GameOfMoola Review: Legit or Scam? Find Out Now!!

Game of moola is another fun site that internet users and online hustlers can use to accumulate cash! This is a legit platform, so please take your time to read this Gameofmoola review to the end. Skipping some part of this writeup might make you confused! Enjoy…

GameOfMoola.Club Review

This is an African earning site that was made to help push out poverty. In gameofmoola, people are privileged to make money from the comfort of their home, without stress or man power.
This Game of moola review will give readers answers to questions like;

Is Gameofmoola Legit? How to withdraw on gameofmoola? How to make money on Gameofmoola? How to go about Gameofmoola login process and sign up process? E.t.c.



What is GameOfMoola.Club

Game of Moola is a website that allows people to make money by having fun. Everything about this earning site is free and fun! You earn points for performing tasks, and once you reach the game of moola minimum withdrawal amount of R50, then you are free to cash out at any time!

Now, you may be wondering; “What type of tasks are done on gameofmoola?

How does GameOfMoola.Club work / How to make money on GameOfMoola.Club

Gameofmoola allows you to earn by doing a simple task. And this task is ‘Voting.’
Yes! You read it right. You simply have to vote for teams. Once this is done, you will begin earning cash on the game of moola site.
It is just a game where you earn without having to deposit!

But then, that’s not the only way to make money on gameofmoola. You can also get paid for referrals.
All game of moola members get R10 for every referral. And since the minimum withdrawal is just R50, then you just need five referrals to get your first cash out!

How to refer or invite on GameOfMoola.Club

Gameofmoola referral process is very simple and easy to carry out. You just need to share your referral link with friends or families. The moment they register with your referral link, you will be given your bonus.

Login to your account dashboard, copy the link, and share to many. If you refuse to share links, then your only means to earn on game of moola would be by voting for teams.
In my opinion, referrals is easier.

Who is the CEO / founder of GameOfMoola.Club

As of now, nobody knows who the founder of gameofmoola is. Whomever he/she/they are, this person(s) has been doing a pretty good job of hiding his/her identity.

It’s pretty cool if the founder of gameofmoola likes to hide himself as long as the platform continues to be legit and scam-free.

When was GameOfMoola.Club Launched?

Though the real date that this site was launched is not known. However, we are sure gameofmoola was launched in June 2021. The actual date remains a mystery.

Where can I find GameOfMoola.Club

You can find the platform only on the internet and no where else.

GameOfMoola.Club Sign Up

To register on gameofmoola, or to go about the sign up process, head to (

Then provide all required informatioj that is needed for you to finish your game of moola sign up / registration process.

GameOfMoola.Club Login

Another great thing about this site is the fact that it is very easy to login. Yup! Gameofmoola login process doesn’t take a minute.



Simply head on to game of moola login page, fill in your phone number and password, then click on login.

How to withdraw on GameOfMoola.Club

When you get at least R50 on your game of moola account, then you are eligible to withdraw at anytime. Simply head to and click the ‘withdraw‘ tab, then provide your bank details and the amount you wish to withdrawal.

Based on what I have noticed, Gameofmoola withdrawal arrives 24 hours after you placed it. Just be calm and relaxed, your payment will arrive.

Is GameOfMoola.Club Legit or Scam

Gameofmoola is a legit platform. If you check on Facebook, there are lots of real payment proofs from game of moola.

Please be warned though, Game of moola is legit but I do not advice anyone to deposit their money and use it to upgrade to another vip level. That is risky.

Have anyother questions related to this gameofmoola review? If yes, then comment below.

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