MarketDraft Reviews Is MarketDraft.Com Scam or Legit? Get Answers

Hi there! If you are a professional at forex and stock trading, then a new opportunity is here for you!! A recently launched platform called MarketDraft is giving internet users the privilege to earn a few bucks online by creating a simulated stock market.

It’s not complicated. If you are yet to understand how Marketdraft.Com works, there is nothing to worry about. This MarketDraft review will be easy to understand. We urge you readers to stick around to the end. This is going to be worth your time!

You probably know how Forex trading requires a lot of capital. Well, the Market Draft platform is something like it, but capital isn’t always needed. The platform gives you ‘fake’ cash. *wink*

Before we begin this Marketdraft review, it would be nice to make this known now. MarketDraft seems like a platform for highly intellectual stock traders. LOL. Not true.

This isn’t rocket science. Anyone can understand how MarketDraft works if they’ll just pay attention.

Now, let’s begin…

MarketDraft.Com Review

In truth, MarketDraft.Com is a very cool way to make money online. And that’s the reason why we are doing this review. We have to be certain that this is a legit site. And if it is indeed legit, what are the different ways to make some cash?

Some sub-headings we will discuss, are: How to make money on Market draft, How to withdraw on MarketDraft, Is MarketDraft.Com Legit or scam, Who is the owner/founder of MarketDraft, How to perform Marketdraft.Com login process, and so on.

What is MarketDraft.Com

Market Draft is an online stock market. A simulated one at that(meaning it’s not a real stock market).

Consider MarketDraft as a ‘game.’

Earning from the market is not the only way to make money on Market Draft, but it is lucrative. And there is a lot of cash to be made from this act alone.

“Contests are designed to promote competition and encourage users to utilize accumulated research, experience, and strategy in building their portfolios. In each contest, users have a fake money budget to spend on building their portfolios. At the end of the designated trading day, the users with the most gained or remaining fake cash balance win the contest.” The platform says.

How does MarketDraft.Com work / How to make money on MarketDraft

Firstly, all new members of Market Draft are given a $5 bonus. This bonus arrives immediately after the MarketDraft.Com sign-up bonus is completed. Everyone gets it!

Now, to begin making more money on the site, you would need to either, enter the Market or Refer!

If you want to earn from the market, there are three types of contests from which members can choose. They are Free, sponsored, or simulation fee-based contests.

The free is what you should settle for if you do not want to make any deposits.

We do not advise anyone to go for the Simulation fee-based contest. You may lose your money forever! MarketDraft will not refund you back your lost money.

For MarketDraft.Com referrals, members earn $5 per referral. Meaning if you can get five people to join the platform using your referral link, you’ll get a reward of $50.

Bear in mind, MarketDraft referrals have no limits. You can refer to as many people as you like.

How to refer or invite on MarketDraft.Com

Marketdraft referrals can be done by sharing links. Your referral link can also be found in your account dashboard. So to get your link, you may have to carry out the Marketdraft.Com login process.

When was MarketDraft.Com launched?

By the looks of things, Marketdraft was launched recently. If we had to guess, we will say their operations began in December 2021.

Unfortunately, the exact date the market draft was launched is not confirmed. This is a result of the silence from the owners of the platform.

Who is the CEO / founder of MarketDraft.Com

It would be nice to know who the real owner/founder of marketdraft is, but we don’t know who he/she is. No one does!

In the future, if there ever is any information about the owner of the Market draft, we promise to update you, readers.

Where you can find MarketDraft

Marketdraft has a website and a mobile application. They exist only on the net.

Outside of the internet, there is no such thing as Marketdraft. *sigh*

MarketDraft.Com Sign Up

If you want to be among those who make money on market draft, you first need to be a member. This can be done by carrying out the Marketdraft sign-up process.

To do so, CLICK HERE.

A few pieces of personal pieces of information will be required from you, so ensure that you provide accurate information during the process of completing the Marketdraft.Com sign-up.

MarketDraft.Com Login

To access your dashboard, you first have to carry out the marketdraft login process. You can start by clicking HERE.

Only your password and email will be needed from you. The Marketdraft.Com login process doesn’t take more than a minute. It’s easy!

How to withdraw on MarketDraft.Com

The minimum withdrawal amount on MarketDraft is just $25. This can then be withdrawn at any time of your choosing.

Marketdraft.Com allows withdrawals using any of the following methods; Zelle, Paypal, Venmo, or Check.

You will have to provide your bank payment details before placing withdrawals(e.g Paypal address). If you face problems during payments, such as late payments, then contact market draft customer care.

Is MarketDraft.Com Legit or Scam

There have been no public comments about Marketdraft being a scam. We don’t know for sure, but it seems Marketdraft is legit and paying(not 100% confirmed yet).

Many people have constantly asked, over and over again, if is Marketdraft legit or a scam.

Sadly, we do not have an answer to this question, yet. It seems like it may be too early to decide.

Perhaps in a few weeks, we will know for sure if Marketdraft.Com is legit. But for now, we are advising you all to desist from making any deposits into the platform. It is unsafe.

Have any questions related to this MarketDraft review? If you do, then drop your comments below. Thank you for reading to the end. Have a great day!

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