Scooper PGC is now Hiring – All You Need To Know About Making Money From This Platform

About four months ago, the famous news app/platform known as Scooper pgc decided to allow in new content creators(writers) that wold help better their platform with high quality and engaging articles. Now that a lot of people are beginning to find out that scooper pgc is hiring writers, the same questions have been running through the minds of some people;

“How does scooper news pay?”

“What are the criterias for someone to posses before scooper pgc will hire you?”

“How to create scooper account?”

If you are pondering over those questions, well you are at the right place. In this writeup, I will reveal the answer to those questions, and more!

But before we go on, if you are yet to create a scooper account, then I would advice you do so quickly. This is because there have been a large increase in the number of writers on scooper ever since they made it known that they were hiring. Scooper pgc ‘might’ soon stop hiring new writers, so the earlier you create an account the better.

Click HERE to create a scooper account.

It is a bit technical, so if you need a guide to how to properly create a scooper account, then I would suggest you read: Step-by-Step guide on how to register and make money as a scooper pgc writer

To answer the question; ‘how does scooper news pay?’ Well, scooper pays 0.8 dollars per article. Yup! You read that right.

On scooper, you are priviledged to write at most ten articles per day. However, scooper pgc editors made ait known that in a month the maximum amount of articles you can write for scooper, or submit, is one hundred and fifty(150) articles.

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What I am saying in an essence is that you cannot make more than $120 on the scooper pgc platform. Because mathematically, 150 articles multiplied by 0.8 dollars is equal to one hundred and twenty dollars($120).

For those who have been wondering how does scooper pay, I hope that has answered your question.

Let me put this in now. Please have in mind that if you desire to write for scooper, your articles must be at least three hundred words, so in the process of trying to create scooper account, it is advisable to submit a sample article with at least three hundred(300) words.

Also bear in mind that if scooper rejects your application to be a scooper content creator, you can always create another scooper account. But this time, with a better sample.

Wondering what the criterias one has to posses before scooper pgc will hire you?

Well, scooper pgc is hiring, and all that matters is for you to have a good writing sample to get hired!

How does scooper pay? (method of payment)

When you begin to write for scooper, you need to earn at least ten dollars before you can fill the scooper pgc payment form.

All payments will be made directly to your personal bank account!

These are all the essentials for being a content creator for scooper pgc. So go ahead! Create a scooper account and begin earning asap!!

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