Kmall88.Com Reviews(Is Kmall88 Legit or Scam) | Get R20 SignUp Bonus

If you are looking for a quick “get-paid-to” website, then you really should give Kmall88 a shot. It’s a new earning website that has caught the attention of many internet users. And obviously, it has caught our attention as well!

Kmall88.Com is giving out R20 bonus to all new members that successfully carry out the kmall88.Com sign up process. And as you know, many people are only joining the site because of this sign up bonus. But then, is it withdrawable? Even if it is withdrawable, can members earn more from the website? Also, is kmall88 legit or scam?

These are important questions that you should ask yourself.

Okay, fine. You shouldn’t bother asking yourself those questions. Because we have the answers here! This kmall88.Com review which you are currently reading, is going to be filled with tons of vital information that you didn’t even know you needed!

Kmall88.Com Review

Just for the sake of clarity, the purpose of this kmall88 review is not to advertise this earning platform. It is actually to make you readers fully understand how the whole thing works, answer frequently asked queries that are related to the site, and provide answer to the question; “Is Kmall88.Com legit?”

Do note that, we(Beta Hustler) have no business with the platform(Kmall88).

Having cleared that, some of the queries we will be answering, includes – Who is the founder of kmall88? How to make money / withdraw on Kmall88.Com? How to perform kmall88.Com Login and sign up process?

We will discuss all of the above, and more. You shouldn’t skip a line! Enjoy…

What is Kmall88.Com

Kmall88 is a website to make money. That’s it. That’s the simplest definition to give to this platform, because everything is related to make money online.

This platform is also quite similar to an investment website too. And although there are different ways to earn, the main way is when you deposit to earn(not.recommended by us).

It would have been nice to give you readers a deeper understanding of what kmall88.Com is, but then, even the platform failed to explain what they are and what they do.

It’s so disappointing to find out that they have no “about us” page. *sigh*

How does Kmall88.Com work / How to make money on Kmall88.Com

If you are confused on how to make money on this site, then you simply have to do the following.

Go about kmall88.Com login process, then click on “Earn” or click on “Referral.”

When you click on “Earn,” this method of accumulating cash on kmall is by performing tasks. It’s doesn’t bring much money unless you “recharge” first.

Note: Recharging is not advised by us!

Alternatively, you can earn by kmall88 referrals. This is a better and safer way to earn. You have nothing to loose, as it is a 100% free.

How to refer or invite on Kmall88.Com

If you want to using using the kmall88.Com referrals method, well all you have to do is: login to your account, click on ‘referral,’ then copy your kmall88 referral link or referral code.

When you share it with people and they register using the link/code, the platform will reward you for your act of kind gesture!

When was Kmall88.Com launched

If you are among the “very few” people wondering when kmall88 was launched, well it is unfortunate that we do not have an answer to that question.

Though it is certain that kmall88.Com was launched in the month of November, 2021. But the exact date isn’t certain. By the look of things, this platform isn’t really familiar with what “transparency” in business is all about.

Who is the CEO / founder of Kmall88.Com

It’s really weird that you think the owner or founder of kmall88 will reveal himself/herself to the public.

The high level of secrecy that this platform has makes it look really shady!

To be clear, no one knows who the ceo or founder of kmall88 is. Absolutely no one! Maybe in future, he/she will be revealed. But there is a high chance that it would never happen. It just can’t.

Where you can find Kmall88.Com

The internet has got to be the only place where kmall88 exists. Outside of the net, you can never find the platform anywhere.

Kmall88.Com Sign Up

Kmall88 sign up process can be started when you CLICK HERE.

You will only be asked to provide your preferred username, phone numbers, and passwords.

Kmall88.Com sign up is very easy, and you ought to face zero challenges while carrying it out.

Kmall88.Com Login

For kmall88 login process, kindly CLICK HERE.

On the login page, you will be required to provide either your phone number or username, and your correct password.

Make sure what you provide during the kmall88 login process is correct, because if it doesn’t correlate with the info you provided while signing up, then you won’t have access to your account.

How to withdraw on Kmall88.Com

Before we start on the steps to withdraw on kmall88.Com, you should first bear in mind that the minimum amount you can withdraw is R150. Attaining R150 can be difficult on the site though.

Anyways, to withdraw, simply carry out kmall88.Com login process, then click on “Withdrawal.”

The new tab you will be taken to, will ask for your name, phone number, password, and bank account details.

Fill them all correctly, and then submit. Remain hopeful, and who knows…Maybe you will get paid. But payment is not guaranteed!

Is Kmall88.Com Legit or Scam

Truth be told, kmall88 is a scam. For those who say kmall88 is legit, then ask them for proof of payment.

If kmall88.Com were legit, they wouldn’t make it a neccesity for members to recharge before they can earn. Or have you not noticed how hard it is to make money before you can make good cash on the platform?

Hence the conclusion, Kmall88 is’nt legit but a scam! Never forget.

Thanks for reading this kmall88.Com review to the end. If you have questions, drop ’em below.

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