Is Fieldsmine Investment Scam Or Legit? Find Out Here!!

Fieldsmine investment is a platform which you may have heard which was what prompted you to read this article. Well, good for you! In this writeup, we will scale through some frequently asked questions concerning the Fieldsmine investment site.

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As we all know, different investment sites are springing up everyday and most of them end up to be ponzi schemes. It is for this reason that people are asking the same question; Is Fieldsmine investment a scam or legit platform?
Fieldsmine Investment launched as at the ending of March 2021, and there have been many investors in the platform, but does that mean fieldsmine is legit? No!
This is because some people invest without even making a tad of enquiry. Such a shame!
Before we go on, let me educate you more on everything you need to know about Fieldsmine Investment.
How To Join/Register Fieldsmine.
To register, simply click HERE.
Fieldsmine Investment Packages
There are SEVEN (7) packages available on the FIELDSMINE INVESTMENT PLATFORM.
Basic package for N15,000 (Fifteen thousand naira)
Silver package for N30,000 (Thirty thousand naira)
Titanium package for N60,000 (Sixty thousand naira)
Royal package for N120,000 (One hundred and twenty thousand naira)
Marble package of N240,000 (Two hundred and forty thousand naira)
Jade package of N500,000 (Five hundred thousand naira)
Gold package of N1,000,000 (One million naira).
Is Fieldsmine Investment Scam Or Legit?
So far so good, not a single investor in the site has been paid! Does that guarantee that Fieldsmine investment is a scam? No!
But the point is that it would be risky to invest in a platform like this.
Who Is The CEO Of Fieldsmine Investment?
There is no idea of who he or she is.
In conclusion, Fieldmine investment may or may not be a scam. But do make sure to be cautious before investing in the site!

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