiles on the faces of online hustlers. However, it didn’t last. It crashed.

Fast forward to this month, December 2021, Woowee Funds is back! Some also call it wooweeX.Club.

Now that Woowee funds is back, a lot of people are still interested in making money from the platform. But a few things have changed. Wooweex.Club, as it is also called, now has some new rules and regulations. And in this Woowee funds review, we will be talking about them.

For a while now, people have been making money off sites like Wooweex.Club, and there’s still a lot(of money) to be made.

It would interest you to know that those who were able to earn from sites like these one(woowee), were smart people. And these guys had to read(study) to become smart.

Read this Woweex.Club review to gain more knowledge about the platform! This would help you with making the right moves.

Wooweex.Club Review

In this review for wooweex.Club, we will be providing a through explanation on how the site works. And also, we will be providing answers to questions that you all have been asking yourselves.

Most importantly, we will discuss if Woweex.Club is legit or scam.

A lot of people seem to can’t stop asking the above questions.

Some topics that will be discussed in this woowee funds review are: How to make money on woowee funds, how to withdraw on wooweex.Club, who is the founder of the platform, and How to perform woweex.Club login / sign up process.

What is Wooweex.Club

Here is the most befitting definition to the question, ‘what is wooweex.Club’ – Wooweex.Club is a South African website(not only South Africans can make money from this site) that creates tasks and activities for its members. Then they reward members for completing all of their tasks.

Here is the definition according to the platform itself – “Woowee Funds is a platform that connects members with each other to participate in daily tasks and earn points which they can later exchange to real money and withdraw to XRP Luno or Local Bank account in their country.”

How does Wooweex.Club work / How to make money on WooWee Funds

Woowee funds pays users(or members) points. They say these points can be converted to real money. Now the main question is, “How do you earn woowee points?”

woowee funds

The answer is, Members can earn points by doing the provided tasks. Checkout the tasks done on Woowee funds;

Daily Tasks

Wooweex.Club daily tasks can get you about 50 points everyday. And there are about ten daily tasks for all members.

To be honest, the key to earning a lot of cash on Woowee funds is by being consistent.

Woowee Funds Referrals

This is a very common method of making money online. Many similar sites like Wooweex.Club are fond of adding ‘this’ to their website.

Incase you don’t know, Getting Referrals means inviting people to join a particular platform.

So one way you can make money on woowee funds is by inviting your friends to carry out Wooweex.Club sign up process. When they join using your link, you get rewarded 50 points!

You can easily earn a lot of money from this site if you have friends who would also like to earn money online. Just refer them, tell them how easy it would be to earn, and that’s it!

How to refer or invite on Wooweex.Club

Firstly, carry out the wooweex.Club login process. When you are in your account dashboard, click on the sidebar at the top left of the screen, then click on ‘My Referrals.’

You will be shown your link immediately.

Copy the link, share it friends, convince your friends to click on the link and register(because that’s the only way it counts).

Repeat this process to get more referral bonus on Woowee funds.

When was Wooweex.Club launched

Woowee funds or Wooweex.Club was launched many months ago. In the month of May(2021), they were quite popular. But all of a sudden, they stopped paying members and they crashed.

Surprisingly, they came back in the month of December(still 2021), and it seems they have been paying members.

Now that woowee funds is back again, how long will it stay before the website crashes(or vanishes) again?

Only time will tell.

Who is the CEO / founder of Wooweex.Club

Even though it is an old website, no one was ever able to tell who the founder of Woowee funds was.

Now that the website just recently began its operations again, no one still knows who the ceo or founder is.

Whether it is a new owner or the same owner, no single person has a hint!

Wooweex.Club Sign Up

If you are yet to become a member of woowee funds, then you can sign up by clicking on this LINK.


Wooweex.Club Login

Want to gain access to your account dashboard, then kindly go through the woowee funds login process by clicking on this LINK.

How to withdraw on Wooweex.Club

Some say the minimum amount that can be withdrawn on Wooweex.Club is R50. Others say it is R100.

Whatever the actual minimum withdrawal amount is, you should know that you must reach it before you can place withdrawal on woowee funds.

To place withdrawal, hop on to your dashboard, then find and click on the ‘Withdraw Funds’ tab. Then provide your correct bank details to receive payment.

Online, some people claimed to receive their wooweex.Club payment after about twenty four hours. So you might want to grow a little bit of patience while waiting for your payment. And if its taking too long, then try to contact the website customer care.

Is Wooweex.Club Legit or Scam

There is no way of knowing if Wooweex.Club is legit or scam. They just might pull the card they did a few months ago. That is, stop paying members all of a sudden.

For those that can’t stop asking the question, Is Woowee funds legit or scam? Our honest answer is that, ‘No one Knows.’ And our advise to you all is to not make the mistake of recharging or depositing your money into Wooweex.Club! Never do that!

As at now, no one is certain if woowee funds is legit or scam. So be careful and cautious.

If you have questions, you can comment below.

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