EasyBuyi.Com Review- How EasyBuyi Works

There are tons of money making platform on the internet, and one of such is EasyBuyI. This one is a recently launched money making site, and for this reason, many have been demanding for an Easybuyi review.

This writeup is a quick, and “not-so-in-depth” article of this earning platform.
However, this easybuyi.Com review is going to be a satisfactory one, and it sure is going to provide you readers with answers. Do well to read to the end.


How Does EasyBuyI Work?

After doing some digging, I came to discover that this platform is a very simple one. Members do not need to read twice to understand it.

EasyBuyI is a platform where anyone can make money by either performing online tasks, or by referrals. However, the latter pays better. Why?! Well, with easybuyi referrals, one doesn’t have to worry about daily limits or having to recharge to get more chances.



Unlike referrals, the tasks have daily limits and members can make about R3 from daily tasks. The easybuyi referrals on the the other hand, gives about R5 per each person you referral.

In my opinion, it pays to refer more than performing daily tasks.

What Is EasyBuyI Minimum Withdrawal Amount?

These days most money making sites have a very high withdrawal threshold. The reason why they do this, is to make members go through a lot before they can withdraw. But on easybuyi.Com, things are quite different.

It is said that members can withdraw as low as R50. But if you wish to accumulate more cash before withdrawing, then you can do so.


Is EasyBuyI Legit or a Scam?

As at now, it has not been confirmed whether easybuyi is legit. But it is worth a shot!

However, avoid making any cash deposit into the website. That is not advisable.
In the nearest future, readers will be updated here on whether easybuyi.Com is legit or a scam.

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