DSOLARFUNDS.COM REVIEW: Is Dsolarfunds.com Legit Or a Scam? Get Answers Here

Due to popular demands, this is a writeup made for the purpose of Dsolarfunds.com review!
In this article, you will get all informations about this new online investment platform, how it works, and if it is a scam or a legit one. Stick around!

Not quite long ago, Dsolarfunds.com launched operations, and this got the attention of many online investors.
While a few are still contemplating if the investment platform is legit or not, many have already signed up and began working on making their first withdrawal.
In truth, investments aren’t what they used to be back then. Now, there are literally all sorts of investment companies and platforms.

Anyways, let us start our journey on Dsolarfunds.com review.

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What is Dsolarfunds.com?
Dsolarfunds.com claims to be  a Californian based media and  telecom company that has been operating since 2001(so weird).
What this platform simply does is to give its members the privilege to make more money online by giving them online tasks. Examples of online tasks that Dsolarfunds may require you to carry out are; Liking posts on Facebook, sharing, and commenting.

 all the above easy tasks on Dsolarfunds.com will generate you some really cool earnings.
However, to earn much, you will need to invest to get the opportunity to carry out more tasks!

How to make money on Dsolarfunds.com?
The two ways to earn on Dsolarfunds.com are by performing online tasks(which was explained above) and by getting referrals.

Getting referrals is a much easier and cheaper way to make money on Dsolarfunds.com.
You simply have to invite new members to register on the platform using your link. Once this act has been successful, you’ll get a referral bonus.

How to invite or refers members on Dsolarfunds.com referral program?
To invite or refer a new member, you just have to log on to your Dsolarfunds.com account, then locate the referral tab and click on it.

After that, copy your referral link and share to as many people as possible.
Also try to convince most of them to join the investment platform. Because sharing the link to people who will not click and register, is just a waste of time.

Dsolarfunds.com packages levels plans
On Dsolarfunds investment, there are seven different investment packages. All, except the vip zero, require a fee to be unlocked. Once unlocked, your chances of earning higher on Dsolarfunds.com tends to rise!

Below are all Dsolarfunds.com investment packages, their prices, daily revenue, and minimum withdrawals.

Entry Cost: ₦0
Daily Revenue: ₦70
Min Withdrawal: ₦4,500
Required Balance: ₦500

Entry Cost: ₦1,000
Daily Revenue: ₦351
Min Withdrawal: ₦2,000
Required Balance: ₦4,000

Entry Cost: ₦6,000
Daily Revenue: ₦1,930
Min Withdrawal: ₦5,700
Required Balance: ₦14,000

Entry Cost: ₦20,000
Daily Revenue: ₦6,300
Min Withdrawal: ₦12,000
Required Balance: ₦49,000

Entry Cost: ₦65,000
Daily Revenue: ₦21,800
Min Withdrawal: ₦42,000
Required Balance: ₦140,000

Entry Cost: ₦100,000
Daily Revenue: ₦31,500
Min Withdrawal: ₦65,000
Required Balance: ₦245,000

Entry Cost: ₦300,000
Daily Revenue: ₦80,000
Min Withdrawal: ₦200,000
Required Balance: ₦800,000

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When was Dsolarfunds.com launched ?
Amusingly, on the ‘about us’ area of the Dsolarfunds.com website, they claimed that this company has been operating since 2001.

This is amusing because everyone only started hearing about Dsolarfunds.com a few weeks ago. Could it be that the platform failed to come out clean, or…

How much can I make with Dsolarfunds.com?
Since the platform didn’t make mention of having a particular limit, then it is safe to say that you can make as much as you desire on Dsolarfunds.com investment. You simply have to desire it and work towards it.

Tip: To earn much of Dsolarfunds, simply work on getting lots of referrals.
This is an easier and faster way to make money on the platform. In fact, getting referrals doesn’t require you to spend. But for performing tasks, you will need to make deposits to unlock a higher vip investment package.

Who is the owner of  Dsolarfunds.com Investment?
Just like many other investment platforms, Dsolarfunds.com made no mention of who owns or who founded the platform.

In fact, we have no hint on workers or even ambassadors of Dsolarfunds.com
This makes the investment site look unprofessional and shady.

Is Dsolarfundslegit Legit or a scam?
While this investment site may look promising, we however cannot guarantee that they are legit.
Many similar platforms started out like this, but ended up being scams. We cannot guarantee that Dsolarfunds.com will be any different.

Readers are warned to take cautious acts!
Beta Hustler will not be held responsible for any actions you make.

Registration Dsolarfunds.com
If you wish to join Dsolarfunds investment, simply CLICK HERE.

Upon doing so, you will be taken to the registration page of Dsolarfunds.com where you will need to provide informations about you. These informations include; Your full name, preferred dsolarfunds username, email address, bank name, bank account, desired password, referral username(if you have any), and your country.

After filling all info, click on the terms and conditions before proceeding to ‘sign up.’

If you follow all the above process, then you will have no problems with your Dsolarfunds.com sign up or registration process.

Login Dsolarfunds.com
To login on Dsolarfunds, always provide your accurate username and password.

Want to login on Dsolarfunds.com? CLICK HERE.

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How to withdraw on Dsolarfunds.com

Please note; On Dsolarfunds, members are allowed to initiate a withdrawal only once a day Minimum withdrawal amounts are as follows: For Free VIP- 4500N, VIP 1- 2000N, VIP 2- 5700N, VIP3- 12000N, VIP4- 42000N, VIP5- 65000.

If you have made the required amount in the vip level that you are in, you may freely log in to your Dsolarfunds.com account dashboard, click on ‘withdraw’ tab, then place withdrawal.

The platform claims your payment is likely to drop within twenty four hours on weekdays!

Do you have any other questions based on Dsolarfunds.com review? If yes, drop a comment below.

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