Review: Legit Or Scam? Find Out Now

AliExpressRu.Com Review
Another new site similar to Gr Shopping and Bamboo globalization is out. This platform is known as AliExpress Ru. Of course, members are allowed to register for free and begin earning immediately. This site is very easy to operate and navigate, and earning is as simple as A, B, and C. Have questions about Ali express ru? Well, do not worry to much. Because in this writeup, you will get answers here.

Make sure you read to the end.

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What is AliExpressRu.Com
AliExpressRu is a South African online earning platform. Members are opportuned to make money by performing tasks(simple online tasks) on the platform.

After accumulating earnings on the site, you are free to either withdraw by cash, or by airtime. You can get as low as R10 airtime in just few minutes. It’s so easy!

How does AliExpressRu.Com work / How to make money on AliExpressRu.Com
You can earn money by performing tasks or by referrals.
The thing about performing tasks is that if you are on a low/free vip level, then you will earn little.

AliExpressRu.Com Vip Levels
There are about six different varieties of Vip levels. These vip levels determines how much you can earn daily, and the amount of tasks you would be privileged to perform.

Aliexpressru vip levels also vary in prices too. So if you want to move from a free vip level to a higher one, you will have to deposit on the platform(not advisable!).

As a new member, you will be in the experience zone. This is the lowest aliexpressru.Com vip level. You earn R10 from daily tasks. It’s quite low, and this is why most people upgrade to another vip.

How to refer or invite on AliExpressRu.Com
Simply log into your account, click on ‘invitation,’ then copy your referral link or code.
Make sure that you share your aliexpressru.Com referral link to all those you wish to register. Otherwise, you won’t get your bonus.

For every referral you get, you will be gifted R10 bonus. If you can refer ten people to join Aliexpressru.Com, then you will be given R100.
There are no limits to referrals.

is the CEO / founder of AliExpressRu.Com
It is no surprise that the founder of ali express ru is unknown. Similar platforms like this are not in anyway different.
It is a ‘norm’ for these type of money making sites to hide their owners. The reason why is unknown.

Maybe in future we will find out who the founder of aliexpressru.Com is. But for now, there is no information about him/her.

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Where can I find AliExpressRu.Com
You can find the platform online by going to their website –

Sign Up
To register on aliexpressru.Com, click HERE. Then fill in your phone number, password, and email.

The sign up process is easy, quick, and free.

AliExpressRu.Com Login
Aliexpressru login process is also quick too. You simply need you phone number/email and your password.

The aliexpressru.Com login process takes less than a minute.

How to deposit on AliExpressRu.Com
To upgrade to another aliexpressru vip level, you will need to deposit some particular amount.
NOTE: This is not advisable.

If you wish to deposit, login to your account, locate and click on ‘deposit,’ then provide the amount you wish to invest/deposit.
Aliexpressru promises higher earnings for members who are in higher vip levels.

How to withdraw on AliExpressRu.Com
To place withdrawal, login, click on ‘mine,’ then click on ‘Withdrawal.’
The good thing about aliexpressru is that they didn’t state a minimum withdrawal limit.

Meaning that you can withdraw as low as R10(for airtime) from you aliexpressru.Com account.

Is AliExpressRu.Com Legit or Scam

While many are concluding that Aliexpressru.Com is legit, it is advisable to be cautious. We all saw Bamboo Globalization crash, and people already claim FastLike is a scam too.

Aliexpressru.Com might be legit now, but they may not pay in the future. BE WARNED!!

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