DailyRand.App Review- Is DailyRand Legit? Dailyrand Login and Sign Up

While a few are still doubting that it is possible to make money from home, many are already busy on the DailyRand platform, performing tasks and accumulating cash.

The earlier the hustle, the better.


This article will give you all informations that you need to know about the DailyRand, a.k.a DailyR or Daily rand platform. Stick around because this is going to be very beneficial.


DailyRand.App Review

In this DailyRand review, we will have a look at all the possible questions that members ask themselves, and then you will be provided answers to these questions. This dailyrand review is going to be a bit lengthy, but filled with knowledge for all those who wish to make money from the dailyR platform.



At the end of this article, you will have answers to questions such as, Is dailyrand legit or a scam? How can I make money on dailyrand? How to withdraw on dailyrand? How do I go about dailyrand sign up process? How to go aboyt dailyrand login process? E.t.c..



What is DailyRand.App

Dailyrand, or dailyR, is an earning platform for literally every internet user. It is free for all to join. NO REGISTRATION FEES.


On dailyrand, you simply have to perform tasks – these dailyrand tasks simply involves placing orders on ‘fake products.’ In doing so, you are allegedly “helping merchants to improve business” and increase sales.


How does DailyRand.App work / How to make money on DailyRand.App

As was stated above, DailyR allows members to earn by placing orders, and this are called dailyrand tasks.


On dailyrand, members earn R10 daily from tasks. This makes it easy to place withdrawals quickly.

Great thing is, that’s not the only way you can make cash on the platform.


Members can also make money on dailyrand by getting referrals.

By sharing your dailyrand referral link, you will be given R30 as referral bonus.



How to refer or invite on DailyRand.App

To refer on dailyrand or dailyR, you need to copy your referral link and then share to any friend you wish to.

The more people that register using your daily rand referral link, the more referral bonus you will get.


If you are able to get four dailyrand referrals daily, then you will be able to cash out daily as well.



DailyRand.App Vip Levels

There arw different daily rand vip levels. Depeding on the weight at which you want to earn, you can decide to depost and upgrade to a new vip level.


Beta Hustler does not advice anyone to deposit any amount into his or her dailyrand account.




Who is the CEO / founder of DailyRand.App

A few people desire to know who the founder of dailyrand is, but unfortunately this earning platform is yet to provide an answer to that.


The founder of daily rand is not yet known.

However, if any information about this mystery person is revealed, you all will be notified.



Where can I find DailyRand.App

The internet is the main place to find this money making platform.


There is no known physical location for this company.



DailyRand.App Sign Up

The dailyrand sign up process is quite easy. To sign up or register, CLICK HERE.


Then provide the informations that you are asked to release e.g email address, password, and so on..


The dailyrand sign up / registration process isn’t difficult at all.



DailyRand.App Login

The dailyrand login process is also very easy too. To login CLICK HERE.


The dailyrand login proces simply has to do with you providing your phone number and your password.

Then click on the daily rand login button to finish it up.



How to withdraw on DailyRand.App

Many don’t know how to withdraw on dailyrand, so here is how it works;


Please note that without reaching the minimum amount for dailyrand withdrawal, you won’t be able to withdraw.

The minimum amount you can withdraw on daily rand is R100. Once you have that amount; Login to your account dashboard, click on withdrawals, provide the amount you wish to wirhdraw, and provide your bank account details.


Then patiently wait for your daily rand payment for the next twenty four hours.



Is DailyRand.App Legit or Scam

Dailyrand is a 100% legit! Members who register, get R50 dailyrand sign up bonus and they earn more as soon as they register.


Dailyrand is legit and not a scam. However, we do not urge anyone to make any deposits on the platform. Such act is risky!


Have any other questions about this daily rand review? Then drop your comments below.

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