Epictrades.uk Review: Is Epictrades.uk Legit Or A Scam? Get Answers Here

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In this article, you readers will be given a lengthy and detailed Epictrades.uk review. This review will give you answers to questions about Epictrades that has been bothering you. Questions such as; Is Epictrades.uk legit or a scam? How to refer on Epictrades.uk? How to complete Epictrades.uk registration?

All the above questions will be answered. Make sure you read this review to the end!

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What is Epictrades.uk
Are you an internet user that has been searching for a way to double the little cash you have? If yes, then Epic Trades investment is probably what you have been waiting for.

Epictrades.uk is an online investment platform that deals mostly with different types of crypto coin. They claim they professionally exchange crypto in the most strategic ways, and this yields profit for them.

Incase you are wondering how epic trades work, well here is the simplest explanation;
You register and create a free account on Epictrades.uk, you deposit and invest in one of the numerous epictrades packages, then you watch your earnings grow!

Since Epic trades deals mostly with crypto currency, members are usually required to make investment with crypto coins. You can invest with bitcoin, euthereum, or doge coin. However, if you do not have any of the above stated coins, they you can invest using bank deposit or Fiat deposit.

A cool thing you should note about Epictrades.uk is that after investing, you’ll get your return on investment after just seven days!

How to make money on Epictrades.uk
There are two ways one can make money on this site, the first way is by investing.

Investment on Epictrades.uk simply involves you choosing one of the five packages on the platform. Then making a deposit in the price range of the package you selected.

The second way to make money on epic trade is by referrals.
Referrals simply mean inviting people to join epic trades. Wheb you convince a person to register and join the platform using your referral link, you will gett commissions.

The more people you invite, the more commissions you will keep getting!

How to invite or refers members on Epictrades.uk referral program?
To invite or refer on Epictrades.uk is actually very easy. Simply log on to your account dashboard, click on your account menu bar(at the top left corner), then locate and click on the ‘referral’ tab.

You will be shown your epic trades referral link. Simply copy and share to friends, families, colleagues, and even haters! LOL.

Epictrades.uk packages levels plans
There are four different packages/plans on Epic trades. They all have different price ranges as well as different return on investments(roi). So before you invest on epictrades.uk, make sure you go through all the packages/plans.

Check them out below;

Price range: $30 – $1499
Product: Haasbot AI Trading Pool
Trading Profit: 25% ROI after Seven days
Package goal: 100%
Withdrawal of Profit: at any time

Price range: $1500 – $7999
Product: Arbibot AI Trading Pool
Trading Profit: 30% ROI after Seven days
Package goal: 300%
Withdrawal of Profit: at any time

Price range: $8000 – $29999
Product: Margin AI Trading Pool
Trading Profit: 35% ROI after Seven days
Package goal:900%
Withdrawal of Profit: at any time

Price range: $30000, – UNLIMITED
Product: Zenbot AI Trading Pool
Trading Profit: 40% ROI after Seven days
Package goal: UNLIMITED
Withdrawal of Profit: at any time.

Starter plan is the least expensive plan on epictrades.uk, while executive plan is the most expensive. Invest wisely by following your budget!

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When was Epictrades.uk launched
Though they recently had to make a few slight changes in their name and operations, Epictrades.uk has been operating for over a year now.

They launched in the middle of last year(2020). The exact date is not known.

For a year now, they have been operating and putting smiles on the faces of some of their members.

How much can I make with Epictrades.uk
On Epic trades, if you invest on the highest package(executive plan), then  it is possible for you to accumulate as high as $35000 or more!

There simply isn’t a limit on how much one can make on the platform. Just keep doing your thing consistently, and in time, you’ll smile at your earnings.

Who is the owner of Epictrades.uk investment
There have been words going around about different people owning the platform.
Well, there is no proof so far. It is safe to say, the owner of epic trades is still yet to be known and confirmed.

Is Epictrades.uk Legit or a Scam
In the past, there have been many people who have come out to show their real epic trades payment proof. This investment site has been paying for a while now, however, we cannot guarantee that they will continue to pay members.

Kindly take precautions before investing.

Registration Epictrades.uk
If you wish to register, you can do so by CLICKING HERE. You will then be redirected to the page for epictrade.uk registration process.

You will be required to provide your full name, your username, accurate and active email address, country, and desired password.
Also you can fill in your bitcoin, doge coin, and eutherum address, but it optional.

After doing all these, tick the small white box to agree with epictrades.uk terms and conditions. Then finally, click on ‘sign up.’

Epictrades.uk Login
To login, CLICK HERE.
Then fill in your epic trades username and password.

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How to withdraw on Epictrades.uk
When the time comes for withdrawal, you can do so whenever you please. You can withdraw from epictrades via your crypto wallet.

The payment might come later than expected though. This is an issue many epictrades.uk members have been complaining about.

So, that’s a wrap on Epictrades.uk review. Have any questions to ask? Do so by dropping your question in the comment box below.

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