Review: Legit or Scam? Find Out Now!!

Ever heard of commune bank? Well, it is a great site to earn cash. And in this write up, we will have a look at everything to know about how commune bank works.



CommuneBank.Co.Za Review

This commune bank review simply means we will answer all your questions about this platform. By the time you are done reading this, you will have gained a lot of knowledge about the site.


You will have answers to questions like;

Is commune bank legit or a scam? How to withdraw on commune bank? How to make money on commune bank? Who is the founder of commune bank? How to go about commune bank login process? How to go about commune bank sign up process? And so on…


Ensure that you read this review to the end, because it will be very beneficial to you. Without further adu, let us begin!



What is CommuneBank.Co.Za

Commune bank, also known as communebank.Co.Za, is an investment earning platform. According to the platform owners, this is a peer to peer business. Meaning that members pay(or donate to) each other.


The main idea of commune bank is to help individuals to earn a lot by investments. But that’s not the only way you can make money on the site.



How does CommuneBank.Co.Za work / How to make money on Commune Bank

There are two ways you can earn money on communebank, the main way is by investing cash. Commune bank investments doesn’t take too long. You can literally invest and get profits in just thirty days.


Members of commune bank are given 65% return on investment(roi) when it’s time for withdrawals.


The second way communebank members can earn is by referrals. A lot of us are fully aware of how referrals work. – You invite a person to join with your commune bank referral link, and when the person registers using your link, you get a bonus.


Commune bank offers R30 for every referral you can get. And there are no limits to referrals one can get.



How to refer or invite on CommuneBank.Co.Za

Communebank referral can be done by sharing your refer link. To get your link, login to your account, locate and copy your commune bank referral link, then share to as many people as possible.


With just five communebank referrals, you can get paid immediately since the minimum withdrawal is R150.



Who is the CEO / founder of CommuneBank.Co.Za

There is yet to be any information about who the founder of commune bank is.

As at now, the answer to the above question is a mystery to all members.


The founder of communebank is not publicly known.



Where can I find CommuneBank.Co.Za

You can find commune bank on the internet.

It’s not the usual bank that has offices and branches. Communebank can only be found on the net.


CommuneBank.Co.Za Sign Up

To go about the commune bank sign up process, CLICK HERE.


Then provide all necessary informations in the sign up page.


CommuneBank.Co.Za Login

To login on commune bank CLICK HERE.


To complete the commune bank login process, provide your email address and password(pin), then click on the communebank login button.


How to withdraw on CommuneBank.Co.Za

When you have made at least R150 on commune bank, you can easily withdraw and get your cash in no time.


The platform claims that communebank payments are scheduled to arrive 60hours after placing withdrawal on the commune bank website.

You all should exercise patience after placing withdrawals.



Is CommuneBank.Co.Za Legit or Scam

As at now, I(beta hustler) cannot give any guarantees that commune bank is legit. On the internet, you will come across screenshots of real payment proofs from commune bank, but that still doesn’t confirm that communebank is legit.


It is not advisable to invest your money in commune bank. Doing so is at your own risk. However, try to get many commune bank referrals and then see if you can get paid.


We have come to the end of this communebank review. If you have questions, drop them below.

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