BitdigSa Reviews Is BitdigSa.Com Legit Or scam?? Read This

If you are in South Africa, a website that you can give a try is the new BitDig platform. Just recently, BitDigSa.Com was launched on the net and people are starting to see it as a great opportunity to make money online.

How well do you know about BitDigSa.Com?

You are in luck if you know very little about the platform, because in this bitdigsa.Com review, a lot will be discussed and explained.

Queries will be answered as well. And we can guarantee that after reading this bitdig review to the end, it would have been worth your while. So stick around to the end. Remember, “information is power!”

A friendly reminder, many internet users(in the past) have been able to earn lots of cash by signing up and registering on sites like BitDig. And although this doesn’t guarantee that earning cash on BitdigSa.Com is certain. At least it is worth a shot. Hence, a good reason to read this BitdigSa.Com review.

BitDigSa.Com Review

Now, before this bitdig review begins, here is a summary of what it is going to be all about.

We will be providing answers related to questions about bitdig. Some of the questions include: How to perform Bitdigsa.Com login process, How to withdraw on BitdigSa, How to make money on Bitdig with ease, e.t.c.

Before we wrap up this review, we will then reveal to you guys if Bitdig is legit or not.

So brace yourself for the answer to the very vital question, Is Bitdigsa.Com legit or scam?

Now lets get started!

What is BitDigSa.Com

BitDig or BitdigSa is a South African investment and money making website. This platform is also a bitcoin mining site too. Members can either earn money or crypto coins. Either ways, earning is what BitDigSa.Com is all about.

One of the greatest thing about Bitdig is that, once you complete bitdigsa.Com sign up process, you immediately get R200 free.

This means you begin earning as soon as you become a member.

Another great news is that the minimum amount that can be withdrawn is R50. Meaning there is ‘probably’ a chance that withdrawing the Bitdig sign up is possible.

How does BitDigSa.Com work / How to make money on BitDig

Every action that is done on BitdigSa will surely earn you some change. Amazingly, different activities are available.

Check them all out below.

BitDigSa Investment

This is something we do not recommend at all.

If you wish to make money on BitdigSa.Com via investment, this would mean you would have to recharge/deposit your cash.

This is very unsafe.

BitDigSa Mining

This is simply mining on the bitdig website daily. Some call this the daily tasks.

Making money via this method is preferable as it doesn’t require members to deposit any money into the website.

BitDigSa Referrals

This, in our opinion, is the best method to make money on BitdigSa.Com

Bitdig referrals allows you to get about R5 or 10% of your referrals earnings. This will cost you nothing except sharing your BitdigSa.Com referral link.

Referrals is not something new, surely a lot of you guys must have heard of it in the past.

BitdigSa.Com referrals is not different in any way.bitdigsa

How to refer or invite on BitDigSa.Com

If you want to give the referrals method a try, then do the following: Perform BitdigSa.Com login process, then when you have access to your dashboard, click on ‘Team.’

After that, you will be shown both your bitdig referral link and referral code. You can then copy and share any of both(link or code).

When sharing your bitdigsa.Com link, do not spam anyone with your links. Rather, share responsibly.

When was BitDigSa.Com launched

Even though there is an ‘about us’ section in the BitdigSa.Com website, there isn’t much information provided by the platform owners.

Unfortunately, Bitdig failed to provide info regarding when Bitdigsa.Com was launched.

You may be tempted to ask us why, but no one knows why.

What we do know, is that BitdigSa.Com was launched in the month of December, 2021. Exact date remains unknown.

Who is the CEO / founder of BitDigSa.Com

This may sound so amusing and annoying, since it is an investment website, but no one(not even us) knows who the ceo or founder of BitdigSa.Com is.

Really disappointing, right? How then do they expect us to trust them and invest in their website if they can’t reveal who the owner of bitdig is.

Where you can find BitDig

BitDig exists on the internet. And there also is a BitdigSa app.

But for now, they have no physical location.

BitDigSa.Com Sign Up

If you want to become a member, then all you need to do is perform the bitdig sign up process.

Interested? Then click the LINK.

BitDigSa.Com Login

For bitdig login process, click the LINK.

Then provide your number and password.

How to withdraw on BitDigSa.Com

Earlier, we made it known that the minimum amount(a.k.a withdrawal threshold) on BitdigSa.Com is R100.

If you have at least R50, you can go ahead and place withdrawal. And if you don’t know how to do so, kindly follow the process below.

Carry out BitdigSa.Com login steps. Then in the page you’re immediately taken to, you’ll find the withdrawal tab. Click on it.

Provide the amount you would wish to withdraw, then provide your accurate bank account details. Then place Withdrawal!

Some things you must know about Bitdigsa.Com withdrawals – Members can only place one withdrawal in a day. Also, there is a 10% withdrawal fee.

Lastly, withdrawals are not allowed on weekends. On weekdays, you can only place bitdig withdrawals between 10am to 6pm.

Is BitDigSa.Com Legit or Scam

Bitdig cannot be trusted! So after our analysis, we concluded that there is a high chance that BitdigSa.Com isn’t legit.

Yeah, there is no mistake in the above line. BitdigSa.Com is a scam!

For those of y’all that have been wondering within yourself, Is Bitdigsa.Com legit or scam, hope you have a satisfying answer now?

But if you still believe Bitdig is legit, then keep up with it. And we wish you well!

If you have questions, drop it below.

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