VitalFunds.Ltd Reviews(Is VitalFunds a Scam or Legit Site? Find Out Here!)

If you are an active online investor, then you probably may have heard of or come across the investment platform known as VitalFunds.

VitalFunds.Ltd is currently among the most talked about investment websites on the Internet right now. Many have different talking at length about this platform, some have began investing, a few are in the process of investing, while there’s the set of people that are having doubts about vitalfunds.

You are currently reading a vitalfunds review, and this writeup is to enlighten the public on all that they ought to know about this famous investment platform.

VitalFunds.Ltd Review

For a website that claims you can earn upto 5% return on your investment daily and also get instant withdrawal to your account with speed of light, it is only ideal that you make enquiries and read reviews about the platform.

This vitalfunds review will help answer those unanswered questions that the platform failed to give to it members.

Questions like – Is vitalfunds.Ltd legit or scam? Who is the founder/ owner of vitalfunds.Ltd? When was vitalfunds launched? How to withdraw on vitalfunds? How to go about vitalfunds login / signup process? And many more…

If there’s query that you may have had about this platform in the past, then there’s a possibility that we will give you an answer in this vitalfunds.Ltd review. So read to the end!

What is VitalFunds.Ltd

Vitalfunds is just like every other investment platform out there. You invest, you wait for a few weeks(or days), then you get back your ROI(return on investments) – That’s literally 90% of the things that happen on this platform.

Unfortunately, if you have no money to invest, then you’ll earn nothing on this website!

Here’s the definition of what VitalFunds.Ltd is all about, according to the site owner: “Vitalfunds is a globally respected and responsible banking, trusted loans and fund investment institution incorporated in SouthAfrica and governed by the laws and rules of the securities and exchange commission.”

How does VitalFunds.Ltd work / How to make money on VitalFunds

All members of vitalfunds should be ready to be a risk taker because investments is all about taking risks. On this platform, the minimum amount that members can invest is $20.

There are three vitalfunds plans, and it is your choice to invest in any one(or all) of the three. Note that, all vitalfunds.Ltd plans vary in prices.

Check them out below.


10.00% AFTER 10 DAYS


Our Primary-Team Plan is designed to give you 10.00% after 10 days. You also get a 10% referral bonus on this package


Min. $20

Max. 500000

10% Referral Bonus


25.00% AFTER 20 DAYS


Our Orthodox-Team Plan is designed to give you 25.00% after 20 days. You also get a 10% referral bonus on this package


Min. $20

Max. 500000

10% Referral Bonus


45.00% AFTER 30 DAYS


Our Executive-Team Plan is designed to give you 45.00% after 30 days. You also get a 10% referral bonus on this package


Min. $20

Max. 500000

10% Referral Bonus

How to refer or invite on VitalFunds.Ltd

Vitalfunds Referrals can help boost your earnings, so to refer on this platform all you need to do is get your referral link and share it.

To get your vitalfunds.Ltd referral link, go about the vitalfunds login process, then head to the “My Referrals” tab. In this tab, you will be able to easily copy and share your link to anybody.


When was VitalFunds.Ltd launched

Vitalfunds was most definitely launched this year(2021), and the month of launch is probably ‘October'(not confirmed).

What is amusing about this platform is the fact that they claim they have been in operations since 2010. This is obviously nothing but white lies! Vitalfunds.Ltd was launched this year! They didn’t exist before 2021. Keep this at the back of your mind.

Who is the CEO / founder of VitalFunds.Ltd

There is really no informations on who the founder of vitalfunds is. No one has a hint, and this is really bad.

What we do know is that the owner of vitalfunds.Ltd is definitely African.

Where you can find VitalFunds.Ltd

The internet is where to find this platform! It is an online platform!!

VitalFunds.Ltd SignUp

For the vitalfunds process, CLICK HERE to begin.

What will be required from you is your – name, password, email, and phone number.

The vitalfunds.Ltd sign up process is very easy to carry out. Nothing could possibly go wrong when carrying out this process.

VitalFunds.Ltd Login

Vitalfunds login process is really easy to carry out. To get started, CLICK HERE.

Only your password and email will be required from you when doing the vitalfunds.Ltd login process.

How to withdraw on VitalFunds.Ltd

After a few days of investing, the time for withdrawal will finally arrive, and that’s going to be pay day for you! To withdraw on vitalfunds, you will need to provide your banking details and also to request withdrawal too.

To do so, go about the vitalfunds login process first. After that, locate and click on the “request withdrawal” tab. Then provide all required details and informations about yourself.

If you do not get a credit alert after twenty four hours of applying for your vitalfunds withdrawal, then contact the platform’s customer care.

Their customer care rep can be found on the official website.

Is VitalFunds.Ltd Legit or Scam

There is still no guarantee that vitalfunds is legit. In fact, there is more proof that vitalfunds is a scam and not a legit business. This site is not recommended by us. Be careful before you invest your hard earned money on this platform.

But if you still have a feeling that vitalfunds is legit, then go ahead and give it a try. But we will not be held responsible! Vitalfunds.Ltd has a lot of red flags that makes them look suspicious. Do not say you were not warned.

That’s all for this vitalfunds review. If you have any questions, make sure you drop a comment below.

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