CryptoWorldNg Review: Legit Or Scam? Find Out Now!!

CryptoWorldNg is one of the latest investment sites that is being talked about.

For this reason, I(beta hustler) have decided to draft this quick and easy to understand article on CryptoWorldNg Review. In this article, all info concerning the investment site will be revealed.

At the end of this writeup, you will get answers to questions such as; Is CryptoWorldNg legit or a scam? How to make money on CryptoWorldNg? Does CryptoWorldNg free package work? CryptoWorldNg registration process, and so on…
Ensure to read every part of this CryptoWorldNg Review!

What is CryptoWorldNg
This investment is Nigerian based. Unknown to many Cryptoworldng is not recently launched. The platform claims to have been in existence since 2020.
They also claim that they deal mostly with financial markets and cryptocurrency exchanges.
How Cryptoworldng works is pretty simple. You only have to invest, wait for about a month, then withdraw your investment(with returns).
The platform has different return on investment percentages. The membership package you invest in, will determine the ROI you will get.
Read on. I will explain better…
How to make money on CryptoWorldNg
There are only two ways to make money on cryptoworldng. The two ways are by investment and referrals.
Investment on cryptoworldng involves you selecting a membership package, then investing the package. Bear in mind that you can select the free package. You won’t need to invest in cryptoworldng free package, but you can earn from it.
Referalls on Cryptoworldng means inviting new members to join the platform
How to invite or refers members on CryptoWorldNg referral program?
To invite/refer a member, you will need to share your referral link with your invitee.
To get your cryptoworldng referral link, log on to your account dashboard, navigate to your profile, then copy and share your referral link.
The membership package your invitee chooses, will determine the commission you will get for referring him/her.
CryptoWorldNg packages levels plans
There are eight different cryptoworldng packages. Amongst them, only one is free!
But to earn much on crypto world ng, it is advisable to invest in a higher package level.
Check them all out:
Basic Package
Price: ₦2,500
30 Days
50% Investment Interest
Refer anyone to Basic package and get 4% of ₦2.500
₦3,750 Total Payout
₦125/ daily
Standard Package
Price: ₦5,000
30 Days
50% Investment Interest
Refer anyone to Standard package and get 5% of ₦5,000
₦7,500 Total Payout
₦250/ daily
Starter Package
Price: ₦15,000
30 Days
50% Investment Interest
Refer anyone to starter package and get 6.66% of ₦15,000
₦22,500 Total Payout
₦750/ daily
Advance Package
Price: ₦28,000
30 Days
50% Investment Interest
Refer anyone to Advance package and get 8% of ₦28,000
₦42,000 Total Payout
₦1,400/ daily
Pro Package
30 Days
50% Investment Interest
Refer anyone to Pro package and get 8% of ₦56,000
₦84,000 Total Payout
₦2,800/ daily
Expert Package
Price: ₦120,000
30 Days
50% Investment Interest
Refer anyone to Expert package and get 6.5% of ₦120,000
₦180,000 Total Payout
₦6,000/ daily
Premium Package
Price: ₦190,000
30 Days
50% Investment Interest
Refer anyone to Premium package and get 5.5% of ₦190,000
₦285,000 Total Payout
₦9,500/ daily
VIP Package
Price: ₦520,000
30 Days
50% Investment Interest
Refer anyone to VIP package and get
6% of ₦520,000
₦780,000 Total Payout
₦26,000/ daily
When was CryptoWorldNg launched
According to what was written on the site, CryptoWorldNg was launched in last year(2020). They stated that; “CryptoworldNG has come a long way from its beginnings in Osun State, Nigeria.”
However, they only started to make waves this year(2021). 
How much can I make with CryptoWorldNg
You can make as much money as you invested! You can even make more money by inviting/referring members using your CryptoWorldNg referral link.
In my opinion, earning via referral is smarter, and it doesn’t cost you anything.
Who is the owner of CryptoWorldNg
On the Cryptoworldng website, it is stated that the platform is owned by David Folusho.
Apart from the name, no other information about the owner has been released to the public.
Is CryptoWorldNg Legit or a scam
CryptoworldNg may or may not be a scam!
On social media, some have claimed that they got paid by the platform, while some said they didn’t
CryptoWorldNg Registration
Cryptoworldng registration process is quite easy. To begin, CLICK HERE.
Then provide informations that was required from you.
It should take you five minutes to finish the cryptoworldng registration.
CryptoWorldNg Login
To login, CLICK HERE.
Provide your email address as well as your correct password.
How to withdraw on CryptoWorldNg
Withdrawals can be made after 30 days of placing investment. On the 30th day you are free to place withdrawal on cryptoworldng site. You can choose to withdraw to your bank account or your crypto currency Wallet.
Your payment might arrive after hours after placing withdrawal.
Have any othe questions related to CryptoWorldNg review? If yes, then drop your comments below.

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