Mpower Financing Review – Is Mpower Legit Or Scam? Find Out Now!

As a student, getting a loan can be very difficult and almost impossible. This is where Mpower financing comes in!

Have you ever heard of the company/platform that are ever-ready to give out a loan to students studying in North America? If you haven’t, then you obviously don’t know about the amazing Mpower financing. In this article, I will give you a detailed Mpower Financing review. This will educate you on all you need to know about this loan giving platform.
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What is Mpower Financing?
Mpower Financing is an online, and offline, platform that launched to assist students financially.
Imagine not being able to fulfill your dreams because of cash. It’s really sad right? 
Mpower financing sees to it that students journeys aren’t cut short due to insufficient funds.
Why Mpower Financing? Well, in their own words; “We’re the best partner for international students in North America! MPOWER offers student loans for international students who are attending an eligible US college or university.”
What are the cool features of Mpower Financing?
This platform is opened to students from 190+ nationalities. Also, applying for a loan is easy and stressfree!
What more?! Mpower financing gives discounts on interest rates. You don’t get reaped simply because you borrowed a loan from them.
How To Apply For Mpower Financing Loan
Bear in mind that you canmot apply for a loan for a family or friend. Also, no one can apply for you.
To apply for a loan on mpower financing, you will need to head on to their website, then click on the menu bar at the top right corner.
After doing that, tap on the ‘Get a Loan’ option. Then tap on ‘Apply Now.’
Mpower Financing will then ask you a series of important questions about yourself. Make sure you answer honestly and accurately!
According to the platform: “It only takes about 30 minutes to submit your application. The total amount of time it takes from application to disbursement will be different for each student. Some steps in the process are dependent on how quickly you or your school can provide documentation.”
Like I said, it is easier to get a loan here!!
When was Mpower Financing launched?
The company has been operating since 2014.
They are currently seven(7) years old.
Who is the owner of Mpower Financing
The owner of this great loan platform is Emmanuel Smadja.
Mr Emmanuel is an ex-management consultant turned entrepreneur in the FinTech space.
According to his LinkedIn profile, he claims to be one who takes interest in advanced analytics and high-tech banking.
He is a man with a great mission and vision for Mpower Financing.
Is Mpower Financing Legit or a scam?
When people hear about this platform, they say to themselves; Is Mpower Financing legit? Well, Yes! this is a legit and trusted loan platform. However, many have cried out that their interest rates are really high.
For this reason, a lot of students aren’t taking loans from Mpower Financing.
Mpower Financing Registration 
To register, simply head to their website and click on get started. Or CLICK HERE.
Then fill in all required informations.
What to know more about Mpower? Drop your questions in the comment section below.

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