Tfx.Kim Review: Is Tfx.Kim Legit Or Scam? Find Out Now!!

This is a Tfx.Kim review article. In this article, you will be educated about all that there is to know about the online money making site known as
Make sure you sit back and read to the end because at the end of this writeup, you will have answers to questions such as; Is legit? How can I make money on e.t.c.

The reason a lot of people fail to make money from platforms like this is because they choose to ignore important infos and rules.
Do not be like them!

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Without further adu, let us begin talking the review.

What is is a digital money making platform. By digital, I mean they work only online. They probably don’t even have a branch in real life.

This platform allows its users to make money by doing simple online jobs. One of the best thing about that users can make money without having to deposit a dime.

However, if you aspire to earn much money and quicker, you can choose to deposit/invest.
In a way, is quite similar to an investment site.

Another great thing about this site is that you will get one thousand naira when you become a member.

How to make money on
There are two ways to make money on and the two ways are easy, quick, and involves no stress. Check them out below. Tasks
This simply involves doing different online tasks on the site. It can be watching a video ad, or liking a facebook post, or something similar.
It is always a quick online task that can be done by even a 3-year-old.

Performing tasks on is even fun!
You have fun while you earn money. *wink.* Referrals
This simply means to invite a member to join and register on platform.
This can be done using your referral code.

How to invite or refers members on  referral program?
The process to get a referral bonus is also very easy. Apparently, every action on is very easy to carry out!

To get a referral; log in to your account dashboard, locate the ‘invitation‘ tab, then click on it. Then share the code to whoever you wish to refer.
As soon as the person registers with your code, you will be given your tfx.kin referral bonus asap! packages levels plans
A fun fact you should know about this money making site is that there are different vip levels, also known as packages.

As a new member, you will need to select the package/vip level you wish to invest in so that you can begin earning.
There is also a free package which doesn’t need any deposits/investments.

Below are all the vip levels and their features.

Price: NGN0.00
Daily Revenue: NGN60
Daily Task Nums: 1
Completed Task Nums: 0
Required Balance: NGN1000

VIP1 NGN1500.00
Daily Revenue: NGN120
Daily Task Nums: 2
Completed Task Nums: 0
Required Balance: NGN3500

VIP2 NGN8000.00
Daily Revenue: NGN210
Daily Task Nums: 4
Completed Task Nums: 0
Required Balance: NGN8000

VIP3 NGN40000.00
Daily Revenue: NGN550
Daily Task Nums: 8
Completed Task Nums: 0
Required Balance: NGN40000

VIP4 NGN80000.00
Daily Revenue: NGN940
Daily Task Nums: 10
Completed Task Nums: 0
Required Balance: NGN80000

VIP5 NGN150000.00
Daily Revenue: NGN1250
Daily Task Nums: 15
Completed Task Nums: 0
Required Balance: NGN150000

Members can only be in one vip level at a time.

When was launched
Many internet users are curious to know when was launched. This will help them determine the trust score of the platform.
Unfortunately, there isn’t a bit of information on this matter.

When was launched remains a mystery to all members and aspiring members. The site never made any mention of when they began operations.

After doing lots of research, it got to my attention that domain was registered on the 2nd of June, 2021. Meaning that this platform is probably just a new one. Except they were using an old domain before.

How much can I make with
A great feature about this site is that there is no limit on how much you can make. On, you can make as much as you desire to.

You simply need to be consistent in performing tasks and getting more referrals.
In doing this, you are most likely going to earn a whole lot of money.

Who is the owner of  investment
We have no idea who the owner of is.
It would seem whoever he or she is, like to hide behind a screen!

Is Legit or a scam is not a 100% guaranteed platform! Their ways are quite similar to some ponzi sites that we have seen in the past.

This doesn’t guarantee that is a scam though. You readers should however be sure that the site is legit before depositing/investing in

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Do you wish to join or register on but don’t know how to go about it? If yes, then all you have to do is CLICK HERE.

Then provide your correct phone number(ommit the first zero), your desired password, and a referral code(use this code 121975 ).

When you have provided all the necessary requirements for the registration process, click on ‘register’ button. Login
To login on, CLICK HERE. Then provide your phone number(don’t add the first zero) and your correct password.

How to withdraw on
To withdraw, you simply have to login to your account, click on ‘my’ tab/button which is at the bottom of your screen. Then select ‘wallet‘ tab, and then click on ‘withdrawal.’
In the page you are taken to, provide your bank information to round off your withdrawal process.

Please bear in mind that, member of can only place withdrawal once in a day. Also, payment arrives a day after placing withdrawal.

Have any other questions about review? Do well to drop your questions below.

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