Oyeeplan Investment Review: Legit Or Scam? Find Out Now!!

Oyeeplan investment also known as Oyee or app.oyee.com, has been on the lips of almost all online hustlers.
This platform was just recently launched and many have been asking the same set of questions. Which are; Is Oyeeplan Legit? How to make money on Oyeeplan? How to register on Oyeeplan investment?

The above questions, and more, are being asked more frequently these days. For this reason, Beta Hustler took it upon himself to provide you readers with this writeup about everything related to Oyeeplan.
Ofcourse it’s a bit lenghty! But reading this article to the end will fill you in on informations about this new investment platform.

Make sure you read to the end!

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What is Oyeeplan investment
Oyeeplan is an online money making sites that pays its members to place orders on ‘unreal’ products, and then earn commissions from every order they place.
On Oyeeplan investment, one can only place as many orders as the package/plan that he is in.

How to make money on Oyeeplan investment
To earn on Oyeeplan platform, there are two ways you can go about it.

1. Placing Orders
This is the main way to make money on Oyeeplan. It involves placing orders, earning commisions, and accumulating revenues.

There really isn’t much to emphasize on this. And this is actually one admired trait about Oyeeplan investment. The platform is very easy to operate and understand.

2. Referrals/Invitation
To second and more easier way to make money on Oyeeplan investment, is by inviting new members to register on the platform using your unique referral code.

This seems more easier because all you have to do is share your link to as many people as possible.
All those who are interested in earning money online wouldn’t hesitate join Oyeeplan.

How to invite or refers members on Oyeeplan referral program?
To invite or refer a new member to join Oyeeplan investment, all you have to do is share your unique referral link or code.

To do so, log into your Oyeeplan account, then click on the ‘Share’ icon which is at the top right corner of your Oyeeplan dashboard.
You will be shown your referral link in a new page. Simply copy and share to friends and families.

The more people you share your link to, the more you are likely to earn on Oyeeplan!

Oyeeplan Investment packages /plans
On app.Oyeeplan.com, there are different packages that vary in different ways. This was made for the purpose of those with different budgets. Checkout all the Oyeeplan levels and packages below:

VIP Level One
Oyeeplan Vip level one is the cheapest of all four packages. To unlock this level, you simply need to have a balance of at least five hundred naira(N500) in your app.Oyeeplan.com account.
Luckily, all new member of Oyeeplan investment are rewarded with a registration bonus of five hundred. Therefore, every member is eligible for this level.

Bear in mind that there is a 6% commission for the tasks done in the vip level.

VIP Level Two
This Oyeeplan package can only be unlocked if you have a minimum of five thousand naira in your account balance.

The commission is 6.2% for orders completed.

VIP Level Three
For this package, a minimum of thirty thousand naira(N30,000) is needed to unlock this on app.Oyeeplan.com
Once unlocked, members are privileged to earn 6.8% on orders.

VIP Level Four
This vip level is the most expensive of all four Oyeeplan levels. It costs a whooping hundred thousand naira(N100,000) to be unlocked.
And once unlocked, you will be able to earn 7% commission from orders.

When was Oyeeplan Investment launched?
Oyeeplan investment is still a very new online platform.
After doing some reasearch, Beta Hustler found out that this investment site was launched on the 15th of June, 2021.

Despite being new, Oyeeplan investment has been making waves.
The platform owners must have done a lot of promotions to have made it this popular.

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How much can I make with Oyeeplan?
The staff of Oyeeplan failed to make any mention about earning limits on this platform. Meaning that one can earn as much as possible.

TIP: If you aspire to earn a high amount on Oyeeplan investment, then you have to upgrade to a higher vip level. Or refer as many new members as possible.
You can do both too!

Who is the owner of Oyeeplan investment?
This is actually one of the few informations about app.Oyeeplan.com that no one knows about.

It is disappointing to think that an investment platform would withold information about their CEO. Yet that is exactly what Oyeeplan investment has done.
How do they even expect members to trust them?!

Is Oyeeplan legit or a scam
In truth, Beta Hustler cannot if Oyeeplan is legit or a scam. However, it would be nice to note that many similar platforms like app.oyeeplan.com turned out to be ponzi schemes.

Though we cannot guarantee that Oyeeplan would be any different, we can only urge online investors to be careful and cautious about investing in this site.
We will not be held responsible if anyone gets defrauded by this money making site.

Oyeeplan Sign Up /Registration
Do you wish to register or sign up on Oyeeplan investment? If yes, simply do so by clicking HERE.

After that, you will be redirected to a page where you will need to provide your; coreect phone number, preferred password, invite code, and your desired nickname.

If you don’t have any Oyeeplan invite code, use this – J75JQ8YF

Once you complete the Oyeeplan investment registration process, you will immediately recieve a bonus of five hundred naira(N500).

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How to withdraw on Oyeeplan Investment
To withdraw on Oyeeplan, you will need to log into your account dashboard, click on the ‘withdraw’ tab, then fill in all informations e.g bank account details and Oyeeplan password.

Bear in mind that the Withdraw time is Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 6 pm. Also, the minimum withdrawal amount on app.oyeeplan.com is two thousand naira(N2000).

Have any other questions partaining to Oyeeplan investment? Drop your questions in the comment section below.

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