Honest 2022 CloutZap Review Is CloutZap Scam or Legit? Find Out Here

Ever since the beginning of December 2021, a recently launched platform, called CloutZap, has been getting more than enough attention to itself.

While you may be wondering what Cloutzap.Com may have done to be getting such huge attention, it should have occurred to you that this site(Clout Zap) is a money-making platform that has got irresistible and eye-bulging money offers.

Clearly, this is the only type of discussion focused on our website(i.e deals that will interest our readers).

Anyways, there has been a high demand for a thorough and easy to understand Cloutzap review. So we decided to do just that.

This writeup will provide all vital information that you readers ought to know about the popular(and new) survey site known as Clout Zap.

There’s quite a handful of information about Cloud Zap, so this review will probably take a bit of your time. But it’s totally going to be worth your while!

Disclaimer: This Cloudzap.Com review is for educational purposes. But is definitely going to be packed with entertainment as well. *wink*

CloutZap.Com Review

Like we mentioned earlier, there is a lot to discuss about the Cloutzap.Com website. The vital and ‘really important’ info is what we will center our attention on.

Recently, there have been series of questions that members of Cloutzap have been asking. So in this Cloutzap review, we will do our best to answer those questions, while feeding y’all with more than enough knowledge.

Some of the questions, includes: How to make money on Cloutzap, Who is the founder / owner of Clout zap, how to withdraw on Clout zap, How to perform cloutzap.Com login / sign up…

Also, many members, and even the aspiring ones, have been asking – ‘Is Cloutzap legit or scam?’

It would be a shame to go through the stress of working in a survey site, and then not getting paid. For this reason, many want to know if Cloutzap is legit or not.

In this Cloutzap review, you will get your answer!

Now that you have enough reasons to stick too the end of this writeup, let’s get this started!

What is CloutZap.Com

Clout zap is an international survey website. It is free to register/join, and earning begins immediately.

Members literally get $35 Cloutzap.Com sign up bonus.

However, that bonus cannot be withdrawn immediately. More earnings will be needed before withdrawal can be made possible on the clout zap website.

Cool fact about this site is how they always aim to provide bonuses for members. At some point making money on Cloutzap.Com looks easy[It’s not!].

How does CloutZap.Com work / How to make money on Clout Zap

Just like every survey website that was launched before it, Cloutzap has a variety of actions for members to carry out.

Whatever you choose to do on your dashboard will most likely earn you money.


Some of the ways to make money on Clout zap includes:

Posting On Social Media

At times on cloutzap, members will be asked to make posts on Social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook e.t.c. If you successfully carry this out, there is a reward of about $45.

Testing Apps

Downloading apps from the clout zap website will also earn you cash too.

Just follow the rules, and download the right apps.


Giveaways is probably the easiest way to make money on Clout Zap. You simply have to enter into an active giveaway.

CloutZap.Com Referral

Cloutzap referral method is the most common method of making money on the site.

This is easy to perform as you will only need to share your link, then convince people to carry out Cloutzap.Com sign up process using your link.

Amazingly, members earn $15 bonus and 15% of your friend’s earnings.

How to refer or invite on CloutZap.Com

This is actually pretty simple. Firstly, carry out Cloutzap.Com login process. After that, scroll down a bit and click on ‘Refer Friends.’

Then copy the Clout Zap referral link given to you.

Share the link, and urge friends to click and register.

When was CloutZap.Com launched

Although the website has provided no information regarding when they launched Cloutzap.Com, but we are certain that Clout Zap only began operations in the last month of 2021(December).

This would mean that this site was only just launched days ago(although depending on when you are reading this article).

Who is the CEO / founder of CloutZap.Com

For some unknown reasons, we barely get to find out who the owner of most survey sites are. The founders or owners never reveal themselves.

CloutZap owner also did well to keep his/herself a secret to the public.

Could this mean Cloutzap is a scam??

We cannot just jump into conclusions though.

CloutZap.Com Sign Up

To begin Cloutzap sign up process, kindly click on the LINK

Then fill in all boxes.

It’s easy!

CloutZap.Com Login

To go about cloutzap login process, click on this LINK.

How to withdraw on CloutZap.Com

To cash out your earnings from clout zap, you will need to access your account dashboard first. Then, find and click on the ‘Withdraw’ tab.

You will then be asked to provide the amount you wish to withdraw, and your paypal details.

NOTE: Withdrawal method on CloutZap is via Paypal.

After providing all necessary details, go ahead and request withdrawals. Keep your fingers crossed, and hope to get paid.

Nothing is assured!

Is CloutZap.Com Legit or Scam

This is a very important question, and it is compulsory that all Clout Zap members know the answer to this question.

If you have been thinking restlessly about Cloutzap.Com being legit or scam, well unfortunately Cloutzap is a scam.

Survey sites like this one always ended up not paying more than 50% of their members. It’s just a waste of your precious time.

If you disagree with the fact that Cloutzap isn’t legit, then keep going around asking the question, Is Cloutzap legit or scam, this is the same answer you will keep getting. Clout Zap is a scam!

Thank you for reading this Cloutzap review to the end.

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