Review: Scam Or Legit? Get Answers Here

Many are demanding for a Starfliix review. For this reason, Beta Hustler has made one for you guys!!

Have you heard of the lastest online money making platform known as Starfliix or
It is an easy to an site that gives its members easy tasks and then pay them for performing these tasks daily.

In this article: We will do a detailed review.
We(Beta Hustler) will also provide you readers with answers to questions such as; Is Starfliix legit? How to make money on starfliix? How to register on starfliix? And so on

Shall we begin? Please make sure you read to the end, so that you can be aware of all the necessary informations.

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What is
Starfliix is a Nigerian based site similar to an investment platform. In my opinion, it is more of a mini-investment platform.

This is because you don’t just invest on, instead you; invest, perform tasks(easy ones), accumulate money(points), then place withdrawal.

The whole thing is quite straightforward. As you continue to read this write up, you will definitely catch up!

How to make money on
To begin earning, you should know some important information about Starflixx. They are;

  • You must make a one time payment of two thousand naira(2,000) to become on the platform.
  • On, points are accumulated, and this is how they work: Sign up bonus- 1000 points, Daily login- 100 points, Sponsored post- 200 points, Reading of news- 10 points, Referral bonus #1200.
  • You must have a minimum of 10,000 points before you can place withdrawal.

Keeping all these in mind will make you excel on Starfliix.

To earn after you have successfully registered, simply read and share posts. Share posts to Facebook or WhatsApp. This will give rise to your earnings.

Also, you can earn by referral.

How to invite or refers members on referral program?
Earning by referral on Starfliix means inviting new members to join the site. You can refer using your referral link only.

To get your link, login into your account, locate your referral link, copy and share to anyone you prefer to invite.
Remember that referring/inviting a member to join Starfliix will attract 1200 naira to your account. So mqke sure you refer as many as possible! packages levels plans
If you’ve gotten involved in many money making sites or online investment sites, then you would be familiar with what packages/levels/plans are.
They help members of the site to earn more by investing or unlocking a bigger and more costly plan or package.

However, has no packages.
They don’t operate in that manner. This is actuall cool because it makes the site less difficult to understand.

When was launched
You may probably be asking yourself – “Why am I just hearing of”
Well, this mini investment site was only recently lauched. They are still a bit ‘new’ to the world.

After some research, I got to find out that Starfliix launched at the end of May 2021. Between 28th and 30th.

Though they are new, they have been making waves on the internet. I’m impressed.

How much can I make with
There is not limit on how much money you can make on this site.
Just be consistent on sharing anf reading sponsored posts. Also, aim to get lots of referral.

Doing these will earn you much on

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Who is the owner of Investment
It wasn’t easy getting to find out who the owner of Starfliix is, but it wasn’t impossible either.

After researching, it was made known that the founder and owner of is Tijani Ademoju.

Not much is known about him, only that he is one with a passion for helping youths attain financial success.
He probably has more agenda though. But we know nothing of it.

Is Legit or a scam
You readers should note that this platform may or may not be a scam.
Beta Hustler cannot guarantee you if is legit or a scam.

However, bear in mind that many similar money making platforms like this, ended up being a scam.
Once again, Starfliix may, or may not be legit.

To register on this site, CLICK HERE.

Then purchase a coupon code to activate your account and begin accumulating earnings immediately.

If you wish to login on Starflixx, CLICK HERE.

Provide your email or username, then your password before clicking on ‘Login.’

How to withdraw on
When you have made up to 10,000 points, or more, you are now eligible to place withdrawal.
Simply log into your starfliix account, locate withdrawal, provide your accurate bank informations, then await your payment within 24 hours.

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