You are currently viewing Huluworks.Shop Review: Legit Or Scam? Find Out Now!!

Huluworks.Shop Review: Legit Or Scam? Find Out Now!!

HuluWorks.Shop Review

HuluWorks has been on the lips of many online hustlers for the past few days. Wanna know why? Well, this is because this is a newly launched money making site that has lots of mouth watering deals! Hulu Works works like magic! The ways to earn rands easily is just too amazing.
Have questions about this site? Well not to worry because in this Huluworks Shop review we will give you answers partaining to all questions about this platform. By the time you are done reading this writeup, you will have answers to questions like; How to join Huluworks.Shop? Is Huluworks Shop legit or scam? How to go about Huluworks shop registration, Huluworks login and sign up? And so on…
Sit back, relax and enjoy this Hulu works shop review.

What is HuluWorks.Shop

HuluWorks is a recently launched money making site. If you are familiar with past online hustling jobs, then you probably already know that the platform works like Fixmyptwallet and GR shopping.
Their operations are very similar. Members simply have to carry out tasks on the platform to accumulate cool cash.
This site is not only for Kenyans. South Africans too can earn with Huluworks.
What is cool about HuluWorks.Shop is the fact that members get registratuon bonus of KES200. Incase you are wondering, huluworks login or registration is completely free!!

How does HuluWorks.Shop work / How to make money on Huluworks

It is very easy to make money on the platform! Once you have registered and officially become a member of this earning site, you can make money by performing daily huluworks tasks. These tasks are easy, stressfree, and even fun. And whenever you complete a huluworks.Shop task, your account dashboard will be credited with KES20. The more tasks, you complete, the more money that you will/can make.
You can also make money by referrals.
Once you refer a person to join huluworks.Shop, you will be credited with your commissions. There isn’t any limit on the number of referrals you can get. So try as possible to share your huluworks referral link/code with as many people as possible. Tell and convice them to join, otherwise you won’t get your referral bonus commission.

Huluworks Packages Vip levels

Most of you are probably already familiar with money making sites having vip levels. I should waste my time on that. So with out further adu, below are huluworks vip levels
Free VIP
Minimum withdrawal amount; KES1200
Minimum withdrawal amount; KES520
Minimum withdrawal amount; KES600
Minimum withdrawal amount; KES2000
Minimum withdrawal amount; KES7200
Minimum withdrawal amount; KES14000
Keep it at the back of your mind that all huluworks.Shop vip levels vary in prices. And the costlier the vip is, the more you are likely to earn. Upgrading to a bigger vip level is a step to earn much more than the usual!

Who is the CEO/ owner of HuluWorks.Shop

The owner of this platform is not yet revealed to the general public. As it stands, this money making site’s owner is a mystery. No one knows of the owner of huluworks is a she or a he. No one!

Where can I find HuluWorks.Shop

Huluworks can only be found online. It’s a digital world remember?!

HuluWorks.Shop Sign up or Registration

Do you wish to sign up/register on huluworks so that you can begin earning? If yes, then kindly CLICK HERE. You will be taken to a new page where you will need to provide your phone number, desired password, and a referral code.
If you have no huluworks referral code, then use this – 81424
After that, click on register.

How to login on HuluWorks.Shop

Huluworks login process is even easier than registering. To login on the huluworks.Shop site, CLICK HERE. Then provide your phone number and password.
If you have forgotten your password, you can also recover it on the huluworks login page by clicking on ‘forgotten password.’

How to deposit on HuluWorks.Shop

For those who desire to get more tasks and earn more, you will need to upgrade to a higher vip level. To do so, you simply have to deposit a required amount in your huluworks.Shop account balance.
How much you deposit depends on the vip level you want to upgrade to.

How to withdraw on HuluWorks.Shop

Do bear in mind that this platform allows members to place only one withdrawal per day. Also, huluworks.Shop opening hour for withdrawals is 9:00am to 6:00pm.
To withdraw, log into your account dashboard, click on ‘wallet’ tab which is at the bottom of the screen. After that select ‘withdraw’ tab. Then provide account details and amount you wish to withdraw.
Your huluworks payment will most likely arrive within 24 to 48hours after placing withdrawal.

Is HuluWorks.Shop Legit or Scam

Hukuworks is newly launched. No one can determine if they are legit or a scam, for now. For this reason, it is advisable to not make any deposits on the huluworks.Shop platform. There are yet to be any certainties that they would pay members.
Have any further questions about this huluworks review? Drop a comment below.

This Post Has 36 Comments

  1. Lydiamoeko

    Their customer service is horrible, South Africans have invested their money to move to high vip levels, not knowing today afternoon they’ll be told to exit the platform since M-Pesa is no longer operating in their country, along with Zambians, why use one form of withdrawal. I saw is doggie

    1. Tobias Mulenga

      Me I’m but you cannot give me money

  2. Samson Mulonda

    Can a person living in zambia withdraw money from Hulu?

    1. Joshua Erazua

      Yes. But you will need to configure your withdrawal process.

      1. Abel Chibiya


      2. Melanie

        How does one do that I have been trying to withdraw but it keeps saying I need to put withdraw information when i have already done so

        1. Joshua Erazua

          Please contact Huluworks Customer care, and lay your complaints to them. They will ‘probably’ get you a solution.

          1. Arnold Kabz

            How can you withdraw this money

          2. Babongile

            How to contact hulu workshop customer care?

  3. Victor Ngosa

    Can i withdraw the money without depositing any amount and without joining any VIP?

    1. Jessica samuneti

      How can you withdraw money?

  4. Orie

    It says minimum withdrawal is R520 n I’ve reached that amount,now i wanna withdraw it says minimum withdrawal is R1200,somehow i feel like it’s a scam,why they wait for me to reach minimum withdrawal and change

    1. Subah Francis

      How can you withdrawal money on huluworks in Zambia??

  5. Joyce Mbutao

    I was just trying to check vip 1 but my 240 was deducted. How do I reverse the 240 to my account

  6. Abel Chibiya

    For me to withdraw money, how much do I need to have?

      1. Justine

        How much are they deduct if instance am withdrawing K200 here in Zambia???

    1. Londwa

      That’s the same question we have after putting so much work how is it possible that now it can’t work

  7. Geshom Manyingu

    Can you reverse your vip package, like I mistakenly clicked on other vip package so am failing to perform the task it’s saying I’ve to deposit 800, now i haven’t yet prepared so I thought of like reversing the vip. Can it happen that way?

    1. Thabo

      Hello I’m Thabo I just withdraw the on Tuesday and when I try to login it say account err.This huluwok is a scam

  8. Stephan

    I need help I need help in withdrawing money I placed all the details that I need but then the saying the number that you returned does not match

  9. Natasha

    When I want to withdraw it says the phone number entered twice is incorrect ,when I only loged in with one number
    How can I solve tgis because I want to withdraw

  10. Folly

    When I withdraw money is telling me that the number i entered twice doesn’t match, which Number there are talking about because i entered my number

  11. Trey

    Huluworks is scam everyone stop attending it, it increases the minimum withdrawal instantly when u suppose to withdraw.

  12. Thabo

    I just withdraw the money on Tuesday I did not get that money why?

    1. mathews

      I am not receiving money since Saturday to Monday.

  13. Edwin

    Its the best guys

  14. Mark

    Huluworks is a scam guys , those guys have made away with a lot of money.I being a victim I have lost a lot of money so guys be careful with this scammers , they will fake to be legit but when they get the targeted amount of money you won’t like what will happen next.Remember when the deal is soo good think twice

    1. Kinyua M.

      On Monday at around 12 mid night they faded away and left many into oblivion, huluworks is a scam and was from day 1
      In case you have relatives around the world alert them, they will move to any other country…. They were in Brazil, Zambia, I guess Tanzania…be alert guys…

  15. John kimtai

    Hello Sir /Madam have been trying to log in to my account , but it doesn’t get me through

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