Top 5 Best Mobile Loan Apps To Get Instant Online Loan In Nigeria

The net is now one of the best places to get an instant online loan in Nigeria! Since most banks require you to do a lot of paper works, going online and downloading mobile loan apps is actually smarter, easier, and less stressful. You get loans without having to join a queue!

It is really a privilege to be among this generation.

These days, there are hundreds(soon to be thousands) of mobile loan apps in Nigeria to choose from. If you doubt this, head to Google PlayStore and see for yourself that there are apps promising to grant you an instant online loan as a Nigerian. This is really amazing, and getting an urgent loan in Nigerian is now something that is doesn’t give headaches. However, making the mistake of taking a loan from “terrible” mobile loan apps is where the problem is.

Some loan apps can be really frustrating. Below are sceneros that best explains the term “frustrating”

  • Some mobile loan apps in Nigeria will start requesting you to pay back your loan before your deadline
  • Some loan apps will deduct 2× the amount your borrowed
  • Some of these apps also go around telling your contacts that you borrowed a loan from them.


Sigh! Such loan apps are the kind that you should avoid.

In this article, info will be provided on some of the best loan apps in Nigeria. These are the recommended loan apps that will give you no issues.

Are they really Apps that give Urgent Loan in Nigeria?

There are still doubting Thomas set of people that believe it is not possible to get an urgent loan in Nigeria from mobile apps. If you are one of those people, then you really have got to open your eyes!

Loan apps in Nigeria is not fantasy. It is real!!

Is Loan without Bvn Possible?

This is a very good question that may have been at the back of your mind. It’s not surprising that any one will want to be cautious with their bvn. And it would obviously be better to get a loan without providing your bvn.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to get a loan without bvn as a requirement. Almost all mobile loan apps that give instant online loans in Nigeria will ask you to give out your bvn. The reason for this is because: If you fail to pay back the amount you borrowed, they would take the money themselves using your bank verification as a key to get access to your account.

List of Best Mobile Loan Apps in Nigeria

After doing some deep research, these are the beat five mobile loan apps in Nigeria that you can ask to lend you cash

Branch App



Jumia Pay

KiaKia Loan

Many have testified that these are among the best loan apps in Nigeria.

[Bear in mind that Beta Hustler is not in any affiliation with any of the above stated apps. It would also be smart to do more reasearch on those loan apps before asking for cash from them.]

How to Easily Get an Instant Online Loan in Nigeria

These are the smart steps to easily get an instant online loan – Before downloading any Nigerian loan app, update your contact list with professional names. This is because these apps take a look at your mobile contacts before giving out loans. If the names on your contact are just random names or unprofessionally saved names(e.g Johnny instead of Mr John Doe), you may not get a loan.

Make sure you have your bvn ready. You probably won’t be granted an online loan without your bank verification number.

Lastly, draft down a good reason for wanting a loan. Some of these mobile loan apps in Nigeria will ask you for reasons.

If you have down all of the above, then getting an urgent loan in Nigeria, from the internet, wouldn’t be too hard for you.

That’s a wrap on this! If you have any questions related to getting a loan from mobile apps in Nigeria, do well to drop your comment below.

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