Paidtunes Review | Is Paidtunes.Com Legit? | Honest 2021 Review

Almost every action performed online can now earn you a good amount of money. It’s all about knowing the platform that will pay you for it. For instance, Paidtunes actually pay members for listening to songs and watching videos online. That’s just…Wow!

There is doubt that you must have heard a song, or watched a video, online. Pretty sure you weren’t paid for that. But as a member of paidtunes.Com, you get the privilege of being paid for every action carried out on the website. Want to know more about paidtunes.Com? Then read this paid tunes review to the end!

Paidtunes.Com Review

This is going to be one h*ll of a great review article! At Beta Hustler, we never fail to provide top-notch review write-ups. And this paidtunes review will not be any less different!

You can trust that this paidtunes.Com review will cover everything related to the site. Whatever query that you have about this site, you will most definitely find answers in the review.

And when you are done reading this, you will get the answer to the question; Is PaidTunes.Com legit or scam?

As well as answers to many other questions related to paidtunes.

Shall we begin?

What is Paidtunes.Com

Paidtunes is an online platform for music reviews. The idea is to pay members of the platform for providing their ‘honest reviews.’ And if you are not a lover of music, then you can settle for watching videos on paidtunes.Com. Either ways, you earn cash!

How does Paidtunes.Com work / How to make money on Paidtunes

Listening to music and watching videos is a great way to earn on paidtunes. However, it isn’t the only known way to earn. But by the looks of things, they seem to be the easiest means.

Well, if you desire to make more money on paidtunes, and you wish to spend less data, then you can go for Paidtunes Referrals.

The amusing thing about paidtunes referrals is that, it’s kinda ridiculous! Imagine being told that you can earn as much as $200 when you successfully refer one person to sign up on paidtunes.Com site. That doesn’t add up at all, does it?

How to refer or invite on Paidtunes.Com

Everyone should be able to refer on paidtunes without any guide. But anyways, here is the process – Firstly, go about the paidtunes login process. If you successfully do this, you would be taken to your account dashboard. Simply scroll down a bit, and you will see your referral link.

Then copy and share the link to earn via referrals.

PaidTunes Plans

Paidtunes have different plans. And all members must be in one. Check them all out.


Price $ 000

Earn $0.5 Per View

Get 2 Paid Views Daily – $1.0

No Extra Referrals Income

Weekly Earnings – $7.0

Account Has 14 Days Free Trial

Min Withdrawal $20.00


Price $ 36

Earn $0.5 Per View

Get 3 Paid Views Daily – $1.5

Extra $0.5 Daily Per Referral

Weekly Earnings – $10.5

Monthly Earnings – $42

Yearly Earnings – $547.5


Price $ 90

Earn $0.5 Per View

Get 8 Paid Views Daily – $4

Extra $1 Daily Per Referral

Weekly Earnings – $28

Monthly Earnings – $120

Yearly Earnings – $1440


Price $ 200

Earn $0.5 Per View

Get 18 Paid Views Daily – $9

Extra $2.20 Daily Per Referral

Weekly Earnings – $63

Monthly Earnings – $279

Yearly Earnings – $3294



Price $ 500

Earn $0.65 Per View

Get 30 Paid Views Daily – $19.5

Extra $4.50 Daily Per Referral

Weekly Earnings – $136.5

Monthly Earnings – $604.5

Yearly Earnings – $7137

When was Paidtunes.Com launched

It is said that despite expecting a lot from their members, paidtunes doesn’t actually give out enough informations to the same members.

No member has even the slightest idea of when paidtunes.Com was launched. All we know is that this platform must have began operations in 2021, because no one knew of it a year ago.

More research is still being done by us. If we do find out when paidtunes was launched, you readers will be alerted!

Who is the CEO / founder of Paidtunes.Com

Well, what do ya think?! Of course the owner / founder of paidtunes is also not known.

Should we be surprised? Lol. We are not!

This actually proves that this so called ‘earning platform’ lacks what is known as ‘professionalism.’

Where you can find Paidtunes.Com

Well there have been no mention of Paidtunes having a physical office of some sort. So we can only assume that this platform only works online.

Paidtunes.Com Sign Up

The paidtunes sign up process is pretty easy. Firstly, CLICK HERE.

You will be asked to fill in yor gmail, number, and password. Then you will be required to confirm that the gmail address is yours.

After doing all these, you are done with the paidtunes sign up process!

Paidtunes.Com Login

For the paidtunes login process, all that will be needed from you is your gmail and accurate password.

This page can also help you recover your password, if you forgot it.

To begin the paidtunes.Com login process, kindly CLICK HERE.

How to withdraw on Paidtunes.Com

The withdrawal is easy to carry out. Login into your dashboard, heard to the withdrawal tab and provide anything that is required from you(e.g bank account details).

Is Paidtunes.Com Legit or Scam

Many are “dieing” to know if Paidtunes is legit. Well, time to get an answer!

In fact, paidtunes is not legit. This platform is a huge scam! Here is why Paidtunes.Com is a scam. All members are required to pay for a premium membership after thirteen days of paidtunes sign up. They require money from you even if they are not transparent with members.

Let’s not also forget how their referrals promises $200 for one person you refer. *sigh*

It would be unwise to believe that a site like paidtunes is legit. You have been warned!

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