H5.happyearnty.com Review: Scam or Legit? Find Out Now!!

H5.happyearnty.Com Review
Happy Earn, also known as H5.HappyEarnTy.Com, is one of the trending money making sites online. Many South Africans, and even people from other parts of Africa, are excitedly talking about this money making platform!
If you are wondering why they are excited about it, then you probably don’t know that earning cash on this platform is quite easy. There is almost no stress at all in accumalating South African rands. In fact, happy earn is probably the miracle a lot of people have been praying for.

In this article, a quick Happy earn site review will be done. You will get answers to questions such as; Is H5.happyearnty.Com legit? How do I make money on H5.happyearnty.Com? How to withdraw on H5.happyearnty.Com? H5.happyearnty.Com Sign up link and process? And so on…

Ensure that you read this Happy earn review to the end, because you will get all your answers here!

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What is H5.happyearnty.Com
Happy Earn (h5.happyearnty.Com) is simply an online platform where literally anyone is allowed to earn cash in different ways/methods. On happy earn, you are free to register(zero registration fees). Also, members can earn without having to pay a dime or depositing for a VIP level.

How does H5.happyearnty.Com work / How to make money on Happy Earn
There are different ways to make money on Happy earn, but they can be categorized as just two ways. The first way members can earn on h5.happyearnty.Com is by Performing Tasks.

Performing tasks on happy earn shouldn’t scare you at all. If it is of any comfort, these tasks can be completed within just a few minutes. There are very easy to do!

You may be wondering; “What type of tasks are done on happy earn?”

Well, these tasks are liking Facebook posts, watching Youtube videos, watching TikTok videos, sharing social media posts, e.t.c.
Let’s be honest here, the tasks done on happy earn(or h5.happyearnty.Com) are things we do on a daily basis.

Because people want to earn more on happy earn, the platform introduced happy earn vip levels. This allows members to get more daily tasks, more commissions, and more earnings.

H5.happyearnty.Com Vip levels
All official members of happy earn platform must be in a vip level. Just so you know, as a new member, you are automatically in the free vip level. But if you desire to accumulate more Rands, then you should consider depositing and upgrading to a high vip level.
Below are all the happy earn or h5.happyearnty.Com vip levels;

Free Vip
Price: R0.00
Daily revenue: R2.4
Daily task numbers: 2
Completed task numbers: 2
Required balance: R25

Vip 1
Price: R30
Daily revenue: R12
Daily task numbers: 3
Completed task numbers: 0
Required balance: R140

Vip 2
Price: R240
Daily revenue: R65
Daily task numbers: 5
Completed task numbers: 0
Required balance: R485

Vip 3
Price: R720
Daily revenue: R216
Daily task numbers: 8
Completed task numbers: 0
Required balance: R1700

Vip 4
Price: R2400
Daily revenue: R756
Daily task numbers: 12
Completed task numbers: 0
Required balance: R4850

Vip 5
Price: R3600
Daily revenue: R1095
Daily task numbers: 15
Completed task numbers: 0
Required balance: R8500

The other way to earn is by referrals. This is an easier way to make money from happy earn.

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How to refer / invite on H5.happyearnty.Com
Happy earn platform gives referral bonus to members whenever they successfully invite a member. To invite a member on h5.happyearnty.Com you simply need to locate and copy your personal referral code in the “invitation” tab. This happy earn referral link or code will then be shared to anyone you wish to refer. When the person has registered using your link or code, you will be given your bonus immediately.
The site claims to give R1.2 per referral. Do note that there is no limit on referrals. You can refer even a million members!

Who is the CEO/ founder of H5.happyearnty.Com
Beta Hustler have spent hours on the internet trying to find out who the founder of happy earn platform is. The site is still quite new, so no one knows a lot of information about h5.happyearnty.Com

Where can I find H5.happyearnty.Com
There is only one place you can find happy earn platform, and that place is on the internet!! The company only operates online. In fact, there is a huge doubt that they have any office branch that is known. Almost all their activities happens on the net.

When was h5.happyearnty.Com launched
There really isn’t any confirmed date of launch for happy earn site. The platform’s date of launch isn’t really many members concern though. They just want to make money from the site!!

H5.happyearnty.Com Sign Up
The sign up process for h5.happyearnty.Com is quite easy. What you simply have to do is go to the site’s registration page by clicking on https://www.h5happyearnty.com, then provide all necessary informations such as your phone number and a happy earn invitation or referral code.

H5.happyearnty.Com Login
Happy earn login process is also very easy. To do so, simply head to the site’s login page and provide the required informations.

How to deposit on H5.happyearnty.Com
To upgrade to another h5.happyearnty.Com vip level, you will need to deposit the required amount in your happy earn account. To do so, log into your happy earn account, click on ‘deposit,’ and do the needful.

How to withdraw on H5.happyearnty.Com

Once you reach the minimum withdrawal limit, you can place withdrawal at anytime of the day.
You should note that members will be charged 15% fee for withdrawals. Why they charge a fee is not known.

Is H5.happyearnty.Com Legit or Scam
Many people online have confirmed that h5.happyearnty.Com is legit. The site is still pretty new, and it isn’t ideal to jump into conclusions. There has been no allegations anywhere that happy earn is a scam.

It is advisable that members shouldn’t deposit on happy earn or h5.happyearnty.Com for now. Just focus on making money in the free vip level. Happy earning!!

Have any questions partaining to h5.happyearnty.com review? Do well to drop your comments below.

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